Cookie Clicker: Combos for Dummies

Learn the art of cookie combos in Combos for Dummies. Use Krumblor the Cookie Dragon as well as Golden and Wrath cookies to get huge multipliers in CPS and clicking.


What is a Combo?

A combo is a set of multiple simultaneous buffs that can potentially give a huge amount of cookies.

Part 1: Cookie Buffs

Golden Cookies

Golden Cookies can give you very good buffs that are crucial to combos. The obvious one is Frenzy but its 7x multiplier is nothing compared to the Click Frenzy with its 777x Click Multiplier. This is ideal when it comes to Golden Cookies, but it is much less common than Frenzy. However, it is incredibly useful in any combo.

Wrath Cookies

Wrath Cookies, believe or not, also can give you very good buffs that are crucial to combos. In fact, its Elder Frenzy with its 666x Multiplier. Additionally, the middle Cursed Finger can give you 20 seconds of your CPS in 1 click. This can be incredibly useful since Click Frenzy and Elder Frenzy do not last long. This does mean that you will either have to change to a certain religion or piss off cosmic elderly forces, so it may not be optimal.

Stacking Cookies

For a combo, you have to have 2 buffs active at once which can be difficult. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to get multiple Golden/Wrath Cookies successively. I’ll go over these later.

Part 2: Krumblor

If you haven’t yet bought the heavenly upgrade to get Krumblor, and by extension, ascended, then ignore this entire section.

Krumblor, like Golden and Wrath cookies, are crucial to the best combos. This is solely because of the auras you can select.

Dragon Cursor

Clicking is 5% more effective. Can be used for some smaller combos, but if you can use any of these other auras, use those.

Reaper of Fields

Golden/Wrath cookies may trigger a Dragon Harvest. Dragon Harvest gives 15x CPS for 60 seconds. Use in combos if you can’t use Dragonflight.


Golden/Wrath cookies may trigger a Dragonflight. Dragonflight gives x1111 clicking power for 10 seconds. Extremely powerful. Use in a combo whenever possible.

Dragon Orbs

With no buffs and no golden cookies on screen, selling your most powerful building has 10% chance to summon one. Useful to start off a combo, especially in combination with the Force the Hand of Fate spell, as well as with the Distilled essence of redoubled luck heavenly upgrade.

Part 3: Other Buffs


Godzamok, Spirit of Ruin grants a buff that boosts clicks by +1/0.5/0.25% for every building sold for 10 seconds. This is very useful and shouldn’t be overlooked for very high combos.

Sugar Frenzy

Heavenly upgrade. Triples your CPS for 1 hour at the price of a Sugar Lump. Can only be used once per ascension. Not commonly used in combos, due to Sugar Lumps being valuable.


Dragonflight and Click Frenzy

When Dragonflight is activated, it has an 80% chance to cancel Click Frenzy if it is active. The same does not happen if Click Frenzy is activated after Dragonflight.

Should I combine Reaper of Fields and Dragonflight?

While the 15x CPS and 1111x clicking power stacked may seem appealing, Dragonflight and Reaper of Fields are rare, making it difficult to get these both active at once. It’s much better to use Elder Frenzy or Click Frenzy, though this is difficult due to Dragonflight frequently cancelling Click Frenzy.

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