Sweet House: 100% Achievement Guide

Here is a guide on how to get all achievements in Sweet House.


Tips and useful information

• Press Ctrl + F in this guide to search a specific achievement by its name.
• You can easily pass the levels by pressing the button in the top-right corner of the screen:

This button will highlight the objectives of the level.
• Hold the Space key to skip the dialogues in the game.
• The achievements will be unlocked when you close the game.
• You can download the patch for this game in:

– Other way to install: Press the Windows key + R and paste this: steam://install/1689200
• Save files are located in: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\LocalLow\BambuseaeGames\SweetHouse



Died of schizophrenia… You see this achievement, it means you are a strong person inside

I know you are here for this achievement. Go to the level select menu and press the arrow keys in the following order: ↑↑↓↓←→←→ (Konami code). A new button should be displayed next to the Final Choice’s button.

Click on it and finish this creepy ending.

Level achievements

Just beat all the levels of the game and you will unlock these achievements:

Big Finder Level 1

Complete level 1

Big Finder Level 2

Complete level 2

Big Finder Level 3

Complete level 3

Big Finder Level 4

Complete level 4

Big Finder Level 5

Complete level 5

Big Finder Level 6

Complete level 6

Big Finder Level 7

Complete level 7

Big Finder Level 8

Complete level 8

Big Finder Level 9

Complete level 9

Newbie Finder

Found 10 items

Skilled in finding items

Found 20 items


Found 40 items

Master Finder

Found 60 items

Expert Finder

Found 80 items

Super Expert Finder

Found 100 items

Yuki’s achievements

Keep in mind that this is the order of the levels:

1. A strange encounter at Yuki’s company
Poor Acting

Failure to lie

• Choose Fantong Express or Chishi Express

I am a movie star

Lying to fool the security guards

• Choose Headwind Express

Play her Legs

Hiding under Yuki’s desk

• Choose Headwind Express > Find Yuki’s office

Ruthless Iron Hand

Hiding behind Yuki

• Choose Headwind Express > Looking around at the front desk > Hiding behind Yuki

Lit. occupy a latrine but not $hit

Hiding in the ladies’ room with Yuki

• Choose Headwind Express > Looking around at the front desk > Hide in the bathroom

2. A hungry kitchen for us
Eyes High

Watching Yuki’s chest

• Choose Eyes on the chest

Eyes Low

Watching Yuki’s hips

• Choose Eyes on the buttocks

I’m a fish

I drink water is enough, better than fish

• Choose Any option > Drinking water is enough


Haven’t eaten breakfast since birth, severe malnutrition

• Choose Any option > No breakfast

Regular Breakfast

I’m an ordinary person who eats the usual breakfast

• Choose Any option > Eat cereal or Eat bread or Eat Sushi

Still Wet Behind The Ears

I’m a little baby! Beauty I want to drink milk!

• Choose Any option > Drinking human milk

I love abalone sauce

I love abalone sauce so much that I can’t describe it in words.

• Choose Any option > Eat your love juice

Abalone Nutritional Breakfast

Eat abalone juice produced by Yuki

• Choose Any option > Any option > Abalone

Breakfast milk production machine

Let Yuki eat the milk you produce yourself

• Choose Any option > Any option > Carrot

3. The park at night
Qualified Mediators

Mediating the tangle between Yuki and a passerby

• Choose The roadside of the park

It’s good to be cool under a big tree

Go under the big tree with Yuki

• Choose Under the big tree


Let Yuki sitting on a bench and taking her picture

• Choose On the bench

Nashi‘s achievements

4. Nashi lose
Springtime: Top

Directing Nashi to take the top goods

• Choose Intruct her to take the top shelf items

Springtime: Bottom

Instructed Nashi to take the lowest level of goods

• Choose Intruct her to take the lowest merchandise

You will also unlock the following achievements just by complete this route:

Mission Impossible

Checking out with Nashi

Burning with Desire

With Nashi after coming home from the supermarket

5. Computer that needs love
Make the best use of things

Let Nashi help find tools

Generating electricity with love

Fixing the computer with Nashi

• Choose Ask Nashi to take tools for you

No need to ask for help

Bury yourself in fixing the computer

• Choose Bury yourself in repair

Computer Experts

Check the hard disk of Nashi‘s

• Choose Bury yourself in repair > C drive > D drive

Privacy Theft

Clicked on a folder you shouldn’t have seen

Chest Pleasure

Get the rewards Nashi given

• Choose Bury yourself in repair > F drive

6. Careless Nashi
Arrogant and Overbearing

Close the toilet door

• Choose This is not good, close the door quietly

Peeping Tom

Keep peeking at Nashi

• Choose Watch a little longer

I am a decent person

Handing tissues to Nashi

• Choose This is not good, close the door quietly > Let the Nashi rub herself

Abalone Catcher

Use of tissue paper on Nashi‘s body

• Choose This is not good, close the door quietly > Help Nashi

Shaoya’s achievements

7. Shaoya’s fitness instruction
Yoga Apprentice First Pose

Watch Shaoya’s first set of movements taught

• Choose Action 1

Yoga Apprentice Second Pose

Watch Shaoya’s second set of movements taugh

• Choose Action 2

Steel and Iron Bones

Complete yoga poses by yourself

• Choose No need to watch the demostration! Do it directly myself!

You will also unlock the following achievement just for complete this route:

Rubbing Rubbing… Rubbing Rubbing…

Rubbing with Shaoya’s body

8. I got fired today

Giving up your seat to the elderly on the subway

• Choose Give up your seat for the elderly

The Pleasure of Enduring

Riding the subway with Shaoya

• Choose stand behind Shaoya to protect her

9. Ubique’s fitting room
The Zipper

Help Shaoya to pull down the zipper of her clothes

Multi-functional Fitting Room

Do something with Shaoya in the fitting room

• Choose Ubique Fashion

Final choice achievements

Once you have unlocked all the CG’s in the gallery, you will be able to select the Final choice route in the level select menu.


I am an immature man who needs the guidance of a mature woman to get on the right path

• Choose Yuki, just want to live with her

Leading the big picture

I am a very controlling man, and women with me have to be silly and at my mercy

• Choose Nashi, just want to live with her

Too weak stand up to the wind

I am a disabled and weak man, I need an athletic woman who knows the way to fitness, to lead me back to health

• Choose Shaoya, just want to live with her

Dying of sorrow

You beauties really don’t know what’s good for you, I’m dead, you’re all happy now

• Choose Since you have united against me, i choose to die

Saw through the vanity of the world

Women or something, I am not interested, I am a good man, my career will be successful, I will contribute more to society

• Choose I couldn’t make a choice, I chose to leave on my own

Don’t ride two horses, don’t drink two tea.

Originally, I had three; later I could have had one; but now I have none

• Choose There is always a happy ending, you three, I want you all!

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