Necrosmith: All Achievements List (How to Unlock)

A definitive guide on how to unlock all 21 achievements in Necrosmith.   How to Get All Achievements Four Marks Destroy 4 enemy lairsParce Domine Destroy 8 enemy lairs In Vaulted Halls Entombed Destroy 15 enemy lairs Your enemies have a lot of places to spawn. Make them disappear in … Read More

Necrosmith: All Recipes List (Update 52/60)

Here is a list of all known recipes in the new game Necrosmith.   List of Recipes (1-20): 1. Skeleton Rogue: Head: Skeleton Head Arm 1: Skeleton Arm with Saber Arm 2: Skeleton Arm with Saber Chest: Skeleton Body Leg 1: Skeleton Leg Leg 2: Skeleton Leg 2. Skeleton Bounty … Read More

Necrosmith: All Body Parts and Stats List

This is list of all the body parts and the stats they have, if there are some super uncommon drops that i missed then please let me know. Take note that DPS values from weapons and abilities are adjusted in game real time when you do castle upgrades to increase … Read More

Necrosmith: How to Beat the Endgame

A quick walkthrough of how to beat the end of the game. Spoiler Alert!!!   Early Game Prep & Tips Many players suggest playing defensively controlling a Turtling AoE or similar and letting other mobs clear the map. Instead of this, try playing offensively with a single mob. Enemy bases … Read More