Supermarket Simulator: Best Mods and Plugins

In this guide, I’m gonna show u the best mods and plugins in the game.
You will not get banned by usin’ any mods/plugins


RDC Stock Manager

RDC Stock Manager []
This mod adds a new functionality option to the game which allows you to have more precise control over the amount of items you have in stock.
White = Enough
Yellow = Shortage
Red = Out of Stock

No Max Order Limit

No Max Order Limit []
Removes the default limit of 10 items when ordering from the marketplace.

Delivery Organizer

DeliveryOrganizer []
Streamline your deliveries with this mod that sorts boxes by size and prevents physics-induced chaos. Organize and stabilize your game space effortlessly! No Order Purchasing Limit included!

Storage Expansion

Storage Expansion []
If you think your storage require more space.. this Mod is for you!

Better Cashier

Better Cashier []
Normally, cashier will have a scan speed of 1.5 seconds per product. This mod changes the value randomly between min=0.5 max=1 which makes more realistic (for me at least). You can also change the values in the config file.

More Customers

More Customers []
Want to attract more customers to your store? Making some improvements can help! Things like your store level, number of sections, available products, lower prices, and number of cashiers can all contribute to attracting more customers.

Store Customizer

Store Customizer []
Customize your store as you’d like, from the color of the walls to the text and color of your store sign!

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