Terra Invicta: How to Upload a Mod

Have you edited or created a mod file/folder?
Do you think your mod is better than the other mods on Steam?
Does it frustrate you that there’s no tutorial on how to upload a Mod to Steam? I was once like you (minus the “I think my mod is better than other mods” part). And I think I can help you solve your problem.

Let me show you how to upload a Mod to Steam Workshop.

Before we get started, you will need a few things:

  1. A mod folder
    • Don’t have a mod folder? Just navigate to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Terra Invicta\Mods\Enabled” and copy one of the enabled mod folders you like so much.
    • Once you have a copy of this mod folder, go in and edit the mod files to your heart’s content. Want to create a new mod? Edit everything and even add new files. Want to make an existing mod better? Great! Edit!
    • Remember this mod folder. You will use it again
  2. A Text editor. I recommend notepad or notepad++

Now you’re ready to make a Krabby Pattie…whoops wrong topic.

To Upload a new Mod to Steam Workshop:

  1. Open up Terra Invicta
  2. Once at the Main menu (the first thing you see when you load up the game), select the Mods option.
  3. Once the Mods screen pops up, select the Tab “Uoload New Mod” and you should now see a form asking you for a Mod Name, Mod Description, ect…
  4. Don’t be Intimidated!
  5. Go back to your Mod Folder that you created/edited in the above steps and open up the ModInfo.json file. If you copied an established mod folder, this file should exist. If you created a new folder and don’t have this file in there, just go to another mod folder and copy the file from there. (don’t forget to Edit your changes)
  6. Inside the ModInfo.json file, copy the title you have given to your mod. For example if the title looks like this: [“title”: “Super Operations & Command Centers”], copy “Super Operations & Command Centers”.
  7. Go back to Terra Invicta and paste the title you copied into the “Mod Name” input field.
  8. Switch back to the ModInfo.json again and copy your description. This will then be pasted in the description input field on the Terra Invicta Upload Mod screen, right below the Mod Name.
  9. On the same screen, click the “Open Mod Folder” button. Don’t be alarmed. This will open a new Window with a folder called “DummyItemContentFolder….”.
  10. Open this DummyItemContentFolder. You will want to go back inside your Mod folder that you edited/created, and copy all of it’s contents into this new DummyItemContentFolder (replace existing files if necessary). So the end result would be that all of your edited/created Mod folder contents will now be inside the DummyItemContentFolder.
  11. Within the DummyItemContentFolder, open up the recently pasted “WorkshopItemInfo.xml” and make sure all the information in there is correct. Make sure that the Name of your mod is the same name as your PNG image file. In other words, make sure if the title of your mod is “Super Operations & Command Centers”, the .png and the [<IconFileName>Super Operations & Command Centers.png</IconFileName>] within the WorkshopItemInfo.xml, have the same name.
  12. Once done, go back to Terra Invicta, and click Upload Mod. And if you followed the steps correctly, your Mod should now start uploading to Steam Workshop!

There! You have done It! You’ve made a Krabby Pattie! Woops, wrong topic…Anyways now you can share your Mod with the world! Enjoy and don’t forget to Thumbs up my guide if it helped!

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