Strange Horticulture: 100% Achievements Guide

A guide to all achievements in Strange Horticulture. Spoiler Alert!!!


All Playthroughs

Give your first customer the correct plant.

Back from the Brink
After the “A Rising Dread” meter has been filled, reassemble the puzzle. You can fill the meter by giving incorrect plants to customers.

On the Map
Use one of the cards given to you nightly to find a plant on the map.

Identify 10 plants.

Visit 20 locations on the map.

Hidden Texts
Simone says she met a man who was looking for you. You can find his camp at J-22, where he’s left a note for you to find him at L-25. He gives you a viewing device. Later, when you find Red Abony, drag it onto the device to power it up.

On day 8, Amos will show up with four slips of paper. Take these four slips along with the one that was on the desk when you started and place them together like puzzle pieces. Then, click the symbols in the top left of the desk until they match, which will pop open a drawer in the top left of the desk.

A Mystery Solved
Use the disc with the square hole in the center to find a location on the map. You’ll get a two word clue on a sheet of paper. Put the disc on the map with the first word’s location in the square hole in the center. The second word should correspond to one of the symbols around the outside of the disc – click the map square under the pointer that matches that symbol.

Cat Lover
Pet the cat 13 times.

Master Brewer
Make an elixir. The elixirs lab becomes available on day 10.

Complete the game.

Experienced Horticulturist
Identify all the plants. Once you have completed the game, there will be an epilogue where Simone asks you for any plants you missed during the main plot.

Play the game without using the hint button. You will need to play through several times to get all the endings, so don’t worry too much about getting this on your first time through.


Extreme Consequences
On his second visit (day 2), give Isidore the Meakdew.
On his third visit (day 5), give Isidore the Storian.

Guardian of the Forest
On day 10, make an offering of Embersoul in the forest.


There are more than three endings, but these three have achievements attached.

On day 16, go to the ritual site south of The Great Oak (O-9) and use the five plants to perform the ritual. Counterclockwise from the top: Devil’s Nightcap, Swiftsnare, Widow’s Woe, Long Vericund, Elderphinium

Praise the Dendrew
On day 6, after speaking with Ennis, go to Sadgill and leave the St. John’s Poppy.
On day 10, make an offering of Cauldery in the forest. (May not be required.)
On day 12, give Forest the Lesser Merrydock.
On day 14, Ennis will give you the recipe for The Dendrew’s Elixir: Witch’s Phygg, Pennybell, Bishop’s Parasol
On day 15, give the woman in the jade mask the Widow’s Woe.
On day 16, when Verona tells you it’s time for the ritual, travel instead to the Swinside stone circle. Use the Dendrew’s Elixir.

I am the Dendrew
On day 4, give Faye the Candlewood.
On day 13, give Simone the Lisle of Neptune. She will give you the recipe for the Elixir of Control: Solomon’s Sceptre, Witch Phygg, and Farmer’s Worry.
On day 15, give the woman in the jade mask the Widow’s Woe.
On day 16, when Verona tells you it’s time for the ritual, travel instead to The Daughters stone circle (A-25). Use the swiftsnare on Faye and then drink the Elixir of Control yourself.

She is the Dendrew
Like in the ending¬†“I am the Dendrew”¬†, but on day 15 give another plant

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