Terra Nil: “Perfect Location” Achievement Guide

Here is a simple guide on how to get the chievement: “Perfect Location”.


“Perfect Location” Achievement Guide

“Perfect Location” requires to have an Animal Observatory be adjacent to different tier 2 biomes, which are the required biomes in stage 2. Note that the Animal Observatory is a 2×2 building and elevation difference doesn’t affect the achievement. It’s easier to unlock on ___ since the Lichen biome is much easier to move around with the Rocker Hopper.

  • Complete Phase 1 normally;
  • In Phase 2, try to identify a location that is both near the ocean, a cliff, and preferably some lava. If there isn’t lava nearby, you can use Sesmic Detonator / Excavator / Radial Excavator to expand the lava lake;
  • Use the Raidial Excavator to create some land next to the ocean. The reason we need to do this is that the Kelp Forest biome can only be created in deep ocean. To get around this, we can fill the shallow ocean with land:
    Make sure that there is a 2×2 location that is adjacent to deep ocean for Kelp Forest, the cliff for Tundra and some extra space for Boreal Forest and a Lichen Rock.

    The Irrigator represents the location for the Animal Observatory. I made a mistake here since this location is not actually adjacent to deep ocean and I had to shift the location down a block, but the rest of the guide still follows;
    Alternatively, you can build the Animal Observator on ice to get around the shallow ocean problem, but I found landfilling is easier;
  • Create Boreal Forest on the low land with Dehumidifier and a control burn. Do this first to avoid burning the Tundra;
  • Create Tundra on the highground with Biodome. It will not override the Boreal Forest;
  • Create Kelp Forest in the ocean and complete the phase normally. By the end of the phase you should have something like this. Double check the adjacencies before moving onto the next phase.
  • In Phase 3, use the Rock Hopper to move a rock next to the target location. Each Rock Hopper can move a rock in a straigt line for 6 blocks.
  • Convert the rock into Lichen, build the Observatory, and the achievement should unlock.

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