TASOMACHI Behind the Twilight: ”What Happened Here?” Achievement Guide

A small guide to show you where to find the collectables for ”What Happened Here?” and other small explanations.


What Happened Here?

Silent Valley


Inside the locked room.

Inside the other locked room.

Shiokaze Pier

Inside the Library’s locked room.

Inside the Library’s hidden room.

Outside, infront of the tower where you need to collect the fragments.

Infront of the entrance to the Sacred Tree Sanctuary.

Inside the teleport room.

On top of the mountain.

Futago Bridge

Inside the school.

Inside the school 2.

Outside up the stairs near the school.

On top of a bridge.

Inside the teleport room.

Outside near the entrance to the Sacred Tree Sanctuary.

Gengetsu Lakeside

Up the stairs near your ship.

Inside teleport room.

Inside the Inn, behind the counters.

Inside the Inn, take a left, than take the left teleporter.

On top of the building with the vases you need to break.

Same building but a floor below the vases.

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