Cookie Clicker: Combos for Dummies

Learn the art of cookie combos in Combos for Dummies. Use Krumblor the Cookie Dragon as well as Golden and Wrath cookies to get huge multipliers in CPS and clicking.   What is a Combo? A combo is a set of multiple simultaneous buffs that can potentially give a huge amount of cookies. Part 1: … Read more

Cookie Clicker: How to Change Background Without Upgrade

An easy but not really effective way to change the background.   How to Change Background Without Upgrade 1. Navigate to “?:\YOUR STEAM DIRECTORY\steamapps\common\Cookie Clicker\resources\app\src\img” “?:\YOUR STEAM DIRECTORY\” above means your systems folder. e.g. C:\Steam Library\ 2. Find the image labelled “bgBlue.jpg” 3. Replace with a “.jpg” labelled “bgBlue.jpg”, note this will set the image … Read more

Cookie Clicker: 100% Achievement Guide (Cheat)

This guide will show you how to cheat your way through Cookie Clicker to get all the achievements!   Using the Browser Version to Get All Achievements Open a new save of cookie clicker in the browser of your choice at You can choose to wipe your save by going to the Options tab and selecting Wipe save. … Read more