Super Auto Pets: Basic Tips

Here are some basic tips for you if you are new to the game.


Super Auto Pets Basic Tips

– Don’t sweat defeats. It’s almost impossible to win 10 out of 10 battles. Even a 10-win run will have 2 or 3 defeats. Also don’t sweat game overs. This is a competitive game, but you are only battling snapshots of other players, not actual live players in real-time.

– Take your time. There is no time limit in the shop. Consider the whole list of purchases before making any move.

– Your primary goal in the early game is to not lose any battles. The first few turns are usually a straight stat contest. If you take 2 or 3 losses early on, it gives you less leeway to build a killer combo that will carry you to 10.

– Your team should synergize with each other. Outside of the first two or three battles, it is increasingly difficult to win on stats alone.

РIt may be better to keep multiple copies of animals on your team rather than combining or leveling them right away. Three Crickets and two Horses are much better than a Level 2 cricket and a half-leveled Horse.

– Whenever you level up an animal, a new animal of (your tier + 1) is offered in the shop. This can allow you to pick up a powerful animal one or two turns before you would ordinarily be offered it. If you’re very lucky, the animal could match with the strategy you were building anyway, and give you a big boost.

– Make use of the shop. Except for the animals that give permanent buffs each turn (Monkey, Giraffe), the shop is the only way to make your team stronger. Buy animals and food that will last a long time.

– Give food only to animals you intend to keep long-term. Let’s take the Ant for example. Ants are pretty strong in the early game, but their ability is meaningless on Turn 10. Should you give an Ant an apple or honey? Usually not, because you’ll want to sell the Ant to make room for something else.

– Some animals are front-loaded in power (like Tiger) and some need to be leveled up once or twice to reach full potential (like Turtle). Some animals have a great level 2 upgrade, but their level 3 upgrade usually arrives too late to mean anything (like Horse). Try to consider this when building your team.

– Chocolate is almost always a buy, unless literally none of your animals will benefit from leveling up.

– Keep an eye on your remaining wins and losses. If you have 1 or 2 battles remaining, don’t start making long-term investments like buying Monkeys or partial level ups. This is the time to give out last-second buffs or food (steak, melons) to animals who don’t have them yet. Also consider selling any “investment”-type animals you do have in exchange for a Scorpion or Tiger, as they can be very effective at Level 1 with no buffs.

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