Tattletail: Secret Ending Guide (Eggs Location)

If You Want To Get The [Secret Ending] And The Golden Flashlight you must get all the eggs before opening the christmas gift, this is a guide how to get them all!


Locations Of The Eggs.

#1 Hairball Egg.
While walking up the hall as you return to your room on the first night, you’ll notice that the front door to the house is slightly ajar. If you keep walking past your bedroom, you’ll find that just outside that door is Egg #1.

#2: Chewed Dog Food.
You’ll find this egg after your first encounter with Tattletail. After opening your present and playing with him, the game will prompt you to wrap him up and return him to his box. When you do this, Egg #2 will be waiting for you in front of the present.

Egg #3: Missing Sock
As you’re finally making your return to your bedroom on the first night, make sure to look on your night stand before heading to bed. On top of the blue book you’ll find Egg #3.

Egg #4: Loose Change
The next night, you’ll be asked to investigate the clunking noise in the basement. After discovering that it’s the washing machine, glance down to the left of it to find Egg #4.

Egg #5: Peanut Shells
Once you’ve found Tattletail in the washing machine, the game will ask you to find a vase in the basement to play with. You’ll find a green vase and beside it will be a dryer. On top of the dryer is Egg #5.

Egg #6: French Fry
After the vase breaks, you’ll be prompted to pick up the flashlight that’s on the floor. Things will start to get a little spooky as the lights go out and you see Mama’s red eyes flash in the dark. Before going to wrap Tattletail back up, go through the door of the room you’re in and keep walking straight. You’ll find Egg #6 on top of a covered piece of furniture.

Egg # 7-11: Doll Hair, Dead Beetle, Broken Crayon, Lost Earring, Fingernail Clippings
It’s now 3 days until Christmas and you’re off to inspect a grinding noise in the basement. On your way to the source, you’ll come across 5 eggs that you cannot miss. After this you’ll find Mama, and she’s pretty creepy.

Egg #12: Ketchup
After finding Mama, the game will send you upstairs, and in the living room is Tattletail who’s made a big mess. You’ll then head back downstairs to bring Tattletail to Mama, only to find that she has disappeared. In her place will be Egg #12.

Egg #13: Dust Bunny
Before going to find Tattletail’s friend, go through the front door and backtrack to the garage. Inside you’ll find Egg #13.

Egg #14: Pencil Shavings
Another place Tattletail’s friend will hide is in your bedroom closet. The same process can be used for this time as well. After initiating the next round of hide and seek, return to the closer and you’ll find Egg #14.

Egg #15: Christmas Light
After you find out what the sound is coming from outside, you’ll engage in a game of hide and seek with Tattletail and his friend. One of the times you’ll find his pal hiding under the Christmas tree. During the next round of hide and seek, return back to the tree and you’ll find Egg #15.

Egg #16: Used Bandage
The last round of hide and seek will take you back into the basement where you’ll find Tattletail’s buddy where you first met Mama. Egg #16 will be right beside the VHS you’ll be taking back to your room.

Egg #17: Old Napkin
It’s now 2 days until Christmas. Head over to kitchen and on the sink counter in front of the microwave you’ll find Egg #17. Head over to investigate the sound coming from outside.

Egg #18: Seashell Soap
On Christmas Eve, you’ll be doing a lot of running around. But before you bring Tattletail to the basement, stop by the bathroom to collect Egg from the top of the toilet.

Egg #19: Bandana
The back door should also be open. Head outside and stop by the dog house. Inside you’ll find Egg #19. You can now head to the basement and start this very hectic night.

Egg #20: Rabbit’s Foot
During Christmas Eve, you’ll be tasked with putting together a party for Mama. The game will prompt you to find various RSVPs in specific places in the house. Once you’re asked to retrieve the one in the garage, make sure to check around the side of the house outside, near the plants. You’ll find The Egg, Creepy!

Egg #21: Car Keys
After you’ve completed the long hectic night that is Christmas Eve, you’ll head back upstairs to finally go to bed. On your way back to your bedroom, you’ll find Egg #21 in front of your parents bedroom door. You can now head to sleep.

Egg #22: Cupcake Wrappers
It’s finally Christmas morning. You’ll head over to the living room to unwrap your gift, but before you do, check the stocking that’s hanging over the fireplace in the living room. Hiding inside is Egg #22.

The Secret Ending Is Yours Now! Go Ahead And Open the Christmas Gift.

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