The Cloud Dream of the Nine: Common Route Guide

This is meant to be a supplement to Bánh’s guide for the endings. This just covers what answers give approval with which character in the Common Route.
Chaeyoon, Simeyon, Hongyeom, and Haerang’s routes are locked until the other four are completed. Picking their answer won’t net you any points and you won’t see their symbol flash up until they’re unlocked. Sometimes multiple answers will give approval for a character, I don’t know if some give more or not.


Common route
Try Talking Again – Wol, Kyungwon, Baeknan, Simyeon, Hongyeom
Just Stay Still – Chungwoon, Baknan, Soha, Chaeyoon
Avoid – Kyungown, Chaeyoon, Haerang

Prince Charming – Soha, Haerang
Adonis – Baeknan, Haerang
Same Age – Kyungwon, Chungwoon
Casanova – Wol
Man with a Story – Simyeon, Hongyeom
Chaeyoon – Chaeyoon
I can’t – Chungwoon, Soha, Chaeyoon, Hongyeom
Will I just stay here – Wol, Baeknan, Haerang
I’ll come see you again – Kyungwon, Soha, Chaeyoon, Simyeon
Of course – Wol, Chungwoon, Chaeyoon, Hongyeom
What would you do – Kyungwon, Baeknan
Seems so – Chungwoon, Soha, Simyeon, Haerang

Answer with a smile – Wol, Chungwoon, Baeknan, Chaeyoon, Haerang
Speak with a grave look – Kyungwon, Haerang, Hongyeom
Let’s respond with brilliant speech skills- Wol, Soha, Simyeon

Why don’t you just leave me alone- Wol, Kyungwon, Haerang, Hongyeom
Thank you – Wol, Chungwoon, Baeknan, Soha, Simeyon
Why did he do that – Soha, Chaeyoon, Simyeon

Induce covnersation – Wol, Chungwoon, Soha, Chaeyoon, Hongyeom
Pretend to kick a tree – Wol, Baeknan, Chaeyoon, Simyeon, Haerang, Hongyeom
Pick flower – Kyungwon, Baeknan, Simyeon

Approval matches the name except:
Think for myself – Soha, Chaeyoon, Simeyon, Haerang, Hongyeom

Ask him to block my fist – Kyungwon, Chungwon, Baeknan, Haerang, Hongyeom
Ask how he came to serve – Kyungwon, Chungwoon, Soha
Talk about something -Wol, Baeknan, Chaeyoon, Simeyon

Straightforward comment – Wol, Kyungwon, Chungwoon, Simeyon, Hongyeom
Beat around the bush – Kyungwon, Chungwon, Soha, Haerang
Let’s just move on – Baeknan, Chaeyoon, Simyeon

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