Swallow the Sea: How to Get the “Teach a Man to Fish” Achievement

A simple guide to help you unlock the “Teach a Man to Fish” achievement


How to unlock it
In order to get this achievement, you will have to eat all Vobbles (those red snakelike creatures) in one game without dying.

The first Vobble you will encounter is in the second stage of the game. You are too small to eat it yet, so you’ll have to make it follow you to the next stage.

In the third stage there will be 5 Vobbles to eat, so don’t free the Orro before hunting down all 6 Vobbles so far.
(NOTE: The Vobble from stage 2 is longer those from stage 3)

The only other place where Vobbles appear is the last stage. You don’t need to finish the game to unlock this achievement, so just look for the Vobbles there until you’ll hunt down them all.

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