Subway Midnight: Good Ending Guide

Here is a guide on how to get the good endings. Spoiler Alert!!!


Good ending guide
First of all, I think this game to good ending at least 2 weeks of the reason will be told later.

Chapter 1: fishing woman
1, into the subway before there is a glowing basket, interactive pick up
2, in the shark and to insert four plugs to open the door of the level, directly plug the lift, go and fishing woman interaction can make friends

Chapter 2: teddy bear girl
1, need 2 weeks to make friends
2, in the fifth chapter – the game girl game, in the forest scene, get a letter (seems to be collected all 8 diamonds before refreshing out an additional 8 diamond wall, the letter in the wall behind)
3, after obtaining the letter, two weeks at the end of the second chapter and the teddy bear girl interaction can

Chapter 3: Computer geeks
1, in the input, enter three “three small circles in the circle, the circle inside a large circle” graphics, confirm the input will light up three blue lights, enter and “said” interaction, get a CD 2, boss off when the small computer to power the big computer Then interact with the big computer
PS1: input “ring hexagonal pink vertical oval inside a circle” is all green, will also directly into the boss off
PS2: boss off not off the small computer, let him constantly repair himself, you can also power the big computer

Chapter 4: Painter
1, red: the last set of arrows in front of the door can operate the paint where the grid
2, orange: the last walking grid puzzle, the penultimate row of three grids can be stepped on
3、Yellow: walk over to get it, at the top right of the starting point, in the lower right corner of the whole
4、Green: just pick up the things on the ground, after picking up will Duang, paint bucket will refresh in front of the end door
5, blue: between the drawing board and the end, go all the way in the middle to interact
6, there are paintings with color on the wall, according to the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and brown order of interaction, the middle wrong need to start again. The paint bucket will be refreshed in front of the end door
7, cyan: the road is very obvious
8, remember to take roses, and then interact with the painter to make friends

Chapter 5: play the game girl
1, in the second week of the delivery of letters and teddy bear girl after making friends, you can get a teddy bear, and then interact with the game girl can make friends

Chapter 6
At the end of the show curtain bowing stage, the painter will get the flowers to hand out

Chapter 7
1、Enter the door to touch the dog
2, each level out remember to touch the dog

The final chapter
1、Enter the door of the 6 search notices all light, the key refresh at the end of the door
2, after the change to take the key, and then punch it is finished

I hope that the players who want to pass a good ending but do not have a clue, have some help
The best ending guide
The best ending
After the good ending reopen the game, in the first chapter for the first time plug the level, on the lift to open the TV. At the beginning of the second chapter, point to explode the bear. The latter is very straightforward.

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