The Bridge Curse Road to Salvation: 100% Achievement Guide

A detailed achievement guide and walkthrough to get you your 100% as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Step by step instructions.



Estimated difficulty: 1.5/10.

Estimated 100% time: ~6-10 hours.

Offline/online achievements: 22 offline / 0 online.

Number of playthroughs: 1 + chapter select clean up.

Glitched achievements: None.

Missable Achievements: None via chapter select.

Story Related

There are 16 story related achievements. 15 will unlock simply by playing through and completing the game, while the final one, Road to Salvation, requires you to finish the game after collecting every single collectible. Thankfully there’s chapter select if you miss any, and you can simply skip to the final section after collecting everything. If you need help with any puzzles you can refer to the dedicated section below.

Girl Carrying A Doll Completed the preparations for Kimodameshi live stream.

Getting It on the First Try Successfully arranged Exorcise Evil Formation.

Whose Heart was Never Hurt Completed research on HsinChiao’s past.

Dating Attraction Reached the 4th floor of the Girl’s Dorm.

Money Camouflage Successfully explored the secrets of the Law School classroom.

Different People Specialize in Different Professions Successfully deciphered riddles in the Exorcism Wiki.

Seeing through Vanity Successfully cracked the secrets of the Department of Philosophy classroom.

Master of Time Management Played mobile game on the toilet.

See No Evil Reached scene of accident.

Hide-and-Seek Expert Obtained Makeup and Hair Classroom key.

Haunting Specter Entered Cursed Bridge for the first time.

Love Crawler Entered Chemistry Classroom to view past memories.

Conveying Love through Letters Obtained old letters.

Mortuary Makeup Artist Successfully filled in missing body organs.

Waiting for Salvation Completed finale: Thank You.

Road to Salvation Completed finale: Road to Salvation.


Protected by Divine Power Used mobile toilet for the first time.

Scattered throughout the game are blue portable toilets. Interact with one to earn the achievement. You can get this almost 30 seconds into playing the game.

Just Being Cautious Hide for 5 minutes on one try.

You need to sit in a hiding spot for 5 minutes straight and can only unlock it when you’re actively being hunted by a ghost. You can earn this as early as the rehearsal section at the start of the game.

Whose Child? Something that cried caused your death for the first time.

This is earned during the dormitory section with DeCyuan Ji where you need to find the crying dolls. Simply stand around until you get killed for taking too long.

Karma in My Eyes Strangled to death by the hair of the female ghost for the first time.

You can earn this during HsinChiao’s rooftop section. Keep walking into the large strands of hair until you die to them. Be careful the ghost doesn’t kill you herself, as that won’t count.

Collection Book

No One will be Left Behind Fully completed album collection.

There are 45 Appliances and 66 Collection Notes in the game. The following list is in the order you’ll find them.

2016 Camp Project Plan
Automatically given at the start of the game.

TienMing’s Talisman
After completing the rehearsal section you’ll get a message that TienMing lost his talisman. Head back to the staircase that lead to rehearsal to find it on the floor.

Camp Bridge Curse Promotional Flyer
After returning the talisman to TienMing look on the table behind him.

File: Safety Issue Proposal
Under the window near the folded up chairs. Directly behind the last collectible.

File: Campus Horror Tales
Directly across from the folded chairs is a desk drawer you can open with the file inside. It’s right next to the door blocked by boxes.

File: Camp Registration Data Analysis
On the chair next to the last collectible.

File: Night Visit at the Forbidden Cursed Bridge
On the same table as the promotional flyer. Behind TienMing.

Post-It Note on Tetra Pak
From the last collectible, open the small cabinet near the door you entered the room from to find a box of tea. Flip it around to find the note.

Eerie Asparagus Juice
After following the ghost girl to your dorm building, open the first door on your right to find a vending machine. Interact with it to receive the juice.

Group Photo 1
Head up to your dorm room (414) and open the door. Look immediately to the wall on your left.

Group Photo 2
Open the closet at the back of the room.

Exchange Diary 2002, Exchange Diary 2006
On the bookshelf above HsinChiao’s desk.

Footage: Unnamed + Graduate School Application Form
Automatically given at the end of HsinChiao’s section. Interacting with the wall charger ends her section. Make sure you grabbed everything!

E-State Online Auction Receipt
After entering the classroom as TienMing, LinEn will tell you to find items to prank your friends. Look at the chair near the white board to find this note.

Ultra Authentic Evil-Repelling Exorcism Diagram
To the right of the last collectible. near the window.

Yellow Paper Talisman
After showing the diagram to LinEn, open the door that was previously blocked by boxes and look at the first shelf to your left.

Deity Statue
On the book shelf near the ghost cut-out.

(Candle Set
From the cut-out go the opposite end of the room to find these on a shelf.

Green paper Talisman
To the right of the previous collectible inside a drawer you can open.

Exorcism Bell
Above the tea box that had the Post-It Note on it.

Fishing Rod
Immediately after taking control of DeCyuan Ji for the first time, look to the left to find the rod near the lake.

Bloodstained Cloth
Climb the cursed staircase to reach a fork in the road. Continue straight through the stop signs and check first path on your right.

Purchase Order
Continue through until you try to enter the dormitory, only to find the side door locked. To the right of the door is a breaker box you can open with the note inside.

School Security Office Key
Inside the same breaker box as the last collectible.

School Security Notebook 1
After getting the key, head back into the tunnel and go down the far end to find a door you can open. Once inside, look on the shelf just ahead and to your right.

Distribution Box Component
In the break area of the same room as the last collectible.

Mini BaiSong Root Beer
After solving the puzzle to enter the dormitory, head back to the vending machine for another soda.

Medicine Bag
Before freeing BoRu from room 414 go into the likely haunted bathroom at the far end of the hall. You can find this on the shelf in front of you immediately as you enter.

HsinChiao’s Pill Box
Enter room 414 and look on HsianChiao’s desk.

Exchange Diary 2013
On the shelf above the desk.

Exchange Diary 2016
Hanging on the wall next to the desk.

Drawer Key
On the back of the notebook we just picked up.

Certificate of Diagnosis
Finally, open the drawer. This will end the chapter, so make sure you grabbed everything else in the room!

Tripod, DSLR Camera, WenYao’s Talisman
These 3 collectibles are found near the lake as soon as you start WenYao’s section.

Gift From the Vending Machine
After reaching the dorms as WenYao, take your 3rd trip to the vending machine.

Group Photo 3
Enter room 317 to find this on the side of the desk to your right.

Cherished Picture
In the closet next to BoRu’s desk.

A Torn Picture of DeCyuan
After starting BoRu’s chapter, enter room 205 to find this near the window. You can also find Banyan Leaf #1 in this room.

Baseball Cap
Next, enter room 210 to find this hat.

Unidentified Letter
Head down to the first floor lobby and check the mailbox for room 316.

Adult Magazine
After your phone phone call head up to the 4th floor laundry room to find this at the bottom of a basket.

Pineapple Cider
Once WenYao joins you, head down to the lobby and interact with the vending machine.

Photocopy Paper
After making your way to the Communications Room a printer will start malfunctioning. Interact with it to spit out a paper to pick up.

After turning on the projector, head next door to the law classroom. You can find this behind the podium at the front of the room.

Hilt of Qixing Sword, Hand-Written Token
Break the unbreakable sign. You did it, champ.

On the floor where you picked up the sword hilt.

Xinhe News: Coverage on the Bridge Curse
Head over to the Security Office (where we found the fuse earlier in the game) and look at the newspaper WenYao is reading.

Visitor Record
Enter the door near the break room that was previously blocked by the immovable trash can. On the shelves to the right is the note. You can also find Banyan Leaf #2 next to it.

School Security Notebook 2
On top of the filing cabinets to the right of WenYao.

The Exorcism WikiInteract with WenYao.

“Mighty Strength”
After the ghost stops you from chasing after DeCyuan, immediately try the door again to flee. Head down to room 307 to find this on the desk.

WenYao’s Mobile Phone
After escaping the hair ghost, you’ll be back at the road to the lake with a red filter on screen. Head towards the lake to automatically find this.

Access Card
At the start of TienMing’s second chapter, you’ll be tasked with finding a card for a door. Head up to the 3rd floor and go down the left hallway. Look for the sign that says digital access room and go inside to find a chair spinning in circles. In the drawer next to the chair is the card.

Collection Book (Cont.)

Group Photo 4, Web Page: Discussion Board on Supernatural Phenomenon, Web Page: Search Engine
After escaping the hair ghost and opening the door with the access card, hop on the computer near the back of the room. Tab through and read every file on it.

After leaving the compter, look to your right to spot a laptop with a game running. The pencil is on the same desk.

Stain Remover
Look at the shelves immediately to the left of the pencil.

The Exorcism Wiki With Stains Removed
Automatically given after using the pencil and stain remover.

Philosophy on Life and Death: Rebirth
After crossing the bridge to the next building, enter the first room on your right. The book is near the window on a desk across from the door.

Philosophy on Life and Death: Death
Still near the windows about halfway up the classroom.

Philosophy on Life and Death: Soul
Near the chalkboard at the front of the room.

Philosophy on Life and Death: Life
On a table in front of the illuminated painting.

Blade of Qixing Sword
Complete the philosophy puzzle and open the safe.

Sweet Mixed Congee
After returning to the dorm, visit our favorite vending machine again.

Thirst-Quenching Water
Immediately after taking control of LinEn again, visit the ever generous vending machine.

2012 Camp Project Plan, Exchange Diary 2012, Exchange Diary 2010
After testing the basement door, head up to room 213 to find these 3 items inside.

Password Board
After giving the ghost in 216 a stern lecture, head back down to the lobby and open the door behind the reception desk. At the back of this room is the red board.

Old Amulet, A Torn Picture of HsinChiao, Group Picture of Camp Bridge Curse Team, Key: Woman
All of these items are found inside room 216.

Periodic Table
Automatically given during the last part of LinEns 2nd chapter.

Pepper Spray
After entering the dorms as BoRu, make sure to pay your respects to our hero, the vending machine.

Key: Man
After retrieving the key from the roof, head back to the basement door and interact with it.

Rear Door Key
When you attempt to leave the makeup room a mannequin will come to life. The key is behind where it originally stood.

Qixing Sword, Hand-Drawn Map From DeCyuan
Both of these are automatically given near the start of HsinChiao’s 3rd section.

Picture of HsinHui Chen
Head over to the building with all the classrooms and enter the chemistry room on the 1st floor. Once inside you’ll see 2 ghosts talking. Look at the table where they were sitting to find a notebook with the picture inside.

Key: Baby, Couple’s Ring
After exiting the crawl space from the chem lab, you’ll spot a corpse in a red dress. Both of these items are on the body.

Evil-Repelling Toilet Paper
Next, head to the dormitory and interact with the vending machine for the final time.

DeCyuan’s Notes
Head up to room 203 and interact with the notebook on DeCyuan’s desk.

YuChing, TienMing, WenYao, BoRu, and LinEn Dolls
Open DeCyuan’s closet to find the box of dolls.

Ultrasound Image
After entering the basement you’ll find yourself in a clinic of sorts. This is behind the screen immediately to your right as you enter.

Medical Record From a Gynecology Clinic
In the same room on the left side. Between 2 mortuary tables.

A Torn Picture of YuChing
Walk near the door at the far end of the clinic room.

ChinLung’s Letter, Student ID
Go through the door to find yourself in a small room. Look on the table directly ahead for these 2 items.

Marriage Certificate
Inside a drawer near one of the beds.

Group Picture of Men 1
Interact with the scribbled writing on the wall near the last item.

Bronze Key
This next area is a bit labyrinthian, so work with me here. Thankfully all of these keys are necessary to progress, so you can’t miss them. After using the BoRu doll, head down the left most hall to find yourself in a classroom with a blue light. The key is inside the podium.

Key With Green Rust
After using LinEn’s doll interact where the body was to find this key.

Steel Key
A little further in you’ll enter a classroom with purple lights. They key is on a table, on top of a book.

Human Organ: Brain
In the same room as the last key is a hole in the wall leading to s supply closet. The brain is in here.

Human Organ: Heart
Exit the classroom through the back door and go down the hallway towards the hair blockage. Enter the red door to find our next body to burn and the heart behind it.

Human Organ: Eyeball
Head back and use the steel key to enter a room with mannequins, head out the opposite door. On the right hand side is a classroom with the eyeball in it.

Coffin Nail
Insert all 3 items into the mannequin to receive the nail.

YuChing’s Necklace
After burning YuChing, go through the door and check the table directly across.

Puzzle Solutions (Spoilers!)

Whiteboard Meeting
Green: Campus Horror Tales
Red: Safety Issue Proposal
Blue: Camp Registration Data Analysis
Black: Night Visit at the Forbidden Cursed Bridge
Yellow: Post-It Note on Tetra Pak

Exorcism Diagram
Place the deity statue on the image of the statue.
Surround the statue with the candles.
Place the yellow talisman to the left, and the green to the right.
Finally, place the bell at the bottom.

Philosophy Puzzle
Death (Upper A Shelf)
Birth (Mid D Shelf)
Soul (Lower D Shelf)
Life (Upper E Shelf)
Safe Code: DEAD

Room 216
30 99 41 ? (I forgot the last number, but you can brute force it at this point.)

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