Swords ‘n Magic and Stuff: Achievement Guide 100% [v1.7.6]

This guide will provide information for how to complete all achievements currently available for SNMAS.

Initiate Adventurer + Adept Adventurer

Objectives: Reach level 10 in any class. Reach level 30 in any class.

The class options are Warrior, Rogue, Hunter, Mystic, and Mage.
Each class has associated weapons, and your character will increase their level in that class as they use weapons of that type to defeat enemies. When looking at a stat block, the class will be listed next to the weapon type. Pick whichever class matches your play style (i.e. Warrior for Melee Tank, Hunter or Mage for Ranged) and stick with weapons of that associated type for an extended period of time to unlock these achievements.

Ride Like the Wind

Objective: Raise a mount to level 20.

Your character can acquire a mount by either purchasing one at a stable or receiving one as part of a quest / challenge. Most mounts in the game have additional prerequisites before being able to purchase one (i.e. a specific amount of reputation in the area). For an easy early-game mount, check out the Azura Island Stables.

A mount is leveled up by riding it, with each owned mount being tracked separately. While on your mount, you can view its current level (and progress) in the bottom-left corner of the HUD. To view all of your mounts and their levels / stats, visit a hitching post.

Riding around the open areas of the Farmlands or spending time at the Race Track were my favorite ways to grind levels on the mount outside of standard travel.

Gravity? What’s that?

Objective: Glide for 15 seconds straight.

There are many high locations in the world that make this achievement possible: the peak at Ramshackle Reef (Azura Island), the top of a magnificent waterfall (Azura Island), or the hill where the Druid Ruins (Windless Woods) stand.

The more items your character is carrying, the heavier / slower they become. For the best chances of unlocking this achievement, make sure that you are not exceeding your maximum carry weight.

To further enhance your gliding capabilities, drink a Potion of Slowfall.

Lost and Forgotten

Objective: Suffer permadeath as a Forgotten character.

At the end of the character creation process, you select your combat difficulty. The most challenging setting in the game is a hardcore mode called “forgotten” that enables permadeath.

The quickest (and least emotionally devastating) way to unlock this achievement is to make a throwaway character and allow yourself to be defeated during the tutorial. After escaping from the cell, the first enemies you face are crabs. Simply give one a whack and sit back while their pincers end your character’s journey.

Jump Scare

Objective: Defeat 50 bush rats.

Azura Island has plenty of these creatures to go around. If you spend enough time exploring the paths between Hope Harbor and Ramshackle Reef, your character will surely slay 50 of them. The black dots on the map indicate areas where I was commonly attacked by these rodents.


Objective: Defeat 50 spiders.

There is a cave located in the Farmlands where spiders are abundant. Enter at the purple dot on this map and emerge victorious from the other side! If one trek through the tunnels isn’t sufficient to unlock the achievement, remember that the reset time is 7:00AM.

Please Note: SNMAS offers an arachnophobia mode in the game options.

Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt

Objective: Defeat 50 shades.

Shades emerge from clusters of corruption scattered throughout the Windless Woods. At each location of corruption, there will always be three shades.

The following example is found near the Time Shares.

Joined the Chicken Cult

Objective: Join the Chicken Cult and embrace the cluck.

Talk to Mo “Chicken Enthusiast” at Moonberry Farms in the Farmlands. The location is indicated by the red dot on this map. Complete the quest Big Friend to unlock this achievement.

Defeated Grimwick

Objective: Save Sleepy Haven from the pumpkin lord.

Talk with Marigold “High Mage” and Edgar “Gravekeeper” at the Graveyard located to the North-East of Sleepy Haven. This is indicated by the orange dot on this map. Complete the quests Gravekeeper’s Apprentice and Grave Danger to unlock this achievement.

Grimwick’s Return [Hidden]

Objective: Become the new Baron Grimwick.

After defeating Grimwick the first time, your character will receive Grimwick’s Vest (Outfit).
Speak with Marigold “High Mage” to fight Grimwick again. The cost is 5 Witchblooms and 10 Bones per fight.

You will need to defeat Grimwick two additional times in order to receive Grimwick’s Demise (Head) and Grimwick’s Bane (Weapon). To finally unlock this achievement, you need to defeat Grimwick while your character has all three of these items equipped.

Defeated Gatekeeper

Objective: Protect the realm from the corruption.

Talk with Daru “Druid Gatekeeper” at the Eyre located in the Windless Woods. Complete the quests Corruption Part I, Corruption Part II, and Corruption Part III to unlock this achievement.

Hero of Frostfall [Seasonal]

Objective: Save Snowpeak from the frost golem during Frostfall.

Talk with Meri “Frostfall Organizer” at Snowpeak Village during the Frostfall Festival seasonal event. Complete the quests Hero of Frostfall and Monster Hunter to unlock this achievement.

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