Sword of the Stars Complete Collection: 1100 Custom Maps

This .zip folder contains over 1100 custom maps for Sword of the Stars, compiled from custom maps made by Kerberos forum members.


Custom Maps

During the heyday of the Kerberos forums, the original Sword of the Stars was discussed in great detail. Within the modding community were a few members that would create map shapes based on other member requests. This file represents all the maps found on the requested and produced forums. Most of these maps have had their node lines manually connected for human players, though some of the larger maps may not have everything connected.

The following maps are included in this folder:
8 Spokes Ring
Curved Space
Discus 100/350
Double Helix Slim & Regular
Hollow Ellipsoid
Hollow Jewels
Hollow Tetrapod
Hourglass Clusters
Island Kingdoms (including a 504 star version)
Jagged Grid (including a 381 star version)
Jagged Spiral
Ring of Clusters
Rough Terrain (including a 400 star version)
Spiral Shrine
Steps Arena
Stick Space Disk (including a 401 star version)
Stick Space Sphere (including a 402 star version)
Trigonomic Battlefield

File and installation upload

The .zip file can be downloaded from Dropbox (https://www.dropbox.com/s/h4afen5vj8n4g7g/SotS%20custom%20maps.rar?dl=0).

Using your favorite program, extract the contents into your Maps folder which is located at Steam/steamapps/common/Sword of the Stars Complete Collection/Maps. The maps are all .csv files, and are not dependent upon each other, so feel free to extract less than the file’s entire contents.

To select a map, create a Custom game and choose the Custom map option. The list of all the maps you extracted will appear in a drop-down menu.

By Taur

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