The Charnel House Trilogy: Walkthrough 100%

Here is a full walkthrough for the game The Charnel House Trilogy.



Enter the door in front of us
Click the plant twice
Click on the crow phone
Click the radiator twice
Inspect the desk
Click the lamp twice

Special Delivery
Find all the parcels

Turn on the computer
Click mouse or keyboard
Click and read note
Inspect the bookcase
Look at the books and pick up the red book

Inspect books

Head back and use computer

Password Protected
Story Achievement

Enter the door in front of us
Click on cabinet below phone
Pick up dog from desk
Use dog on cabinet and inspect
Answer the phone twice
Get inhaler from bookcase

The Breathing Method
Story Achievement

Talk to the man and give him your book

The Librarian
Story Achievement


Open your bag and wallet
Leave the room and inspect the painting

Old Gloria
Inspect painting

Exit to the right
Head to left and talk to the ticket inspector
Exit to the right with the key
Try to leave right, then back to inspector
Enter 2-C and talk to the man

Story Achievement

Talk to the inspector and enter 1-C
Collect a paper dog
You can now go to the bar
Speak to the bartender
Take the flask and talk again
Pay for your drink with note
Take the whiskey and pay with card – number is on your id card 1318

Good Little Puppy
Story Achievement

Combine the flask and whiskey
Go back to 2-C, give him your dog
Open the box by flipping the gem
Back to the inspector, pass over the flask
Get the book for 1-B and give to inspector
Take the key and open 2-A
Take the photos
Back to the inspector, open the bag

Pay It Forward
Story Achievement

One final time to 2-C
Look in the box and get train
Use id card with train
Last time to inspector
Use the key on the control panel and use it
Enter 1-B

In Brightest Day
Story Achievement

Open the window twice


Leave and talk to inspector
Head to the bar and take the drink

Take The Edge Off
Have a drink

Leave and enter 2-C
Talk to the girl
Leave the room and inspect the painting
Talk to the inspector and pass the lighter
Knock on 1-B and 2-C
Enter the bar
Inspect the table and pick up knife
Use this knife on the painting before
Open 2-A and speak to friends

Mean Girls
Story Achievements

Leave room and re-enter
Pick up party hat – can pick up balloon if you want
Head to 1-C and get phone from seats

Call Out
Story Achievement

Enter 1-A
Try to talk with him then spray with inhaler

We All Float
Inhaler attack

Attack with knife
Light up a cigarette, then attack with it

Eyes of the Gods
Story Achievement

Head back to 2-A
Talk with friend
Head to 2-B
Talk to Carli, then Sophia
Give Grub the lighter
Pick up coins and use on Carlie

Salvation of Judas
Story Achievement

2-C is open so enter
Talk to the girl
Collect doll from 1-A and give to girl
Inspect the bag and use party hat
Go to the bar and talk to bartender
Answer the correct story for an achievement Ex wife, not on train, never found

Lydia’s Story
Story Achievement

Attack with knife

The Ex
Story Achievement

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