Tabletop Simulator: Blackjack Table Guide

This guide is simply made to understand my table.


The Basics

Upon loading into my server, you will be required to press one of two buttons.

  1. “New Save” button. This button is for NEW PLAYERS only.
  2. “Get Save” button. This button is for players who have been on the server before.

After pressing either of the two buttons…

If you are a NEW PLAYER: Please continue reading this guide
If you have played on the server before: Continue as normal

Blackjack Basics

Try to get to 21. Go over and Bust [Lose your bet].

When you hit, the dealer will add one more card to your hand.
When you stand, the dealer will pass you and go on to the next player.

You can split on any two cards that are the SAME. Ex: Jack and Jack / 2 and 2 / 8 and 8 / Etc.
You can double down on anything [But you have to have equal money value in reserves].
Jokers are instawin.
All Payouts except Double Jokers are 2:1.
Double Joker payout is 2:1 and then 2:1 again.

The Dealer MUST hit on any soft number, and stands on 17.
When a joker is on the deal zone, EVERY player wins regardless of a loss.

How to Hit: Press Tab
How to Stand: Press and hold tab + Drag your mouse



At first you will be presented with currency…

These are labeled as the first and last letter of their corresponding types.
Copper = cr
Silver = sr
Steel = sl
Gold = gd
Platinum = pm
Mythril = ml
Adamantite = ae
Orichalcum = om

You can bet these and their primary use is to play blackjack and prestige.



Prestige Works as follows:

Upon getting 1,000 om: You turn in all of your currency and are reset to a “Slightly Better Starter Bag”, and will have your prestige increased by 1. This is the ONLY way to prestige.

You will also get +1 on your Prestige gem.
For each additional prestige, +1 is added to the gem.

The token store is self explanatory…
There is a statue that you must place tokens into on the back of the table.
Once a token is inside the statue, you must press the “Pay Tribute” button to redeem the token.

There are however a few items that are NOT listed on the board. Those are for you to figure out on your own.

Please note: Anything that stacks will be counted as ONE and not MULTIPLE by the script that is used by the token store. Please UNSTACK any tokens before putting them in the token store.

<— Place tokens DIRECTLY onto statues HANDS


There is a slot machine directly to the left of the “Token Store” and is accessible as soon as you collect your dailies.

You can use one of two tokens to play the slot machine.

Please note: Anything that stacks will be counted as ONE and not MULTIPLE by the script that is used by the Slot Machine. Please UNSTACK any tokens before putting them in the Slot Machine.


Cthulhu Dice are a system of which you must collect rolls and then roll 3 dice at the same time in order to collect a prize. They are located directly right of the Dailies and Token Store.

All of the dice MUST roll the same # in order for it to count as a WIN.

A dice roller was implemented to account for higher roll counts and also functions as the primary rolling method.

Each new player starts with ONE (5:00) minute Powerup Printer.

The cost of each printer is as listed:

Powerup Printer (15:00) – 50 Tiny 8 Balls

Powerup Printer (13:00) – 75 Tiny 8 Balls

Powerup Printer (11:00) – 100 Tiny 8 Balls

Powerup Printer (09:00) – 125 Tiny 8 Balls

Powerup Printer (07:00) – 150 Tiny 8 Balls

Powerup Printer (05:00) – 200 Tiny 8 Balls

The printers retain their value after purchase but can ONLY be traded UP.

Bitcoin Store


The Bitcoin store works as follows:

You ask anyone [this can include the host] for an item.

That person assigns a price for that item [in Bitcoin] for the player asking for the item specified.
If the player asking can buy said item, the owner of said item can initiate a trade for Bitcoin value.

Bitcoin prices can vary depending on persons mood, liking towards the player asking, and the host preferences.


The Safe


There is a safe located behind the dealer zone. The combination is 4 numbers.
If you manage to open the safe while there are items inside, you get to keep all of those items!

Legion is a path you can take that requires a certain prerequisite to attain.
For the standard legion path you must trade in powerups [Give to the dealer in a bag] as follows:


When you do so, you get the next higher tier. If you traded in 10 for the first, then 20 will be needed for the second. So on and so forth.

The Legion Lord is the highest tier of Legion and will provide you with a bag of loot.

Or…reject the bag? 😉

Dragon Balls


Find all 7 Dragon Balls and be granted the Gilded Dragon Balls or 1 wish.
Secretly Message the dealer each location.

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