Sucker for Love: Official Guide

The Official Guide for Sucker for Love: First Date. It covers each chapter as well as the secret tidbits hidden within! Enjoy! Spoiler Alert!!!

Note: Sucker for Love: First Date is now available on Steam now.



Preface: The items, objects, and devices in your room are vital to performing rituals. Read the text in the book carefully. Another thing to note is that to unlock the final chapter, you have to find three secrets in total, which can be found in Chapters One & Two.

Ritual Knife: On the left, above the bust that holds the mask and ritual amulet.

Ritual Amulet: On the bust on the left side of the room.

Ritual Mask: The top part of the bust on the left side of the room.

Ritual Robe: All the way on the left, tucked in the cupboard.

Offering: The mini-fridge tucked underneath your desk by your bed.

Life: The unlucky turtle situated above your desk.

Candles: Clicking on the candles on the ritual circle will alternate between red lighting, black lighting, and off.

Sources of Light: The lamp and light switch by your bed, the candles on the floor, and the curtains on the left side of the room.

Ritual Marks: Clicking the chalkboard to the left of the ritual circle will change the chalk drawing on the board.

Locations: You can go outside by scrolling to the right and clicking the rightmost door. You can also enter the bathroom by clicking the door adjacent to it.

Chapter One – Ln’eta

  • Go through the initial introduction text until you’re free to inspect your room.
  • Inspect the pink journal you’ve recently obtained.
  • Perform ‘The Calling’ ritual.

Secret: If you peek into the shower while Ln’eta is using it, you will get the ‘Worth It’ ending on the sequence board.

  • Perform the ‘Invoke the Depths’ ritual.
  • Attempt to perform the ‘Unspeakable Horror’ ritual
  • After learning that you cannot perform the ritual and speaking with Ln’eta, perform the ‘Eldritch Mouth’ ritual.

Secret: After performing the ‘Eldritch Mouth’ ritual, go back to the ‘Unspeakable Horror’ ritual and perform it. This will give you a point towards unlocking the final chapter.

After a conversation with Ln’eta and a new character, perform the ‘Metamorphosis’ ritual.

  • Perform the ‘Prepare Offering’ ritual
  • Perform the ‘Reach into Oblivion’ ritual
  • After completing the ritual, open your journal again and flip the page until you reach the ‘Escape Reality’ ritual. * Do note that once you begin this ritual, you must finish it’s following steps quickly, as you’ll be left vulnerable.
  • Perform the ‘Dark Communion’ ritual
  • Turn off the lamp and overhead light for Ln’eta.
  • Perform the ‘Final Pledge’ ritual.
  • After a final conversation with Ln’eta, click the smooch button and viola, you’ve smooched an eldritch being and obtained the ‘AWAKE ENDING’.

Alternate Ending: If you instead perform the ‘Breakup’ ritual, you will be awarded with the ‘GOOD ENOUGH ENDING’.

Chapter Two – Estir

  • After a lengthy intro cutscene, you’ll be reintroduced to your bedroom, subtly altered to fit the current chapter. Open the playbook you received, and perform ‘Act I: Invitation’.
  • Perform the ‘Eldritch Mouth’ ritual again.

Secret: If you broke up with Ln’eta in the first chapter, then you can do this secret path. After performing the ‘Eldritch Mouth’ ritual, do all of Estir’s rituals until banquet, then swap back to Ln’eta. Do the rest of Ln’eta’s rituals, and you’ll eventually reach the ‘ENDZONE ENDING’.

Secret: Light the candles to a black flame and flip to the final page of the yellow playbook and a ritual will be available to you. Complete the ritual to gain a point towards unlocking the third chapter.

Secret: If you only get one broken heart with Estir, and complete her playbook, you’ll be awarded with the ‘ENSLAVEM-END’. Either perform *just* Ln’eta’s mask ritual *or* the feast with Ln’eta. However, if do both, it’ll lead you into a different ending altogether.

  • After speaking with Ln’eta again, you’ll be given a choice of how to proceed from now on. Your decision and next objective can be determined by the book you’re carrying (Which you can swap on the bottom right).


CH2 – Ln’eta Path:
  • Make sure that you have Ln’eta’s pink journal selected, and open it to the page for the ‘Metamorphosis’ ritual. Do note that performing this ritual after performing Estir’s ‘Masquerade’ ritual will have dire consequences.
  • Perform the ‘Metamorphosis’ ritual again.

Secret: Open the curtain while Ln’eta is sitting on your bed to let Estir in. This will trigger a dialogue between the two, ultimately leading to a cheeky conversation!

  • Perform the ‘Dark Communion’ ritual again.

Secret: Before doing the Final Pledge ritual, instead switch to Estir’s playbook and perform her rituals. Following this path will lead to the ‘TERRIBLE END’ Ending.

  • After speaking with Ln’eta and turning off all the lights, open the journal and perform the ‘Final Pledge’ ritual. This will give the ‘AWAKENED REDUX’ Ending.


CH2 – Estir Path:
  • Perform the ‘Masquerade’ ritual (Do note that you have to click on the mirror when you’re inspecting it to activate this one.)
  • Preform ‘Act 2: Constellation’.
  • Perform the ‘Banquet’ ritual.

Secret: Complete the steps needed for the banquet, except close your curtains to keep Estir out of the room and light the candles black. This will award you a point towards unlocking the final chapter.

Secret: If you do either the ‘Banquet’ or ‘Mask’ ritual for Estir (Just the one), and do everything else with Ln’eta’s journal, you’ll unlock the ‘TILL WE MEET AGEND’ Ending.

  • Perform ‘Act 3: Eclipse’.
  • Perform ‘The Yellow Sign’ to get the ‘KING IN WHITE’ Ending.

Chapter Three – Nyanlathotep

  • After a lengthy intro cutscene, open the blue journal given to you by Nyan, and perform the ‘Banish Muu’ ritual.
  • This will award you with the ‘TOGETHER FOREVER’ Ending.


Resist Nyanlathotep Path:
  • Turn off all the lights, and turn the candles on to a black light. If you look at your journal now, it should be very different, complete with different rituals. Perform the ‘Banish Nyanlathotep’ ritual.
  • *Important Note: From here on out, you’ll be doing a slew of Counter-Evil rituals against Nyanlathotep. Your SMOOCH bar will turn into a HEALTH bar, and taking too long to perform Counter-Evil rituals will take away a heart. After the initial Porosity, they will be completely random, so make sure you pay close attention to what’s occurring around you, and read carefully to commit to the proper ritual.*
  • Perform ‘Counter-Evil: Porosity’.
  • Continue to perform the proper Counter-Evil rituals.
  • Eventually Nyan will give up, awarding you the ‘FINAL ENDING’.

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