Paleo Pines: Color Rarity Chart with Pictures

A full color rarity chart for all dinos in the full release, paired with pictures. (700+ of them)


Color Rarity Chart


Due to the massive size of the chart, it is not possible to post it here. Instead you can follow the link above to my The chart behind the link will also get updates without url changes, so bookmarking it will automatically deliver you the latest changes. o/

Special thanks again to Apophenia, Sisquinanamook, Jynn and the numerous other people on PaPi official discord server who helped with research, provided images and supported me through this gargantuan task!
You rule! <3

Unobtainability notes:
– At the moment it is not confirmed whether Therizinosaurus appears in the desert at all, as no one has found them there. Until the spawn is discovered or the dev team gives official word on the case, Sand Theri is considered unobtainable.
– Wisteria Pachy used to exist in an earlier version of the demo, but was removed before full release. Any Wisteria Pachies tamed before that point were turned into a random color from the Common pool. RIP Wisteria Pachy.

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