Total War WARHAMMER III: Khorne’s Guide

To play well Khorne faction you have to follow these simple steps, and let survive few enemies cities near you, when attacking them DO NOT make a ruin on those, but only sack, if you can do that, you will keep the Bloodletting bar always full 🙂   The Strategy … Read More

Total War WARHAMMER III: Kairos Fateweaver Skill Tree Guide

This is my perspective on how to squeeze the most out of your two headed chicken, both in the early and late game. To be honest, I found levelling a breeze because of getting the Slaanesh ancillary “Personal Sycophant” which triples XP gain so I was level 50 after the … Read More

Total War WARHAMMER III: Kislev Guide

A Min/Max guide to the Tips and Tricks that will make your Kislev campaign easier and more fun.   ESSENTIALS ^ See my “Ultimate Guide – Essentials for All Campaigns” for all the info that everyone should know, like how Rifts work, guide to the Realms of Chaos, how to … Read More

Total War WARHAMMER III: Essentials for All Campaigns

A compendium of everything you need to know that applies to all TWW3 campaigns.   Supply Lines Bug Right now I would wait to start any campaign until the Supply Lines Bug is fixed. The bug is that when you disband a Lord, even though the UI shows that they … Read More