Taur: Basic Guide (V1.3)

This is a basic guide to help people struggling or people that had the miss fortune to try out the things that aren’t so good first.


Good to know.

Troops supplied when trading with rebels.
This perk is triggered PER TRANSACTION. What this means is if you buy 10 green cores this perk triggers once. if you buy 10 green cores one at a time this perk triggers 10 times.

Shotgun secondary fire

  • your one stop solution to anything with more than 200 hp.
  • No joke this weapon will take out anything that comes in close enough to take 10% of the volley this thing puts out, or at least chunk them for the majority of their HP.

On hard or hardest, falling aircraft are the real final boss.
its important pay attention to aircraft going down without breaking apart, they bypass your shield and will in some cases 2 tap buildings and rebels.

Guardians – 60 unit cap.

Cyclone – unlimited unit cap, recommend stopping at 24 or so.

Ages (shield hub) having more then one does not multiply your shield 🙁

Blue crystals for life you want at least 100 so buy whenever the rebels can get you some.


1. Weapon

  • Rush Cleaver and get at least 2/3 rounds.
  • This is used against all filers as they approach your tower.
  • Used to break apart downed flyers (0hp) so they don’t detonate into your towers/rebels)
  • Pops shields, even at max range.
  • Beware the spread after shots, give it 2 sec to re-focus before firing

2. Structures

  • Rush 4 Guardian hubs out ASAP
  • Get 2 Cyclones
  • Get 6th guardian hub when you can afford it (do not build more than 6 total)
  • Rush Ages ASAP, can be done by wave 6, getting this before your last 2 guardians can be a call if you have the materials.
  • avoid getting weaponized structures until wave 28+. recommended weaponized structures, in priority: SAM/Talos/Your choice of Massive (on hard i could only afford 3/4)
  • Build from the outer ring inward, you don’t want want your hubs tanking damage aimed at your primary tower, it also makes it harder for the enemy to hit any at all since they aim up 😉

3. Trade

  • If its not done with rebel its a waste of money (on hard + you will handicap yourself very badly by trading with others).
  • Try to avoid selling, ever. your going to want approx 20 red cores, 6 massive and damn near 100+ of everything below them.
  • If you are selling make sure the rebels can afford to buy it else you loose out.

4. Abilities.

  • Time warp. no brainier this is literally your moment to fix something that’s threatening you. around wave 20+ look to max this ability.
  • Shield recharge. this is your +1 life as it completely restores your shield. avoid levelling the duration tech and leaving this ungraded is fine.
  • Repair. the comfort blanket of recovery when you forget to restore your shield. doesn’t really help much but feels nice having it.
  • Flair. Because you have to get it anyway. Borderline useless unless you are playing on very hard.

5. Rebels

  • Pretty much ignore them until your getting close to getting your shield.
  • Rush to +rebels on trade
  • Commissar (for skyfall missions) and rocket launcher are the compositions you want
  • You can argue the case of gunner+grenadier+commissar are the best for skyfall, but not worth the effort for making a dedicated squad for the one mission arch type when rockets suffice everywhere else.

6. Tech

  • Initially you want to stretch out to your shotgun, guardians, time warp, cyclones, shield, rebel troops on trade, shield recharge in that order.
  • Dependent on what resources you get offered it can be smarter to shuffle the sequence. e.g. guardian and cyclone only require green to unlock and blue to build.
  • Pumping up shield to 1k once you have enough cyclones to relive you of having to do the legwork yourself is advised.
  • On hard or Harder diff I recommend considering structure hp upgrades 1 & 2 on wave 35+ (damn plane carcasses)

7. Sentinels

  • Hahahahahahaaaa
  • Oh god, I’m sorry, done now. honest.
  • Oh you sweat summer child :’)
  • At the current patch state they will eat close to half (or more) of your resources by the time they can notably help you.
  • Sadly they inure a down time that you cannot always manage, sometimes you just get 2 or 3 high damage missions in a row, with that volume of resources off line you effectively game over yourself.
  • Very cool unit but don’t touch unless your on infinity and need a resource sync. Or on normal and have 20 cyclones.


Just some logic, also be aware this is just how I’ve found things to work. Other people may see things differently. Hell id love to see an approach that enables Sentinels to be used from wave 10+ on hard and have a chance at clearing wave 50.


  • Priority is Damage / Down time (reload & clip) / Multi task
  • Primary the default cannon wins it for me as it clears armour and gives the damage to kill snipers in 2 shots (forge is involved).
  • Shotgun is just so cheep an the reload is so fast that its just too goo not to use. next to worthless at max range against non shielded/massive targets but hey the enemy fix that problem by running at you.


  • The weaponized towers are just too low in rate of fire and damage to counter the air force hubs (read cyclones).
  • Unit hubs. Guardians just act as surplus shield as well as prevent things form running under the shield. more importantly their so cheep and you upgrade them to 10 per hub, the slot efficiency!
  • The air force. bomber cant shoot up, fired. fight cant shoot for 80% of his flight path until he re aligns, fired. Cyclone can shoot out its a$$ as long as its weapon is off cool down, hired.
  • Medium: 1 shield, lots of SAM. this is a personal thing but i find mass air tends to be a lot more of a haste so the SAM missiles always feel rewarding.
  • Huge: this turret costs too much to unlock and develop and does not give that much of a spike. i prefer the rapid firing one as i only really need help mopping up the adds.


  • Scout, takes 45 seconds to kill a grunt, fired.
  • grenadier cant shoot up, fired.
  • Machine gunner can shoot up and pepper on comming swarms, hired.
  • Rocket launcher, can spawn camp the enemy home in on vehicles and hit masses of oncoming swarms hired, machine gunners redundant now.
  • Commissar- ehhh i dont like you but sometimes an enemy makes it past the Spartans so i guess… i still don’t like you.
  • Upgrade rocket launchers tree when you can, its cheep and helps them spawn camp better 🙂
  • Push moral tech and xp on win, very cheep and moral swings the rebel stats by a massive amount
  • Not much point upgrading the rebels suitability, they only take damage when the shield is down or a plain falls on them, if either happens you are the problem not the upgrades.


  • At this current patch resources are a bit yolo, you can get 10 red cores before wave 10.
  • Above being said as long as you dont sell resources (300 for a red core) then you wont loose resources (900 for a red core when you realty need it and the rebels let you down)
  • If you are running a full rocket crew buying from the imperials frequently can make them utterly useless (moral – accuracy loss)
  • Blue crystalls = moar cyloooone = drool


  • I pity the devs on this.
  • Lovely design/balance/concept – except the tank, half the missions its just like “sup, bit tight so I’ma just chill right here. yeah here is good”
  • The game should make them much cheaper, much more useless, initially but always restore to full and just make the game harder to account for their contribution potential.
  • As of the current moment their inevitable down time is like your employer saying yeah payday delayed by 120 days. your money is still there but try explaining that to your landlord. similar case in game you put up 10 waves of resources in them only for them to take a 3+ wave ciesta.

By Djin

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