The DeLuca Family Walkthrough (All Contracts Guide)

Here is a full walkthrough covering all contracts guide for the 18+ game The DeLuca Family [HopesGaming].

Updated May 2023 | We checked for new V0.09.5


The DeLuca Family Walkthrough

Quick write-up/walkthrough for first contracts – D Rank:

  • Completing Side Missions with the girls increases stats.
  • Completing all of Gracie’s increases Intelligence +3
  • Isabel’s increase Charisma +3
  • Luna’s increase Agility +3

Promotion Event will also provide additional stats. Make sure that you collect the Reward, with Luna!

Contract 1: Nimble Fingers

Buy Stealth hat & the Stealth trousers from Shop.
Equip them in Equipment.First go to the square furthest East and pet the dog x5 to receive a Painkiller.
Remember this square for later. When your Perception is +4, or higher, an old man will appear here. He will give you some back story about your Father, then give you the Lock Glasses (Legendary), Mission reward.

From there, go North to the couple.
At first you will not have much, in the way of stats.
The Stealth hat & trousers enabled me to steal the jacket, from the couple in the NE corner.
I did not attempt to confront the guy, as wanted more Strength first.

When you have high enough stats for the couple, you can choose to confront the guy.
S Rank requires you to win the fight, before the grapple initiates. 3 x Attack, from the start.
Winning this fight with S Rank unlocks Special Render: Mommy’s Good Girl.
A Rank got me the Hardened Gloves (R). You can pass all the checks but, if the fight goes on for long enough to reach the grapple, you will only receive A Rank.
If the fight reaches this point, you will require the following stats for the grapple

  • The clash where he grabs your shoulder requires Strength stat check.
  • Where he starts wildly swinging his fists requires Agility.
  • Countering him here requires Intelligence stat check, this is where you throw the dirt at him.
  • Then you have Threat stat check, followed by Perception.
Evade requires Agility.
Defend requires Defence stat.
Attack requires Attack. lol
I previously got A Rank by failing one of the checks, during the fight.
Easter egg found here

If you use Unren and console edit your Attack & Defence to 51+, you will encounter a special scene in the fight.

I then went all the way to the West.
Then North to the market & bought the book, for $20 (why I only bought the hat & trousers), without attempting to barter. This grants +1 Knowledge.
Go South, Explore, Interact.
Choose the “house on the left”. Stealth check here. (The Stealth from the hat & trousers will be enough to obtain the Jewelry.)
Do not approach the “house on the right”, unless you have Charisma +3/Knowledge +1 & Intelligence +4.

If you fail any checks, you can regain +1MP in the square to the East of the houses. Choose Explore.

Go back to the starting square and Interact, then Exit.
Repeat this until you rise up a couple of ranks & can purchase the Long Coat.

Once you raise your Attack to at least +3, you can go North to the Museum. Interact with the guard & choose Attack. Then be honest about being with DeLuca Family.
He will then provide you with a pouch, for extra money & XP.
You will also unlock Special Render: Snow Serpent.

Once you raise your Charisma, or Knowledge, + Intelligence, you can approach the “house on the right”.
Interact with Bikini Girl to gain her ring.
You have stat checks here. Needs Charisma +3 or Knowledge +1, as well as Intelligence +4.
Special Render: Floating Pink is gained here.

Ring & Book are one time only, so max return from this contract, once they are gained, is: Pouch from guard, painkiller from dog, jacket from couple, wallet after beating guy from couple in fight, Jewelry from house on the left.
Should provide around $150.

n.b. You must complete all interactions: Dog, Old Man, Couple (steal & fight), Museum Guard, Market Trader, Bikini Girl & her Neighbours house, to gain 100%. They do not need to be done all in one run.

Contract 2: The Snooping Bonans (Evening)

This one, you need to pass a few stat checks.
Initially head East, then North. Here you will have a Perception +3 check and a Stealth +7 check.
If you fail checks, you lose MP. Drinking in The Tavern, SW square, will fully refill them.
Head North and you will have a Charisma +3 check, this time you get the option to get a drink with Leilana, or kiss her.
Head West to get another Stealth +7 check & the Contract is completed.
This will gain you the Fedora (R).
Special Render: Spy Duo, requires Stealth 7, Charisma 3, Perception 3.

n.b. Pass all stat checks for 100%.

Contract 3: The Delivery Boy

If you have high enough stats, this mission is very quick.
The opening conversation with the Nuns presents 2x stat checks, Intelligence +4 & Charisma +5, if you pass them both, you simply go West to the Market, Interact, collect the Delivery Package then return to the Church to complete the contract and receive Special Render: I’m A Hero.

To gain the Holy Pants, you need to fail one of the stat checks, or just ignore Sister Amata.
When you fail it\ignore her you will need to go to the Market, Interact to buy the Flag for $50, go to the NW corner & plant the flag. Choose “Screw this” and then return to the Church & choose Explore.
This will grant you a scene with Sister Amata and the Holy Pants (Epic).
Then you can Interact, collect the cross from Sister Amita, return to the Market & collect the Delivery Package, then return to the Church.

n.b. You need to complete this mission both ways to reach 100%.

Contract 4: The Bonanzo Meeting (Evening)

Go West, Charisma check.
Go North, Agility check. Explore. Special Render: Spy Trio here.
Return South, then West.
Go all the way North, Stealth check here.
Mission ends.

n.b. Pass all stat checks for 100%.

Contract 5: The Painter

This one go immediately North, then East to the Painter’s studio. Interact. Ask about the old man & the young woman.
Then go far West, to The Tavern.
Interact, choose “DeLuca family”, then “Take care what you say.”
You need Threat to be minimum zero to pass the stat check here.
Buy the round $20.
Finish the conversation, this will also add MP, if you need them.
Go North, to the square with one either side. Here you have a Perception check.
When you pass, you become aware of something to the East.
Go West to collect Special Render: I See Through You. (Where you’re wolf whistled by an old lady.)
Return East, Interact, “Look Around”. Perception check, then Stealth check here.
Complete the conversation, do not “Steal the painting.”
Go West, then North. Interact. Choose “Confession is good for the soul”. Charisma check here.
Go North, to Cemetery.
Explore first for Special Render: Cute GraciePerception check here.

Cute Gracie Unlock
  • To unlock Cute Gracie, you need:
  • To have agreed to help the painter
  • To have asked about the young woman and the old man
  • To have perception > 3 and to pass the perception check at the fountain. You can fail this check and still unlock it, but I can’t be bothered to figure out how it works. If you fail the check and see “Hm? I feel like I should explore this area a bit…”, you can’t unlock it yet.
  • Finally, explore the cemetary.

Interact. Knowledge check here.
Return to where you met the girl. Choose “Confront the girl”.
Return to Painter’s studio. Interact.
This provides True Ending and awards the Bulletproof Vest (Rare).

n.b. This contains all interactions required for 100%.

Special Contract: Rescue the Assassin

To gain Special Render: Chibi Isabel, from the Entrance go North, then East, then South.
Requires Perception +6 & Strength +4.
Also awards 2 x Energy Pills + £1000.

Then travel South, to the furthest point, there are a couple of fights along the way, choose Fight for each.
When you get to the bottom room you meet Siobhan, The Scorpion Princess. She’s the girl we had the image of in the previews.
She gives us the Ombra Sigil, which means no more combat.
The square N, E, from her awards:
Ombra Pants: Almost all the way to the South, then East (the room with rotten food and other trash).
From there go all the way North.
Ombra Shirt: Almost at the end of the mission, furthest room to the North, Shower room.
Then the room to the East ends the mission.

n.b. Lower tier versions of some rewards are available, such as the Fedora.
Stat checks shown here are aiming for the highest versions, but lower ones are available.

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