Terra Invicta: Space Stations Guide

Some Basic Suggestions on how to build useful/strong space stations.   Earth Playstyle How you build out your space exploration may depend on what you’ve been up to on Earth. Since I play the Earth-Space portion sequentially rather than concurrently, I will have little need for certain resources like Ops and Influence from space assets. … Read more

Terra Invicta: World Unification Guide

It’s possible to unify the entire world in Terra Invicta with the use of some clever tactics. This guide will teach you how to do so. Even if you don’t plan on unifying the entire world, this guide will help you understand how to make your mega-countries even bigger.   Unification Mechanics Before we get … Read more

Terra Invicta: Factions & Alignment

Some information about the different factions   Basic Information This is an overview of the different factions in the game. ALIGNMENT Alignment of the different factions. It might help some players to find potential allies that persue similar goals. If you think I got the alignment of a faction wrong, please post it in the … Read more

Terra Invicta: How to See What Options are Available for Your Country Policies without Wasting a Turn

Here is a guide on how to see what options are available for your country policies without wasting a turn.   Set Policy Select your country then on the top part, mouse over the icon that look like the ‘set policy’ mission (red square on screenshot). This will show you what options would be available … Read more