Paleo Pines: Crops and Wild Plants Guide

Chart with data on all ground crops, berry bushes, fruit trees and wild plants. Paired with some neat info about farming.   Crops Chart By bookmarking the link below you will get automatic updates o/ HD version: I am currently working on an update that includes mention of food bonuses … Read More

Paleo Pines: Dino spawns and Dreamstones Map

Maps of each biome with dinosaur spawns and dreamstone locations. Additional info of migration patterns and conditional spawns included!   Dino and Dreamstones Map HD version: By bookmarking the above link you will get updates automatically o/ Important notes: – The map doesn’t list every dreamstone in the game. Some … Read More

Paleo Pines: Ranch Layout Template

Ranch planner with permanent trees marked and some tips and tricks attached.   Ranch Layout Template HD VERSION: By bookmarking the link above you will get automatic updates without url changes. o/ By Skudde

Paleo Pines: Color Rarity Chart with Pictures

A full color rarity chart for all dinos in the full release, paired with pictures. (700+ of them)   Color Rarity Chart FULL CHART: Due to the massive size of the chart, it is not possible to post it here. Instead you can follow the link above to my … Read More