The Binding of Isaac Rebirth: Lost Guide 100%

How to get every completion mark as The Lost in Rebirth to unlock Godhead


Unlocking The Lost

You can skip to the next section if you’ve already done this.

Deaths (first three can be seeded):

  1. Isaac: Mulliboom in Basement/Cellar
    Note. You will have to unlock the cellar in order for the Mullibooms to spawn.
    (Beat every basement boss)
  2. Magdalene: Self-placed bomb in Caves/Catacombs
  3. Judas: Mom in Depths/Necropolis (Spawned enemies do not count)
  4. Azazel: Satan in Sheol (Bible suicide and spawned enemies do not count)

If you die to anything else in between attempts or out of order, then you will have to restart the process.

Reference + good seeds here:

Before You Start

Make sure that you already have The Polaroid and The Negative unlocked.
(Defeat Isaac & Satan each five times)

Character Unlocks

The best thing you can do to make this experience less painful is to only unlock items that will be of use to you as The Lost. Doing this will allow you to reduce your chances of coming across items that could hurt you, do nothing, and/or screw your entire run.

  • Isaac
    • Satan: Mom’s Knife
      • Solid damage item
  • Eve
    • The Lamb: Sacrificial Dagger
      • Best Orbital, unfortunately also unlocks The Razor on the way
  • Azazel
    • ???: Abaddon
      • Good damage + chance of fear shot, unfortunately also unlocks Satanic Bible along the way
    • The Lamb: Demon Baby
      • Short range automatic good DPS follower, also unlocks Daemon’s Tail along the way which gives more keys, but less hearts, bombs, and coins
  • Lazarus
    • The Lamb: Pandora’s Box
      • Best used on floors 3,4,7, or 9 for free item(s), unfortunately also unlocks Broken Ankh along the way
  • Eden
    • Isaac: Blank Card
      • Huge potential with the Jera and Algiz runes
Challenge Unlocks
  • High Brow
    • Jera Rune
      • Doubles all pickups and chests in the room
  • Cat Got Your Tongue
    • Algiz Rune
      • Free invincibility for 30 seconds in the room
  • Demo Man
    • Chaos Card
      • Instakill thrown in the direction you are moving
  • It’s In The Cards
    • SMB Super Fan
      • Small damage, tears, speed, and range upgrade
  • Waka Waka
    • Death’s Touch
      • Huge damage up, larger projectiles with piercing at the cost of some tears
  • The Host
    • Tech.5
      • An extra attack that isn’t effected by and doesn’t replace your normal tears
        (Excellent in runs with high damage)

Getting The Run Started

Now that you have all of the tools that you need, you can try to get a run started. A good way to make this process quicker is to hold down “R” to reset over and over until you find either of the rooms below.

  1. Find the item room
    • If it’s a good item then skip #2
  2. Find the curse room
    • Hope that you find Dead Cat/Guppy’s Collar or else the run is already over
    • Alternatively find a red chest that teleports you to a devil deal with either of those items and escape by doing the following:
      1. Leave the curse room (you will die but it should scroll the screen)
      2. Kill yourself in the curse room
      3. You should now respawn back outside the curse room with seven lives/potentially infinite if you have the collar
  3. Hope that you don’t have to fight The Haunt

Congratulations you’ve now got a run started after all of this time, have fun dealing with masks that move way too fast and instant explosives and lasers on the floors to come!

Tips to Keep in Mind

  1. Never use the Temperance card
    • The machine could spawn directly on top of you and end your run
  2. Using The High Priestess card in a room without enemies/in the Mom fight will kill you
  3. The Tower card is basically suicide
  4. Pills can’t kill you
    • Same rules apply to all other characters if they are at one heart
  5. The Bloat’s side lasers are visually higher than the area that actually hurts you
  6. Sound cues are your friend for bosses like The Adversary and The Gate
  7. Always pick up every devil deal item
    • They’re free, if it’s a useless item then by picking it up you’re removing it from the item pool
  8. Don’t get mad if you die on the first floor
    • Unless your good start was robbed by The Haunt

Order of Completion

This is it, you finally got the run. You’ve taken the first step towards greatness by defeating Mom and are now presented with the choice of what path you want to take.

Your top priority is to go down the path of The Negative

  • Defeating Satan unlocks The Mind
    • Gives effects of Treasure Map, The Compass, and Blue Map
  • Defeating The Lamb unlocks The Soul
    • Projectiles and enemies near you will sometimes be slowed/pushed away

The Mind allows you to find and take the shortest path directly to the boss, this greatly increases your chances of survival as you won’t run into dead ends, it also makes getting to Boss Rush easier if you can find it early.
The Soul makes bosses with slow projectiles like It Lives a bit more manageable.

Then go for Boss Rush and The Polaroid

  • Finishing Boss Rush unlocks D100
    • Rerolls all pickups, item pedestals, and items you have

D100 would be useful if it wasn’t for the fact that it rerolls all of the items you have picked up, other than that it can’t screw you if you pick it up with curse of the blind.

  • Defeating Isaac unlocks Isaac’s Heart
    • A follower that makes your body invincible, but hurts you if it gets hit
  • Defeating ??? unlocks The Body
    • Gives three red heart containers

Isaac’s Heart is an instant run killer even if you aren’t playing as The Lost.
The Body does nothing for The Lost.

With all of this done, you can now rest easy knowing that you will never have to play as this version of the character ever again.


To recap:

  • You’re a masochist if you want to try to do this in Rebirth
  • You’ll have a much greater chance of winning if you only unlock the useful items
  • The “R” key is going to be your most used control
  • You will die hundreds of times
  • Persistence is key
  • Finish The Negative, then Boss Rush, and then The Polaroid
  • Have “fun” 🙂

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