Sword and Fairy 7: How to Set DLSS Manually (Steam Version)

Here is a simple guide on how to manual the DLSS options in Sword and Fairy 7.


How to Set DLSS Manually (Steam Version)

  • 1. Open the “Run” window with the Windows+R key, and enter ” %localappdata%\Pal7\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\ ” (excluding the quotation marks);
  • 2. Open the ” GameUserSettings.ini ” file with “Notepad “;
  • 3. Modify the value behind ” bNVDLSS= “, 0 is off, 1 is super performance, 2 is performance, 3 is balance, 4 is quality (the correspondence relationship is doubtful, you can try to select the best gear), after modifying Save the file afterwards;
  • 4. Right-click the ” GameUserSettings.ini ” file, open the properties window, tick the check box before “Read Only”, and click OK. At this time, the in-game image quality, operation and other options will be locked and will not be reproduced by the game Default (if you need to modify it again later, you need to cancel the read-only first, and then restore the read-only after the modification);
  • 5. Start the game and verify that the settings take effect.

By Microapple_MA

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