TELEFORUM: Achievements Guide

In this guide I will try to help you to get all the game achievements! MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!

1st ACT Achievements

There’s a musty smell here.
Enter Adriana’s flat
Did you see that?
Film TV while Adriana making coffee
Caffeine yellows your teeth.
Refuse taking coffee from Adriana
She makes it too hot.
Accept coffee from Adriana
She is missed
Finish interview
That’s it.
Agree to watch tape with Juliana
Refuse to watch tape with Juliana (You still going to watch it)
[Commercial Break]
End of 1st ACT

2nd ACT Achievements

Take a good, long look.
Go to the left side of corridor and look into window (Before entering Adrina’s apartment)
Something’s off
Film dog while Adriana making coffee
There’s something there, all right?
Look through the door peephole
You should keep that.
Take down the horseshoe (It’s above door)
There’s something there…
Film TV with crow
Let her be.
Meet Adriana near window
The story must go on, right?
Talk with Adriana with sympathy
Talk to Adriana and agree to throw camera away
Do you understand?
Watch strange intermission
Cherish your colleagues
Chose the right colleague name (Juliana)
You keep that memory in shape
Choose the right apartment number (608)
It’s not the sixth floor anymore.
You will get this achievement after ascending stairs
Up is down and down is up
While getting up on stairs chose wrong apartment number, but right coleague name, after go to the right side and peek into closed door
Follow strange smell
Loyal boy
Find dog laying in the corridor
After dog running away, leave by using stairs
After dog running away, leave by using elevator
It’s not the apartment anymore
Go to Adriana’s apartement (3rd time)
It’s not …. anymore.[rw]
1st ending
I’ve got a message for you
2nd ending

Other Achievements

Everyone loves a rerun
Start new game again
[Feature Film]
Play game for 2 hours
Restart game (for me it worked after 2 restarts)
I remember that day
In the beginning of the game (in elevator) write code T124
I remember that story
Watch the 9th tape in Gallery
Now you did see them
Watch all tapes in Gallery
Daily Trophy, 1973
Get all achievements

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