The Callisto Protocol: 100% Achievement Guide

A work-in-progress guide for all achievements in The Callisto Protocol.



The Callisto Protocol 100% Achievement GuideMissable achievements: Yes (Grim Reaper)
Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
Co-op / Online Achievements: 0
Difficulty required for 100%: Yes
Time to 100%: 10 to 20 hours

Only Grim Reaper can be missed. If going for a 100% run, play the game on Maximum Security difficulty and follow my Grim Reaper achievement guide below.

This is a completely handwritten guide. Any item / collectable you need can be found by using CTRL + F and entering what you’re looking for in the text box.

This is a work in progress and will be completed within the next few days!

Story Achievements

The Outer Way
Find the Outer Way boarding craft
Story-related, cannot be missed.
Desperate Times
Elias gives Jacob a shiv
Story-related, cannot be missed.
Paper Jams
Print a weapon for the first time
Story-related, cannot be missed.
Two Heads are Better Than One
Take down the two-head
Story-related, cannot be missed.
If the SHU Fits…
Activate the SHU
Story-related, cannot be missed.
Without a Paddle
Survive the pipeslide
Story-related, cannot be missed.
Full Circle
Get thrown back into the original cell
Story-related, cannot be missed.
Crash Site
Return to the crashed ship
Story-related, cannot be missed.
In the Pipe, Five by Five
Reach the Hangar flight deck
Story-related, cannot be missed.
Power Up
Restore power to the old facility
Story-related, cannot be missed.
What Lies Beneath
Find the source
Story-related, cannot be missed.
I Do Belong Here
Beat the game on any difficulty
Story-related, cannot be missed.

Combat / Upgrade Achievements


Take down a security robot

You can get this as early as chapter 3. When tasked with either destroying the robot or sneaking past it, shoot it in the head a few times and you’ll get this achievement.

You Need a Gun
Fully Upgrade One Weapon
Simply upgrade any weapon fully. You’ll probably get this just by playing.
Print a weapon upgrade
Use a reforger to print an upgrade for a weapon. Can be done right after you print your first weapon if you have the money required.
Giving Back
Stab five blind enemies in the back
You’ll encounter blind enemies as you play. Simply sneak up behind them and press the prompt to stab them in the back.
Float Like a Butterfly
Perfect dodge five times
Perfectly dodge an enemy attack 5 times. You’ll probably get this while playing..
Flesh Wound
Use melee or ranged weapons to take both arms off a living enemy
Simply shoot both arms off any enemy. This is almost unmissable.
Chew ‘Em Up
Kill ten enemies with environmental hazards
You need to push or shoot enemies into hazards such as traps, machinery, explosives, etc.
Workplace Hazard
Use GRP to kill an enemy by throwing them into an environmental hazard
Same as above achievement. Use your GRP module to throw an enemy into an environmental hazard.
Get a Grip
Grab twenty-five enemies with the GRP
Same as above achievement. Use your GRP module grab an enemy. Do this 25 times.
In Striking Distance
Kill an enemy via GRP and a melee combo
Slow an enemy with your GRP module, then finish it off with a melee attack.

Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper
Harvest and read all implant bios

Chapter 1: Cargo
1 – Jacob Lee – Jacob’s Job – After gaining control of Jacob, enter the first door on the left marked “Unlocked”. You can find the Bio inside the locker beside the bed.

Chapter 2: Outbreak
2 – Dr. Caitlyn Mahler – Mahler’s Appointment – Found inside Surgery M112, beside the door that leads to Medical Ward M105. This is just after you need to sneak past the security robot.

3 – Elias Porter – Elias’s Anticipation – Found inside Elias’s cell after obtaining the Stun Baton and fighting through the area with 4 enemies.

4 – Cpt. Leon Ferris – Ferris’s Lament – Found on top of the center table after the cutscene with Cpt. Ferris.

Chapter 3: Aftermath
5 – Sgt. Eric Jane – Locked Door – Unmissable

6 – Ofc. Pruitt Matos – Laundry – Just past the room with hanging sacks moving along a conveyor. Take the door to the right and go down to the laundry room. You’ll find the bio in the back.

7 – Duncan Cole – Secret Room 1 – Now take the door opposite to the one you used to get to the laundry. Go down the ramp and continue straight, use the shiv to open the locked door. Go through the very long vent, follow the path, and jump down the hole. The bio is in the blue room at the end of the tunnel on the glass table.

8 – Dr. Ewan Hayes – MedLab Outbreak – Just after making it to medical, the bio will be right in front of you.

9 – Ofc. Dachs Symmons – Hanged Guard – After entering the room with the hanging corpses, the bio will be in your path.

10 – Ofc. Kerry Brown – After talking the elevator, this bio will be in the basement area on the opposite side of the fan, near the crate.

11 – Tadhg Song – Right after meeting up with Elias and crossing the bridge. To the left will be some platforms you can climb. The bio will be at the top. To further explain, the bio is next to 2 terminals you have to use fuses on. It’s almost unmissable.

12 – Dani Nakamura – Right after the cutscene with Elias. The bio will be in the cell.

Chapter 4: Habitat
13 – Dr. Caitlyn Mahler – Corruptors – Just after exiting the sewer, to the left will be a box you can climb on. Up there will be the bio.

14 – Ofc. Bruno Vorenus – Crosswired – After collecting above bio, enter the vent under it. In that room where the new enemy type is introduced, you’ll find this bio.

15 – Dr. Jae Moon-Bell – Cocoons – BEFORE entering the water control room. Continue down the path and unlock the door with your shiv. The bio will be at the end of the area after solving the fuse puzzle.

16 – Ofc. James Reese – Suicide Guard – Unmissable

17 – Ofc. James Reese – Security – After making it past the 2nd security robot. Enter the room labeled “Botanical” and the bio will be at the end.

18 – Sgt. Bill Pekelo – Unmissable

19 – Ofc. Kyle Serra – Evacuation – After making it to Utility, unlock the door to your left using the shiv. The bio will be at the back.

Chapter 5: Lost
20 – Miranda Kristofich – Terraforming – After the cutscene with Elias and the woman (her name is Dani), run past the building with “C2” on its side. The bio will be in a smaller building toward the back of the area.

21 – Richard Cids – Just after crossing the bridge. There will be 2 room enemies will open during the holdout section. The bio will be in the dead end room, NOT the room that leads to the tunnels.

22 – Dr. Caitlyn Mahler – Combustors – After entering the tunnels and crawling through the narrow passage, the bio will be in the room to your left.

23 – Lt. Devon Wayne – Close the Gate – Unmissable

24 – Ofc. Aaron Taycho – Unmissable

25 – Max Barrow – Max’s Concern – After making it back to your ship, this bio will be in the room next to your room.

26 – Sgt. Scott Dvitny – Eradication – After the ship cutscene you’ll enter a new area. Squeeze through the large door and to the right will be the bio.

27 – Dr. Caitlyn Mahler – Shipments – This bio can be found in the room with all the damaged security robots towards the back near the staircase.

Chapter 6: Below
28 – Dr. Sheehan Yune – Field Log 1 – After the new enemy type, continue down the stairs until you can drop down from a ledge. The Bio will be on the table across from where you land.

29 – Dr. Sheehan Yune – Field Log 2 – After crawling through the tunnel where the hand tries to grab you, proceed forward. Clear the 4 blind enemies in the following room. Walk up the small staircase and to the left will be the bio behind a breakable box.

30 – Dr. Sheehan Yune – Field Log 3 – After collecting the keycard, go back and unlock the access junction. The bio is going to be at the end of the first tunnel to your right.

31 – Yannick Sage – Secret Room 2 – Progress through the power station until you reach a ladder that takes you up to the power reactor control room. Once at the top, look towards the crevice in the wall and proceed through that. The bio will be all the way at the end of this section. If you also got the first secret room, this will unlock The Commonality achievement too.

32 – Arden Jeddha – Arcas Evacuation – After restoring power and surviving the lift section, the bio will be at the top as soon as you exit the lift.

Chapter 7: Colony
33 – Alex Wang – Miner Log 1 – As soon as chapter 7 begins, the bio will be down the stairs and to your left on a corpse.

34 – Derryn Barr – Miner Log 2 – Right after this bio you’ll make it to the Colony. Proceed forward and you’ll see a ladder you have to climb down, don’t. The bio is on the shelf next to the top of the ladder.

35 – Derryn Barr – Miner Log 3 – In the following area with more blind enemies, there is a ladder you can climb. The word MIDTOWN is written next to it. Climb it, turn right and take the door to your left. The bio is in this room.

36 – Yannick Sage – The Mole – After riding the elevator up, the bio will be just outside or it.

37 – Buidhe Reddwork – HighTown – At the top of the staircase you’ll be in Hightown. The bio will be in the room to the right.

38 – Ji-Kwan Park – Miner Log 4 – After using the fuse at the top of Hightown, the bio will be on a corpse in the room with the reforger.

39 – Duncan Cole – Disagreement – After the dome section and riding the lift, the bio will be to the left as soon as you step of the lift.

Chapter 8: Tower
40 – Dr. Tala Ismene – Observation – After entering Data Center B310, take a right. Swap the fuses and proceed through Panopticon Surveillance. Take a left after entering and walking up the small set of stairs. The bio will be at the end of the hallway.

41 – Dr. Tala Ismene – Taken – After going down the ladder and crawling through the vent, you’ll be on the opposite side of Psyc Block 1A110. Take a right and go up the stairs. The bio will be on top of a biohazard container.

42 – Edward Bates – Experimentation – Progressing towards the lab, you’ll encounter some turrets that the Doctor will power down for you. Proceed through the door and pick up the bio to your right. This should unlock the achievement.

43 – Duncan Cole – Cole’s Triumph – Can be found on a table to your left after entering Cole’s private quarters.

Misc Achievements

The Protocol is About Live
Beat the game on Maximum Security difficulty
When starting a new save, choose the Maximum Security difficulty and complete the game without changing the difficulty.
The Commonality Uncover the mystery of Kallipolis You’ll unlock this while going for the Grim Reaper achievement. You need the data bio in chapter 3, Duncan Cole, and the bio in chapter 6, Yannick Sage.
Take a photo using photo mode
Open photo mode via the menu while playing and take a picture of anything.

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