SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris: 1440p Blurry Icon Workarounds

This is a guide for working around blurry icons that are currently present when running the game in 1440p.



Currently this game only supports 1080p and 4k resolutions for some of the internal graphics.

This impacts the following areas:

  • Anime esque conversations.
  • Buttons and icons in system menus
  • Buttons and icons in combat

The most likely reason for this limitation is the fact that the PS5 and PS4 do NOT support 1440p!

In spike of that, there are a few workarounds to this issue!

Option 1: Use 1080p Resolution

  1. Under “Graphic Settings” switch “Window Mode” to “Fullscreen”
  2. Switch “Resolution” to “1920×1080”
  3. Apply changes, icons should now be noticeably sharper in the Graphics Settings at the bottom.
  4. Optional: Switch your desktop resolution to “1920×1080” so you can switch “Window Mode” to “Borderless Window” and still alt-tab without fear of crashing.

Option 2: Enable 4k Resolution on a 1440p monitor.

Steps for Nvidia Graphics Cards:

  1. Enable DSR for 2.25x resolution in Nvidia Control Panel. (2.25x is equivalent to 4k for a 1440p monitor).
  2. Select the new resolution from Nvidia “Display Settings” and use that as your desktop resolution.
  3. Launch game. (may need to alt+enter to make it windowed and readable if game is super zoomed in.)
  4. Go to “Graphic Settings”, change “Window Mode” to “Fullscreen” and select the “Resolution” of “3840×2160” that now shows up.
  5. Switch “Window Mode” back to “Borderless Window” mode. (to prevent alt tab crashes).

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