Straitened Times: How to Cheat Money without Mods

Here, we will share two methods to give yourself money without any mods.


How to Claim Tons of Money

Method 1:

when you are ingame, save your game
Then go to
load up the save up on the site
go back over to the game and give someone some money, then do another save
go back over to the same website above and load up the new save
this will put the player’s money near the top of the list, so look for Player>Money and change to it whatever you want
scroll down to the bottom and download the save, close the game out
move it over to StraitenedTimes-0.XX.0\game\saves and replace it
load up the game, load your save up and you will have money

Note: if you set 999999999999 you will be in the negative; you’d better set 999999999.

Method 2:

You can also do the money cheat by console

Player.Money = add the amount you want

for using the console, there are 2 ways, you can use unred.bat (see below) or you can edit a file

  • Eidt Your Game Files
    1. Go to StraitenedTimes-0.19.2-pc\renpy and search for the file 00console.rpy
    2. Open it with notepad or notepad++ and search for config.console = False, change it to config.console = True
    3. Save the File
    4. Start the game and use shift+o, this will open up the console, then put in the console command
  • Using unren.bat
    1. Place the unren.bat into the game folder with the .exe
      double click on unren.bat
    2. Push the number 3 key and hit enter, hit enter again to close unren.bat
    3. Start the game and push shift+o to bring up the console

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