Genshin Impact 4.4: How to Find and Defeat the Suanni Hermit

With every update, Genshin Impact introduces new bosses, and version 4.4 is no exception. In this guide, we’ll cover the Suanni Hermit: where to find this monster, strategies for defeating it, and the rewards you can expect from your victory.   Who is the Suanni Hermit? Centuries ago, Suannis were … Read More

Genshin Impact: Beidou Guide (Best Weapons, Artifacts and Units)

Beidou is a fearsome Southern Cross Fleet Captain in Genshin Impact. Despite his services to the people of Li Yue, many players mistakenly ignore one of the strongest Electro characters.┬áBeidou has a unique skill system that boasts excellent survivability and damage when properly assembled. In this guide, we will show … Read More