SUCCUBUS: How to NG+ While Keeping Weapons & Armor Unlocks

Have you finished the game, gotten all the collectables, and wished you could start over again with but all of the armor and weapons you’ve unlocked from the beginning? Are you, too, scared that using the “RESET ALL PROGRESS” button in the settings menu will reset EVERYTHING?

Then this is the guide for you!


How to NG+ While Keeping weapons & armor unlocks

here’s how to DIY yourself a NG+:

  • Navigate to your SaveGames folder

    (located in /%USER%/AppData/Local/Succubus/Saved/SaveGames

  • Delete the following files of your choosing:

    Succ_Save_GameProgress.sav : This will reset your progress on the World Map, making all levels past the first three LOCKED. You will need to play through the game again to unlock further levels on the World Map.

    Succ_Save_Quests.sav: This resets all Quest progress, such as “Kill 20 enemies with tentacles”, “Kill 20 cherubs”, “Finish this level in 7:00”.

    Succ_Save_Models.sav: This resets the collectable Bestiary statues that you have found in levels.

    Succ_Save_Worms.sav: This resets the collectable purple glow penis worm things that you have found in levels. (Their beady eyes are a little too cute for hellspawn IMO)

    Succ_Save_Comic.sav: This resets collectable comic book pages you’ve found in levels.

    Succ_Save_Seduction.sav: This resets the sex scenes you have unlocked in levels.

  • Notice how there are “Succ_Save_PlayerWeapons”, “Succ_Save_PlayerArmor” and “Succ_Save_PlayerCustomization” .sav files. Should you wish to reset your progress for these three categories you can delete them individually as you choose.

By big.Mungis

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