The Carrier and Crows: Guide and Tips

This guide covers all mechanics in the game, as well as tips on how to make the most of your resources, how to manage the day night cycle, and so on. There are some spoilers, nothing story related though. Good luck and enjoy the game 🙂


The Basics

Health and Food

-Your health is the red bar at the top of the screen. It is drained by gathering with your hands or by swimming
-Some bushes and mushrooms will not drain your health when gathered
-Eat raspberries, mushrooms or cooked meat to restore your health by right clicking them in your inventory or by adding them to your hot bar and pressing the relevant hotkey


-Your objectives are listed under the health bar
-Completing these is how you progress through the game and move from one biome to the next
-All biomes will have a landmark that can be interacted with. Craft various key items and place them in the Landmarks inventory to complete the biome
-All other objectives must be completed before the key item will be accepted

Menus and Interactions

-Press “I” to open the inventory/crafting menu
-The crafting UI has 2 tabs, one for “learning” and one for “learned”
-All crafted items have to be learned before they can be crafted
-Items are learned and crafted by dragging resources from the inventory to the crafting window, marked with the box and arrow icon
-to craft multiples quickly place all the needed resources next to the crafting window so they can be drag and dropped faster
-Press the “E” to interact with tool boxes, placed items, locks, shrines and other blockades
-some crafted items can only be crafted at placed workstations like the camp fire or furnace


-Using the right tools for gathering different types of resources will save a lot of health, and some resources can only be gathered with the right tools
-You can gather with both your hands and any one handed tools simultaneously
-gathering is animation locked until resource is gathered
-the hit sound/particle effect from gathering can be used to time the next click.

Tool Boxes

Toolbox Info

-There are red toolboxes at the starting area for each biome and near some of the characters
-These toolboxes have stories about the characters and tools that will make gathering faster

Tool Box Locations

-On the dam next to the blue tent
Biome 2
-Inside the crow spire next to the sleeping crow lady
Biome 3
-At the starting area for the biome next to the tool bench
Biome 4
-Past the entrance to the biome next to the grave stone statue
-On The Second floor of the scrap shed
-Inside the house next to the river
Biome 5
-In the crashed plane at the start of the biome
-Past the mountain tunnel next to the big block of ice

Biome 1

Hunting rabbits

-The rabbits take 2 arrows to take down
-They spook at longer distances the faster the player is moving
-They will out run the player if moving up hill

The Crow Lady

-If the player or the crow lady leaves the outer circle the puzzle will be reset
-When close, the crow lady will move away from the player
-She must be maneuvered to the smoke stack

Day Night Cycle

-Once the bow is crafted hunting rabbits should be the priority during the day
-Visiting smoke stacks will reset the time to mid day on completion
-Smoke stacks spawn extra crows on completion


-Berries and fiber are both gathered from the same bush
-You will need to gather a lot of berries for crafting in this biome
-Save all the extra fiber, you’ll need it in other biomes
-Don’t eat any of the cooked meat you gather, you’ll need it for the key item
-Gather all the feathers from the crow spire platforms you’ll need them

Biome 2


-Swimming drains health but standing in low water doesn’t
-Food can be consumed from the hotbar to restore health lost while swimming
-The catch is triggered when the fishing net is in mid swing not on mouse click

Day Night Cycle

-There is no means to reset the time in this biome
-A lot of time is needed during the days for hunting salamanders and catching fish
-Try to do all the wood and stone gathering at night only


-Mushrooms can be gathered for food
-Setting up a campfire to cook meet from salamanders helps
-Raspberry bushes can be found on the edges of the biome
-Don’t eat the snowberries, they drain your health
-If you run out of health you wont be able to swim at all
-Running out of food while swimming teleports you to the stone shrine
-Set up a campfire at the respawn point to cook the meat you get from hunting

Biome 3

Sneak Sequence

-The cave dweller will pick a random point near the player move there and pause
-The pause is between 4 and 6 seconds
-The cave dwellers lantern light is an indicator of his vision range
-The easiest route is the stay to the right of the cave and follow the lamp posts
-It is possible to save and reload at any time during the sequence

Chase Sequence

-Upon sneaking to the far end of the cave, the cave dweller will move into position and the chase sequence will start
-Be prepared to turn around and start running to the exit as soon as the sequence starts
-The tunnels rocks and lamp posts can be used to trip up the cave dweller and create more space

Biome 4


-Must be placed on the black rings on the deck at the start of the biome
-Rebar for furnace and bellows are found at the biomes starting area as well

Wolf Dugout

-Iron can only be gathered once the wolf attack sequence starts
-Leaving the area after the sequence has started will reset the time to mid day
-Once all the iron has been mined the sequence will not reactivate at that location

Giant Tree

-Mid way up the roots are breakable chunks that must be chopped with hatchets
-You will need at least 5 hatchets to reach the center
-You can break the hatchet found in the toolbox at the beginning of the biome
-There are 6 rings, each made up of large chunks
-On attempting to chop a chunk the area around the hit location is checked
-When chunks from outer rings are in range of the hit location, the hit is blocked
-If a chunk is blocked you won’t be able to destroy it
-Your hatchet will still receive damage from blocked chunks
-The goal is to chop out a cone shape starting wide on the outer most ring and narrowing to the center


-In this biome food is limited mostly to cooked meat
-If you didn’t get the hatchet from the second biome there are raspberries near the lake at the base of the biome
-Getting bone arrows made should be the first priority so you can hunt wolves for meat

Biome 5


-The wolves will attack on sight
-You can hide in the tall grass from the wolves
-Being attacked will send you back to the start of the biome
-If you have reached and completed the scrap shed wolf attacks will send you to the scrap shed
-Each wolf spawns with 3 crows
-When a crow attempts to land the wolf will chase after it
-If you shoot all 3 crows the wolf becomes passive permanently, unless you get too close or attack it

Scrap Shed

-When the sequence starts the worm eater will launch glowing rock clusters at you
-The rock clusters are launched to a point in front of you depending on the direction your moving
-To dodge them you must change direction after the rock cluster is in the air
-Once you get close to the scrap shed the worm eater will stop launching rock clusters


-The furnace can only be placed on the decking behind the house next to the river
-To reach this place you must sneak past the wolves to the top of the hill
-It is located at the base of the snow biome

Biome 6

Bear Attack Sequence

-Once the sequence has started, each light post will activate when you get close to them
-Each time a light post is activated there is a chance a bear will spawn and attack
-At the start of the biome is a toolbox with a pair of rifles and a crate of ammo
-You will need most of your inventory filled with rifle ammo to make it to the top of the mountain

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