Subnautica Below Zero: How Get to Phi Robotics Center

Ways you can go to Phi Robotics Center and what items you need to prepare


What items you need to get to there
These are the items I suggest you bring:

1. Seatruck

2. Food & Water

3. Survival Knife/Thermoblade

4. Thermos (filled)

5. Scanner

6. Habitat Builder

7. Spare batteries and powercells

8. Repair Tool

9. Flashlight

10. Beacon

How you get there
First go to your lifepod as a starting point. Then you would go into your Seatruck and then head straight between South and Southwest (972 m away from your lifepod), you may have to avoid a few icebergs but you should not encounter any leviathans on your way there. Then you should see a dock that has some eyejellys in your way. Once you get to the dock then go right, then when you go right you should see a crevice. then go into the crevice until you reach a dead end. Now that your seatruck is safe from eyejellys go on the dock and then place your beacon and name it “Phi Robotics Dock”. Now that you placed your beacon head south and then you will encounter a 2 way path. When you encounter the 2 way path go left. When you enter the cave make sure to grab some fevered peppers. When you exit the cave make sure to build a base so you have less of a chance of dying. When you built your base go up the hill to the enterance of the Phi Robotics Center.

How to build a good land base
To start your land base you would need to find a place to build it and once you found a place, build a multipurpose room and then add a hatch to your multipurpose room. After you placed a hatch then place 3 Solar panels. Now that you are done with the exterior time to move make the interior. Inside your base you should build 2 lockers, 1 Coffee Vending Machine, 1 Fabricator, 1 Battery Charger, 4 Chic Plant Pots, 1 bed (optional), and maybe add some windows.

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