Necrosmith: How to Beat the Endgame

A quick walkthrough of how to beat the end of the game. Spoiler Alert!!!


Early Game Prep & Tips

  • Many players suggest playing defensively controlling a Turtling AoE or similar and letting other mobs clear the map. Instead of this, try playing offensively with a single mob. Enemy bases only begin spawning once you aggro them. By playing with a single mob, you can control what bases are activated and dispose of them before they begin spawning endless waves. Also lets you enjoy the map instead of just hovering around the base.
  • Play freely the first 2-3 times to get a good grasp on the gameplay and to collect gold. You will need to purchase a few gold upgrades after your initial runs to let you steamroll later on. Try to work you way to some good early game recipes such as vampire.
  • Do not travel too far too early. The necrosmith map is split into different biomes but they ultimately form rings around the black tower. Each ring out from the tower has relatively stronger enemies. Clear the biomes ring by ring to accumulate new body pieces and gold.
  • Get 1-3 upgrades in assembly line, cat house. You can use the cat a few times to gather parts before your start you run as it doesn’t aggro the enemy.
  • Assembly line will eventually give you golems, a steam gun golem will let you *ahem* steam roll the first few rings of biomes. Continue to use this in your runs until you have amassed more gold or find a better recipe.
  • You will now want to max out assembly line, cat house and blueprint decoder.
  • Once you have done this, you will get a few mechanical pieces per day. On a new run, just send out the cat a few times to collect parts and until you can make a mechanoid stormtrooper.
  • The mechanoid stormtrooper can be used every new run until you find a better recipe within the run. Use the stormtrooper to clear each ring of biomes but be careful, you need to keep upgrading the Black tower for mob upgrades (Damage, Armor etc.) so you can push into the higher rings. Do not enter the last endgame ring with this mob, you will get overwhelmed. You will also need to be careful going into even the 2nd or 3rd last rings. Instead focus on maxing out your damage and armor (hp and recovery as seoondaries*) and finding parts for your next build.
  • Good candidates to work towards could be draconid or illicid builds with the staff.

The Endgame Build

  • After a bit of trial and error, i find this non-standard build quite effective at dealing with the final ring of enemies. This is ultimately what you are working towards. The draconid body is extremely effective against the bases themselves (try safely standing on one – it will tear through the base if you have enough damage upgrades) whilst the Illicid Staff and Angel Head provide excellent AoE against any enemies that try to get away. Be careful running directly into end game enemies, they can still hurt/kill you.
  • Using the above build, you can begin clearing the entire map. I prefer to clear the last and then 2nd last rings first. At that stage you can spawn in an army of draconids which should be able to speed up clearing whatever is left standing.
  • It takes a considerable amount of time to clear an entire map. Over 1-2 hours I would say, you need to be patient getting to this stage or you will die and have to start over.
  • You will know the map is cleared as all your spawned mobs will return to the Black Tower and not leave as there is nothing to collect/kill. By then you will have received all of the relics and cleared all the alien spaceships which allow you to build the ‘return’ cabin. DO NOT BUILD THIS STRAIGHT AWAY pressing on create will immediately commence the endgame wave (you will die without preparation).

Commencing the Endgame

Commencing the Cabin for ‘The Return’

  • Pressing on create will award you the final achievement in Necrosmith but unless you have adequately prepared, will also lead to game over.
  • Once the button has been pressed, your base will be surrounded by a number of bases from the final ring of the map who will immediately swarm your black tower base, an in-game timer will commence at the same time which you need to survive through.
  • Before pressing the button, you will want to ensure you are back at the base and finally create your defensive army.
  • I recommend using Draconids and Terminators for this bit and you will want to max out the 15 pop cap.
  • I would also recommend you store an additional 10000-15000 mana to respawn mobs as your first set dies.
  • Once ready, press the button and immediately rush the enemy bases that have newly spawned. Focus only on the bases and be careful not to die. Go from base to base and respawn your mobs as they die to fend off the base spawns.
  • If executed correctly, you should be able to neutralise all the bases and enemies before the timer has even finished.
  • Once the timer finishes, cue end game credits.

By Bonza

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