SUPER DRAGON BALL HEROES WORLD MISSION: How to Get the 7 Super Dragonballs (Fastest and Easiest Way)

Fastest and easiest way to get the 7 Super Dragonballs



Go to Creation Mode in the menu

Go to Custom Mission

Then Search Missions

At the bottom hit Search by Mission Code

Enter code: LZM83mK (or tfLF8tB / py3odSk)

Click on the mission with Mr. Satan

Beat him in the first round (easy)

Get a Super Dragonball

Repeat until you collect all 7


Use Mission Codes: tfLF8tB or py3odSk for easy Rare Items and Dragonballs

For easy God Tier Items and Dragonballs, use Mission Code: Y7wqXsF
For easy God Tier Stat Boosts and Dragonballs, use Mission Code: zAQG4jw

More God Boss Missions with God Tier Drops + Dragonballs:
GfNzM74 (Super Attacks)
AkpwzGf (Abilities)
ptTESEa (Special Items)

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