Succubus Hunt For Meal: Walkthrough & All Levels Guide

This’ll be a walkthrough of each level in the game.


Level 01
This first level explains to you how to play the basic game – quite simple.

Eat 4, then 6.

Level 02
Continuing on.

1st Tower: Eat any & all.
2nd Tower: 8->15->21

Level 03
1st Tower: 2->4
2nd Tower: 8->12->25
3rd Tower: 42->91->160->33

Level 04
1st Tower: 1-2-4
2nd Tower: 8-13-24
3rd Tower: 30-60-57-160
4th Tower: 250-521-863-1423-3000

Level 05
In this level the Booster Dildo is introduced.

A dildo with the value of 3 gives you 6. You must still have a higher value than the dildo when you take it. I will be calling them D.

1st Tower: D3-10
2nd Tower: D10-D30-39-123

Level 06
1st Tower: 3-6
2nd Tower: 11-D20-43
3rd Tower: 105-207-399-783

Level 07
1st Tower: 1-2
2nd Tower: D3-4-12
3rd Tower: D10-D30-81-103-222
4th Tower: D50-512-1120-1567-2654-3056-7000

Level 08
Here you will have to jump between towers. I’ll mark those with (x*n) where n=tower

1st Tower: 1-2-(4*2)-6
2nd Tower: 12-18
3rd Tower: D18-64-83-102
4th Tower: D50-D200-312-945-(D1000*5)-3245
5th Tower: 329-1568-3671-7230-20000

Level 09
As you do a lot of jumping around between towers on this level I will just write the numbers down.


Level 10
In this level the Assassin is introduced, named A – this adds an element of dreaded RNG to the game, which some find frustrating, as it means you can actually lose the level without a misstep on your own part!

The assassins sends his value points to a random unit in the same tower.
This can boost your value when you consume that unit.

1st Tower: A4-3-7
2nd Tower: A22-15-30

Level 11
1st Tower: A1-(A2*2)-3
2nd Tower: 4-8
3rd Tower: A15-22-33-67

Level 12
Here, while it is necessary to take 3*2, it will also show you how you can selectively pick targets so that the assassin’s boost goes to a particular unit.

1st Tower: A2-(3*2)-5
2nd Tower: A5-D9
3rd Tower: 44-57
4th Tower: A130-D101
5th Tower: 500

Level 13
1st Tower: A4-D1-8 >If Assassin’s boost goes to 8, go to 2nd tower after D1.
2nd Tower: Any
3rd Tower: A50-D22-97-254

Level 14
1st Tower: A1-3-(D3*2)-6
2nd Tower: 5-9
3rd Tower: 33-A55-D55-121
4th Tower: 458-501-A237-D124-2000 >If boost goes to 2000, commit suicide and restart.

Level 15
In this level Priests are introduced, named P.

Instead of giving you their value, they take as much away from you.
Beware of giving Assassin’s boost to them.

1st Tower: 1-2-3
3rd Tower: 4-8-P2
2nd Tower: P5

Level 16
Leave Priests until the end.

1st Tower: A2-D2
2nd Tower: 8-16
3rd Tower: A30-D30

Level 17
1st Tower: 1-2-3
2nd Tower: A4-(D11*3)-9
3rd Tower: A20-38-48-106
4th Tower: Eat in order of value, Assassins first. >You may lose.

Level 18
1st Tower: 1-D2
2nd Tower: 5-8-16
3rd Tower: 20-A30-D10
4th Tower: 106-A120-D80
5th Tower: Corrupt the Priests!

Level 19
Here you start to feel RNG hit you more. It’s the only way to lose.

If any Priest gets an Assassin’s Boost, restart.

1st Tower: A2-D2
2nd Tower: A12-A12-12 >Make sure the 2nd Assassin gets the boost, if not restart.
3rd Tower: A71-D71
4th Tower: 427 – then eat all Priests.

Level 20
As with the previous level, don’t let Priests get the Assassin’s Boost. If they do, restart.

1st Tower: 2-A2-D2
3rd Tower: A14-D14
2nd Tower: P5-A7
4th Tower: A83-42-83
5th Tower: 332-640-1150-1315-3000
6th Tower: Eat all Assassin’s and hope for boost to D1000 before attacking 18000.

Clean up the priests.

Level 21
Starting with this level you can no longer jump between towers and must clear them before continuing. In a way this simplifies the game.

1st Tower: 1-1
2nd Tower: 2-6
3rd Tower: 12-14

Level 22
1st Tower: 2-3-6
2nd Tower: 12-25-49-99
3rd Tower: 180-301-677-1127-2000

Level 23
1st Tower: 2-4
2nd Tower: D2-12-18
3rd Tower: 40-72-D105-340-634
4th Tower: D100-1318-2789-5197-D10000-20000

Level 24
1st Tower: D1-D3
2nd Tower: D8-D24-D67
3rd Tower: D199-D605-D1173-4000
4th Tower: D8111-D24000-D70000-D200000-700000

Level 25
Heavy RNG level.

1st Tower: A2-2
2nd Tower: A8-A8-8 >You must boost the 2nd Assassin first.
3rd Tower: 48-A48-A48-D48 >You must boost the 2nd Assassin before the dildo.
4th Tower: 500

It is doable!

Level 26
Heavy RNG level.

1st Tower: A2-A1-A3
2nd Tower: A10-D2
3rd Tower: A45-D2-50 >If boosts goes wrong, you know what to do…
4th Tower: 190-A240
5th Tower: A611-620-1500 >If boosts goes wrong, you know what to do…

Level 27
1st Tower: P5-1
2nd Tower: 4-7-13-21
3rd Tower: 2-50-Priests
4th Tower: A4-P6-Assassins-P6 >RNG tower :):)

Level 28
1st Tower: Eat priests
2nd Tower: Eat priests
3rd Tower: 200-Priests
4th Tower: 280-400-Priests
5th Tower: A50-20-P50 >RNG here, boost to 20.
6th Tower: Eat priests

Level 29
1st Tower: D2-P1-A4
2nd Tower: A9-D2-15-P3 >If Priest is boosted, restart.
3rd Tower: 35-P50-A20-A20-D10
4th Tower: 160-P200-A130-A130-160
5th Tower: 599-1139-D1500-5300-10000-P20000
6th Tower: P700

Level 30 – Meat the King
Heavy RNG level.

1st Tower: A2-D2
2nd Tower: P3-P2-A7
3rd Tower: A14-A14-D14-P5 >RNG it into the dildo or the assassin, not the priest.
4th Tower: A83-42-83-P28 >Restart if priest gets boost.
5th Tower: Eat all units by lowest value first.
6th Tower: Eat all Assassins, boost dildo, take dildo, eat priest, eat the King. >RNG decides.

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