The Anacrusis: Singleplayer Guide (Console Commands)

Multiplayer can get annoying – so why not bypass the match-making system by creating a privately hosted session on your PC using console commands!


Warning: The following guide contains major spoilers for the Anacrusis

Basic Tutorial
  1. Press ~
  2. Type: open [Level]

Example: open s1c1l1_terminal

Note: Your matter compiler upgrades won’t carry through to the next level of the chapter.

Addendum: Don’t open files with fx/gameplay/geo/sound/context at the end of them. This will cause a fail screen loop. To get out of this loop simply ~ open mainmenu

Episode List

The level schema for Anacrusis levels follows: Season Chapter (Episode) Level (Part):

Episode 1: Signs of Life

Part 1: s1c1l1_terminal
Part 2: s1c1l3_crew
Part 3: s1c1l3_mall
Part 4: s1c1l4_park
Part 5: s1c1l5_bridge

Episode 2: Alien Matters

Part 1: s1c2l1_depot
Part 2: s1c3l3_gauntlet

Episode 3: A Warning From the Past

Part 1: s1c3l1_terminal2
Part 2: s1c3l2_medbay
Part 3: s1c3l3_escape
Part 4: s1c3l4_mall
Part 5: s1c3l5_bridge

Episode 4: Coming Soon!

Part 1: TBA
Part 2: TBA
Part 3: TBA
Part 4: TBA

Episode 5: Coming Soon!

Part 1: TBA
Part 2: TBA
Part 3: TBA

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