Tales From Hoia Baciu Forest: Walkthrough 100%

* * * SPOILER WARNING * * * Please enjoy this short walkthrough for Tales From Hoia Baciu Forest. This game is best enjoyed after you have used the bathroom. If you feel the urge to pee, do so before starting the game.


100% Walkthrough

Manage your battery life wisely. It gets more annoying to navigate once you use up 3 batteries. There are probably more around the map but I advise against looking for them.

Walk up to the box behind you after the initial conversation.

Nice man!
Am I?

Keep following the dirt path downward. After 2 jump scares, you’ll talk about infidelity.

A sinful soul!
Unfaithful husband.

As you continue to follow the dirt path, you come across a lively corpse on the ground inside some hut (there is a sign that says Sword & Shield outside). Search around him on the barrels for Painkillers and Battery. You will need both since there is a chase sequence. Just use shift to outrun the monster while staying on the dirt path.

Keep following the path and you’ll hear some animal noises and encounter more jump scares. Eventually you will run near a body of water and a “lady dressed in white” will be visible. Run up to her and you will get knocked out and dragged somewhere.


Once you wake up, take the Crowbar from the dead body in front of you. Use the Crowbar to unlock the initial door. Search the rest of the house you are in for another Battery and a Key. Use the Key to unlock the front door.

Lost son.

The first house on your right (the smaller one) should have another battery inside. Also on your right is another dirt path for you to follow. This dirt path forks and one path leads to a dead end, and the other leads to another small village. As you get closer, you will see a cross and a few more jump scares. In this village, go deeper to locate a barn full of pigs. Beside this barn is your house. Enter your house for the final achievement.


Long Gone!

By Jedo

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