The Agnietta ~The holy healer & the cursed dungeon~: V1.05 Guide

v.1.05 guide



– This game has 2 endings. Normal and True end.
– Need to collect all 8 Memory Fragments (and Goddess Earrings?) to achieve true ending.
– You don’t need to be a virgin to achieve true ending!! Go wilds with our healer girl.
– Can unlock all CGs after defeat the final boss.
– This game is about 2-4 hours long. And probably a lot shorter if going for virgin run.
– Some skill are unlock across the save. If you want to do a fast virgin run, I recommend to do it after unlock all skills in 1st playthrough.

1. Main Gate

– Active Switch 1 and 2 to open the main gate.
– After active switch 1, new path will open which contain Valkyrie Sword and Ancient Tablet (hidden).
– After main gate is open, continue in maze puzzle room to Underground Lake crystal room.
– (optional) You can talk to 100WAN (tentacle) to unlock ability to detect tentacle hidden under water.
– (optional) Also, if you already inspect Ancient Tablet, you can talk to him about it and he will tell you to meet him there. There is no reward except a little foreshadowing.

– Active Switch 3, it will open new passage back to maze room where you can use Red Lever.
– Don’t forget to grab Memory Fragment #2&#3 on the way.
– There’s Mimic in the right map next to Treasure Room. Let it defeat you to unlock CG. ( It won’t respawn )
– Use Blue Lever to unlock path to the next level. Grabs Memory Fragment #1 otw.

2. Land of the Sealed Flame

– Go along the path and get Memory Fragment#4 from gargoyle in treasure room.
– Go down then right and use stair to enter area with giant tentacle. Need to active 3 switches to kill it. Get Quaint Key.
– After get the key, go back down the stair and crawl to the area with Locked Mechanism. Use magic attack to the goblet of fiyah.
– Unlock Valkyrie Flame. You can now press Q to enter “Gondul’s Fury” mode. Use the flame to burn tentacle wall that block the way.
– Continue to Crystal room : Sealed Flame. Prepare to fight boss : Giant Slug (lose to get CG)
– Whether you win or lose, you can continue to Central Statue area.

3. Central Statue

– You will need to find 2 gears to unlock the final boss room. Just talk with your friend and continue to right corridor. Active the monument and continue to Capra Village.

4. Capra Village

– Get out of the goatmen sight to avoid unwanted conflicted. You can spam magic attack in a diagonal line to kill 2 sentries watching the bridge.
– (optional) Let goatmen defeat you to unlock CG and free warp to prison area.
– (optional) Let Flying Fascinus (♥♥♥♥ insect) latch on to you to avoid damage from poison gas.
– Get trap door key, go down the trap door and use the lever in it to unlock door in underground area.
– Get elevator key in the chest. Then ride elevator down to The Depth.

5. The Depth

– The path splits into 2 side. I will start with the left side first.
– Use Valkyrie Flame to burn down some black tentacle that get in your way.
– (optional) Let it beat you to unlock CG.
– Trigger earthquake so you can cross the tentacle bridge.
– Get Nemesis Spear and Goddess Earrings
– (optional) bring Goddess Earrings back to the gargoyle or the tentacle
If bring to the gargoyle :
If bring to the tentacle : It will upgrade earrings to alarm you when enter crawl space with ambush insects
– If you play a virgin run : just save scum or go to the longest path or path with enemy

– In spring room : use spring on both sides to unlock 2 CGs.
– In the final room, burn the tentacle with Valkyrie Flame. Get the Left Gear.
– Use the lever and use crystal to warp back to The Depth.

6. Abyssal Cage

– Right side part of The Depth. This map is pretty big.
– Advance to Storeroom. Depend on your sexperience, you can start most of the side quest here by talking to the gargoyle. (See side quests section)
– If you do a virgin run, you can skip the storeroom side entirely.
– Find Phara on the upper side. She will tell you to find a parry skill. (or if you already get it, told you to go back to Capra Village Prison) Save this for later.
– Go right past Phara. Get the Key in the cage. Allow you to unlock all the gate.
– Go back to right side and grab Memory Fragment#5. Also get CG by losing to invisible tentacle.

– Get Divine Disk. Remove black fog by hitting disks with Valkyrie Flame.
– Install Divine Disk. Prepare to fight the boss : Goat Shaman

7. Semen Path

Well that wasn’t a fight. It was a massacre.
– You can’t do ♥♥♥♥ in this level. Just hit Blue Switch and Yellow Switch then run back to Abyssal Cage.
– (optional) Lose or get detected by goatman when you are tied. Get a Succubus Ending CG and unlock skill Remnant of the Fallen. ( nearest goatman is in the upper map of starting point)

– Phara is waiting for you in the new place. Talk to her and she will remove your restraints.
– Come back down to grab Memory Fragment#7 in the chest.
– You can now proceed to Curse Corridor area.

Side Quests

Most quest can be start here by talking with the gargoyle.
At this point all side quest can be complete.

Quest : First Goddess Relic & Second Relic
Trigger : After pick up Goddess Earring in The Depth
– Bring the Goddess Earrings to 100Wan and Gargoyle. 100Wan will unlock the earrings alert system. While the gargoyle just make you strip for nothing.

Quest : Tentacle Taming?
Trigger : Get attack by tentacle.
– Use purple crystal to warp into tentacle lair (or get attack by ambush tentacle)
– Offer yourself to the tentacle pillar.
Reward : Tentacle won’t attack you anymore + Free warp to the lair from ambush tentacle.

Quest : A Strange Spell?
Trigger : Let ♥♥♥♥ insect latch on to you then talk to the gargoyle.
– Unlock skill Over Mutate. Use it when ♥♥♥♥ insect latch on to you to become a futa. Talk with Anita (Woman Soul) to remove futa status and unlock CG.

Quest : My Milk-Filled Breasts!
Trigger : Let ♥♥♥♥ insect latch on to you until milk is full. Then talk to gargoyle about it.
– You will need to find Nipplesucker. There is one near the tentacle suit map.
– Use purple crystal to teleport to Hidden Capra Village. Stealth active the goblet then warp back.
– There is a crouch space hidden just left side of the entrance.
– (optional) Let goatman detects you to become a goatmen’s cow.
Reward : Tentacle Bikini, Milking Skill

Quest : The Cursed Clothing
Trigger : Talk with the gargoyle
– Go to the room with Blob and Invisible Parasite. Destroy blob to remove tentacle wall.
– Get Tentacle Suit. Bring it back to the gargoyle. Need to bring Hypnohood with you to remove the suit. You can find a Hypnohood in crawl space in Tentacle Spring.

Quest : A Small Experiment…
Trigger : After complete The Cursed Clothing.
– Put on tentacle suit and use new spell to capture goatman. 1st time will fail. Comeback to the gargoyle after each capture to unlock CG.

Quest : A Desired-Fueled Dress
Trigger : After complete A Small Experiment. Talk with the gargoyle.
– After It talk to you about Metal Chest. It can be open to obtain Tentacle Panties. ( Chest is locate in Abyssal Cage near the Divine Disk area)
– Use Hypnohood to take em off.

Quest : Phara The Magician & The Goathead Priest
Trigger : Progress Story
– Talk to Phara
– Get skill Blue Sabre from Capra Village Prison (Even you already got the skill you still need to visit the prison)
– Go to the area where you “fight” Boss goatman. There will be a Relic Fragment on the ground.
– Bring it back to Phara. She will teleports you to fight with Goatman Priest.
– Just parry the boss when Phara cast a spell. Do it 4 times and you will win.
Reward : Telepor-ring : use it to teleport back to last crystal room.

8. Cursed Corridor

Last area of the game. Kill all of the 8 souls to unlock the boss gate.
– Use ballista to kill Soul 1 (goatman) and turn it downward to destroy locked door. Get Memory Fragment#6 and kill Soul 8.
– Can use Fire Switch to immediately kill Soul 4.
– Open the chest in bottom-leftmost room to get Shade CG.
– (optional) Reenter the room and get defeated by the shade 5 times to unlock skill Shadow Step.
– After defeat all the souls, interact with sigil in the center room to unlock boss area.
– Most of the side quests will be unavailable after defeating the boss. This is the last chance to do it.

– Fight the boss : Malcholler
– (optional) Give in to the desire. Get possessed ending and unlock skill Freedom from Bondage.
– (optional2) Lose to the boss in 2nd stage. Get another ending and unlock skill Twin Soul Aria.
– Get Purple Crystal for defeating the boss. It can be use to unequipped curse gear.
– Get Right Gear. Teleport back to Central Statue.

9. Final Boss

– Install both gears then active mechanism at the bottom of the room.
– Go into the final boss room.
– Get yeet from the final boss room.
– Talk to the tentacle friend.
– Fight the boss : Shadow Demyra. Grabs the last Memory Fragment#8 on the way there.
– (optional) Lose to the boss, get shadow witch ending.

– Talk to our tentacle friend for the last time.
– Teleport back to Central Statue. Defeat the final boss for real this time.
– (optional) lose to the final boss in 1st stage. Get bad ending.
– (optional) lose to the final boss in 2st stage. Get another bad ending.

After defeat the final boss, you will have the option to unlock all CGs

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