The Baby in Yellow: All 12 Souls Locations

Just a short little guide to find all 12 souls just in case you missed one and need to go back.


First Night

The first night you are able to get 5/12 of the souls.

Soul 1

Its in the living room on top of the TV

Soul 2

Its in the bathroom on the shelf

Soul 3

Its in the kitchen in the open cabinent

Soul 4

Its in the laundry room, it is the middle door of the upstairs hallway.

Soul 5

Its in the babies room, on the table next to his storybook

Second Night

The second night you are able to get 6/12 of the souls

Soul 6

Its on the desk in the parents room, you will be able to access it after you try to change the baby.


In this chapter you will be able to get 9/12 souls.

Soul 7

Its right outside the elevator you exit at the beginning of this chapter, its on the floor.

Soul 8

Its on a shelf in the apartment with all of the musical items, it is near the table with the pizza box

Soul 9

Its on top of the ladder in the room with the electrical breakers


In this chapter you are able to get 12/12 souls.

Soul 10

After you exit the reverse house you will enter some looping hallways. Its first behind the crib when you get the objective, Take the Baby to Bed, he’s a tired boy.

Soul 11

Once you enter the weird demonic throne room with the crib, its at the foot of the crib near the stairs.

Soul 12

After a tense chase scene you will enter a crawl space with a table full of toys, the soul is under the table full of toys.

Hurray! You have gotten all of the souls, here’s a gold star.

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