Terminus: Zombie Survivors – Speedster Achievement Guide

Completed Speedster Achievement guide today, along with all the all the other time related achievements (Early Bird + Before the Week is over) AND also Untouched + Peaceful Existence all in the one play-through.


Achievement Unlocks

Sharing my methodology for this for those who want to try get this, or the other achievements I mentioned above. It took roughly 3 playthrough tries for me to get them.

Character Creation

The class that first sprung to mind was Athlete. Full invested Health Stat plus their unique Perk gives them the most movement AP in the game. And their unique action “Boost” is good to boost AP when you quickly need to move to another location or surrounded by zombies.

Athletes by default have the highest Health stat in the game, giving them the highest AP recovery, while also having a for stat on Agility, which helps with movement AP decrease and dodge zombie attacks. I pumped an additional point into Agility to give us the max stat value of 5. The remaining 2 points dumped into strength, will help carrying whatever extra food or bits you need for the 3 days and also help clearing debris you come across.

I don’t have many completions of the game yet, so the amount of traits I do have is limited, however for this play-through I highly recommend you get “Parkour” once available. This will allow use to navigate buildings and Railroad areas much easier by reducing the AP cost of climbing through windows/fences and no longer being able to get any sprains.

I chose a consumable preference to help keep morale high during the looting early phase. I went with Alcohol preference since it’s easier to find and consume alcohol than it is for Tobacco or Coffee on the go.

Early Game

Early game is where you want to loot the main items you’ll need for your journey. The first 3-4 or so housing locations I looted the fridges + furniture and prioritised the following items:


  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Bread
  • Canned Food
  • Bars
  • Water
  • Alcohol (Beers)
  • Soda

* Vegetables, Fruits and Bread should be eaten first since they can spoil, but also for early game Morale management. If you have spare trait points you can invest in some Carb Lover, Vegetable Lover traits to increase Morale Bonus


  • Vitamins
  • Anti-Depressants
  • Adrenaline

*If you particularly want to get the Untouched and Peaceful Existence achievements, no point looting anything else.


  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver

* Pliers are needed just in case you don’t have enough AP to climb the fences at Railroads or Terminus, or just want to reduce AP cost. Screwdriver just in case you find a radio but happens to be broken.


  • Flashlight/Lantern
  • Street Map
  • Electronic Store Guide

* Street Map helps identify exits on locations ahead of time, saving you having to waste AP on each location finding the exits to other locations. Electronic Store Guide helps us locate Electronics store along the way for us to get a Radio easier to identify the location of Terminus

Mid Game

We primarily want to try acquire a Radio so we can get the actual location of Terminus. If you have not acquired one during your early game house looting, we either need to try find a Electronics Store guide, or luckily come across the Electronics store as we travel. Being at an Electronics store is our best chance of obtaining a radio. Otherwise you’re shooting your shot blind deciding which Northern part of the map will have Terminus and possibly lose out on obtaining the Speedster achievement.

Levelling and Trait selection

You will only level up once or twice trying to do the Speedster achievement. I recommend only going for Traits that will help you avoid zombies, or decrease AP cost when travelling such as:

  • Pathfinder (reduce AP cost to new locations)
  • Cat’s Eye (better night time visibility)
  • Adina’s Trail(sp)? (reduce AP cost between already discovered paths to locations)


Primarily during the Mid/Late part of the play-through we want to focus on moving to new locations as soon as possible unless it’s looting an Electronics store.

During the day you can be a little more liberal with your movements due to visibility. If there’s zombies blocking the way you can easily move back to bring them forward, or climb through windows and exit another way out of a building.

During the night I was primarily taking 1 tile steps to check for any zombies in radius, if there was I could then easily avoid or move back and go around. Cat’s Eye helps immensely to navigate another further 1 tile from your position. You won’t get lots of chances to use a flashlight so I would save until closer to nearer Terminus if it’s night time.

Late Game

Once you start reaching about 60-70% way through the map you’re hitting mid-late Day 2. If you’ve not found either a Radio, or there’s no Electronic Store identified along the way, you’re better off restarting the play-through.

Energy or Morale is probably running low, but I find that being Tired or Depressed is not that much of a deal breaker for the play-through, your AP management is still workable. Topping up your Energy and Morale earlier in the game with Pills is enough to keep you going until this part of the game or using a Music Player if you loot the Electronics store.

I found the most important part in this part of the play through was managing time and AP. I found that using the Street Map to identify the exit locations on each area helped immensely in navigating locations faster to conserve time. The best time to use the map is right after travelling to a new area, your AP will be low enough that you can identify 1-2 locations reasonable close for 4 AP, then you end turn to gain AP to start moving.

Once you reach the Terminus location, your “Boost” ability will come in clutch to avoid the zombies and climb/cut the fence to safely and complete the game.

If you’ve been lucky and navigated the map properly, managed AP well you should be able to complete within 3 days and hopefully get the Untouched + Peaceful Existence achievements also.

Thanks to Cravez for their excellent guide; all credit belongs to their effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it here. Enjoy the game.

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