System Shock: Achievement Guide 100%

Here is a guide on how to get all achievements in System Shock. Work In Progress…



Through The Looking Glass
Exit the Medical Healing Suites


Find the hidden Wrench. This looks familiar…



Look At You, Snacker
Consume 30 Food and Drink items

Discover a Hidden Door

Somebody Set Up Us The Bomb
Kill three or more enemies with a single explosive weapon

En Garde!
Acquire a Laser Rapier

Shields Up!

Garbage Collection
Salvage 100 Junk Items at Salvage Stations

Override Superposition

System Shocked
Recharge 20 times at a Power Station

TV Dinner
Kill an enemy with an Overhead Monitor

Thermal BOOMing

Asunder The Influence
Kill 10 enemies while under the effects of the Berserk Combat Booster

The Longest Jump
Jump across the big ramp in the Storage level

Hacking Skillz
Solve 15 Circuit or Wire Panels without using a Logic Probe

Load ‘em Up!
Buy 10 Ammo Items from Ammo Depots

All Patched Up
Use every type of Dermal Patch

Kill two or more enemies with a single Railgun Projectile

The Inside Scoop
Find all Audio Logs and Data Sticks on Citadel Station

Get Ahead
Defeat all of the Cortex Reavers on Citadel Station

Finish Him!
Kill Edward Diego with the Laser Rapier

Déjà Vu
Defeat Edward Diego while en route to the Life Pods

Look At You, Hacker
Complete the game

Don’t Forget To Salt The Fries
Complete the game on the highest difficulties

En Passant
Solve the Chess Puzzle in Delta Grove

In the Not Too Distant Future
Find the hidden Audio Log

Off The Grid
Destroy all of SHODAN’s cameras and CPU Nodes

I’ll See You Again, Hacker

Neon Annihilation

Kill two or more enemies with a single Plasma Core

Hacker? You Hardly Know’er!

I’ll Be Back

Jargon Cypher


No Reception

Can’t Turn Back Now

Edward DIEgo

The Key To Vector Sigma

Goldberg’s Ricochet
Kill an enemy by bouncing a shot from the Ion Rifle

It’s Over.

This Is My Boomstick!
Discover all firearms

Not Even My Final Form
Find and install every Weapon Modkit

Maxed Out
Find the final version of all Hardware Attachments

Enjoy Your Purchase
Buy a Grenade from a Vending Machine

Remote Control
Hack 20 enemies which have been acquired by the Target ID Hardware

Head Hunter
Find Skully, the Nightdive skull, on every level

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