The Dishwasher Vampire Smile: Samurai Difficulty Guide

Are you having trouble with Samurai Difficulty in Vampire Smile? Take a look at this guide for strategies and tips.


Opening Tips and Notes

The Purpose of this Guide is to help those struggling with beating Samurai Difficulty finally achieve that victory if not bring them one step closer. I have beaten Samurai three times including my Yuki run on Xbox 360 so I’ve got the game down to almost a science. Here’s some opening pointers to get started.

1. Choose how you play:

Choose whether you wish to take this journey into the hardest difficulty in the game alone or with a co-op partner. The following guide will be created with the assumption that you chose to go it alone, but could potentially apply to a co-op run as well. I myself have not played co-op in this game so I do not know how co-op in Vampire Smile works.

2: Choose your Character:

You have two characters to play Vampire Smile with, The Dishwasher and Yuki. This guide assumes that you’ve beaten the game already and already know this. The Achievement on Xbox 360 and Steam regarding Samurai only requires you to beat Samurai once but you can choose to play through both characters if you want that extra glory. CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTER WISELY. I cannot emphasize this enough, especially if you only intend to go through Samurai once. Your journey may be harder or easier depending on which character you choose. This guide will not discriminate based on character and will offer strategies and explain differences of each boss fight based on character.

3: Choose your Beads:

Regardless of which character you pick, you’ll need a bead loadout if you want to succeed. Did you collect all of the beads in your previous playthrough? Great! Look through the description of each bead and study them carefully. You can only use four beads at one time so only use beads that you feel will help you. Don’t have them all? Don’t sweat it. Look at the ones you do have and work from those. If you can’t decide or want my personal recommendation, my loadout for Samurai on both Steam and Xbox 360 was the following:

The Shield Bead, Which increases your defense and will decrease how much attacks will hurt.
The Shield Bead won’t stop some hard hitting attacks from killing you, but it will save your life in some situations.
The Flower Bead, Which allows your health to regenerate during combat. It’s slower than Kitty Vitamins but it makes a difference.
The Heart Bead, Which causes enemies to drop hearts that heal you more often than they would without it, which will save you from using Dish Magic or Items on occasion.
Finally, The Skull Bead, which causes enemies to drop skulls that that replenish your skulls that let you use Dish Magic.

4: Choose your Loadout:

We’ve covered Beads, now it’s time to move onto the weapons of Vampire Smile. There are a variety of weapons to choose from, but like Beads, you can only equip four weapons to your character at one time, with two loadouts per character that you can switch from using RB on an Xbox Controller, one red and one blue. Only the Dishwasher gives you more weapons than you can equip at once. The Loadout list will ignore both the Machine Gun and Shotgun upgrade for Yuki and the SMG and Shotgun for the Dishwasher since you can use them in any playthrough once obtained by using Right Trigger for the Machine arm and SMG and the Shotgun for both Yuki and Dishwasher by pressing Y after firing with the Machine arm and SMG. You can use whatever loadout you want. I don’t judge. Go into Samurai with whatever weapons you either use the most or feel the most comfortable with. Don’t be afraid to switch weapons constantly either depending on the situation. Some enemies will go down better with lighter weapons like Conviction and some are faster to kill with weapons like the Violence Hammer or the Cloud Sword. Keep in mind that Heavy Weapons won’t let you use the Blood Mist Mechanic with the exception of the Cloud Sword for Yuki and the Guillotine for the Dishwasher. Whether or Not this affects your decision for the loadout is entirely up to you. I personally used one weapon for each playthrough, Conviction for Yuki and the Meat Cleavers for the Dishwasher, but obviously this playstyle won’t cut it for everyone, so feel free to use whatever weapons and playstyle with said weapons you want. Again, I don’t judge. Unless you rely on the Dekkonitizer for the entirety of your playthrough, in which case, you’re a madman.

5: Upgrades:

Upgrades are bought from the shop after each level and can increase the damage your weapons do, increase how much health you have in each playthrough from then on and how many skulls you have at one time. Did you buy all the upgrades for the character you’re going into Samurai with? Fantastic! You have nothing to worry about in your playthrough in terms of the resources you’ll need. If not, don’t panic. Just collect the upgrades you think you’ll need. I HEAVILY recommend that you get all the upgrades for Health, Skulls, and whatever weapons you feel you’ll use the most on Samurai. One of the benefits of playing on Samurai is that you’ll be collecting a lot more money from enemies, bosses and Guitar Solo mini-games so if you want, you can buy the rest of the upgrades as you progress through the playthrough, the game keeps track of how much currency you pick up throughout the game, even the cash you picked up four or five deaths ago. As long as you don’t restart the level after each death, if you picked it up, it counts.

6: Finally, Don’t be afraid to do whatever it takes:

I personally didn’t buy items as I was still collecting upgrades at the time. obviously, this is terrible advice. If you need items, buy them. If you want to use Dish Magic to help clear a room, do it. Spirit Dish Magic with Left Trigger and A will rip health from enemies and give it to you with one skull a use. Don’t be afraid to use this if you need it, I did. To close the Opening Tips, I’ll offer quick descriptions of each item.

Moon Bread: Partially restores health. About one third at most. You can hold up to five.
Moon Fish: Fully restores health, regardless of current health. You can hold up to three.
Kitty Vitamins: Will Regenerate health for a short period of time. You can hold up to three.
Finally, the Squid Chips: Restores one skull once consumed. You can hold up to five.

The Playthrough: Levels and their Bosses Part 1

Time to Cut the Chit Chat and cut straight to the chase. You’ve chosen your character and gotten everything you need. It’s time to finally start the Playthrough and begin your long and grueling journey. One Final Disclaimer before we get started is that I don’t remember every specific enemy spawn throughout the game, but I do remember strategies for bosses that helped me triumph over them. Also, Samurai is different than the other difficulties in terms of enemy placement. Enemies based on specific bosses will spawn MUCH EARLIER in the game than they would in say a Normal mode playthrough, to the point where they will spawn in earlier levels than where the Boss they’re based off of would spawn. I’ll cover this in the final section of the guide which will cover the entire Bestiary. With that out of the way, Let’s begin.

Level 1. Iffenhous Space Prison:

Pretty Straightforward level. It’s a Yuki only level and you spend a majority of it without any weapons, even if you collected them in a previous playthrough. You can get through much of the level just fine without any weapons until you reach Boss 1 of 2 in this level.

The Gaoler: This guy is a chump, even on Samurai. He’ll slash at you but if you dodge behind him when he’s striking, you’ll be fine. Just keep smacking him with your claws and he’ll eventually die. Once he dies, You’ll get Conviction and all of the previous weapons you got in a previous playthrough. Once you get through one more room of enemies, you’ll encounter the 2nd and final boss of the level.

The Warden: A lot more threatening than The Gaoler to be sure, but not too bad if you play your cards right. He’ll try to grab you and if he’s successful, He’ll punch you twice. avoid this as much as possible, his fists deal a LOT of damage on Samurai. He’ll occasionally launch into the air with a giant blade and try to come down on you in an attempt to stab you. Make sure this doesn’t hit you either. If he misses, his blade will get stuck in the floor. Attack him whenever this happens until his blade gets unstuck. repeat until you get a prompt to finish him off. If he chops off your arm with his blade, that’s how you know you’ve won the fight. Once you finish the level, you’ll get a select screen that asks which character will continue the story. If you want to keep playing as Yuki, pick the Prisoner. If you want to play as Dishwasher, pick Dishwasher. As stated before, This guide will cover the strategies and differences for both.

Level 2. Lunar Wastes:

A pretty short level all things considered. Make your way across the level, collect the weapons again if you want to, Play the Guitar Mini-Game along the way and destroy the barrier blocking the boss with the Cloud Sword for Yuki or the Violence Hammer for Dishwasher. Once done, proceed into the next room and go through the bottom most door and you’ll encounter the boss of this level.

Goreface: This boss is CRAZY difficult on Samurai. There are a lot of things you need to manage and counter and each obstacle deals more damage than they would on Ninja or Lower. I’ll cover the obstactles and attacks step by step. First, Goreface spits out Zombies which by itself wouldn’t be a problem if this didn’t include the armored Zombies. Armored Zombies usually only try to stab you with their knives, but they’ll occasionally charge at you with grenades in their hands. No matter what you do, the grenade will explode. MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT IN THE GRENADE’S EXPLOSION RADIUS WHEN IT EXPLODES. Multiple Grenades can explode at once among the Zombies as well, each explosion causing insane amounts of damage, to the point where a single grenade could kill you. Next, Giant Rocks will occasionally fall from the ceiling, dealing a good chunk of damage if one hits you. Lastly, Goreface will jump from time to time, making a slam attack wherever it lands, dealing splash damage to a limited radius. To beat this boss, you have to deal with all of this at once. My best advice? Blood Mist, Items and Spirit Dish Magic. They’ll be your best friends here. Always try to Blood Mist teleport behind Goreface and attack it, pressing the B Button to deal additional damage whenever the prompt comes up. Don’t worry, you’re invincible whenever you’re performing these moves, even if these moves are the one that will end up killing the boss. If a Grenade is heading your way or a rock that’s falling is getting too close, Blood Mist away wherever you think you’ll be safe and heal if you’ve taken too much damage. Stick to this strategy until you get a prompt to finish off Goreface. a good indicator that the Boss is ready to be finished off is if prompts to press B or X flash one after another underneath Goreface. Perform the killing animation and not only will the rocks stop falling, but the Zombies left over will immediately die.

Level 3. Omodo Crash:

Collect the keycard where Goreface died and press on until you find a locked door. Once you enter the door, you’ll engage in a two wave firefight. Once, that’s done, almost nothing will get in your way of reaching the boss apart from some floating mechs outside the boss room which you can kill by smashing them into the ground using B. I often make it a game to kill all of these enemies without touching the ground. It’s not required or necessary, just a little fun challenge. Once the door opens, you’ll face the boss of this level.

The Cretin: By itself, the Cretin is not that bad. It’ll make a stepping attack in your direction, and charge while punching if it’s angry enough. an easy enough pattern to counter without much trouble. The challenge of fighting the Cretin on Samurai is the enemies that are assisting the boss in battle. The enemies consist of Blue Visor dual bladed samurai who will backflip and slash at you if they’re on the ground or teleport and slice at you from the air on the way down to the floor. The arena the Cretin is in is wide, but not very tall so chances are high you won’t be able to see the Blue Samurais teleporting above you. These enemies are VERY annoying even outside of Samurai as they repeat their pattern often. Attack the Cretin and stay behind it as much as possible. Dodge the Blue Samurais as much as you can UNLESS they are in front of the Cretin when it’s about to charge. Bosses can damage enemies and even other bosses completely by accident. The only thing Bosses can’t do to enemies is kill them, the enemies will just keep taking damage from the boss in question until you finish them off. Anyway, repeat this until you finish off the Cretin which will kill any enemies you missed.

Level 4. Omodo’s Execution:
A huge obstacle in this level will be a fight in a small room with a Creeper type enemy and enemies with chainsaws and Pumpkin Heads, both of which I will cover in the Bestiary. Once you’re done with this fight, a Keycard will spawn that will let you go straight into the boss room.

Ubertank 50XX:
The Ubertank is not too terrible with the exception of the missles it fires. It’ll fire homing missles, and if you’re close enough, it’ll attempt to step on you, much like the Cretin. Attack behind the Ubertank and Blood Mist away from the missles until they either stop following you or miss. Follow this strategy and you should beat the Ubertank no problem. When you go into the next room, as Yuki, all you have to do is kill Omodo and the level will end. If you’re playing as the Dishwasher, Omodo will already be dead when you enter the room, making it obvious Yuki got there before you did.

The Playthrough: Levels and their Bosses Part 2

Level 5. The Pit:

Once you deal with the enemies on the way out of the building you’re in, catch a ride on the giant tank-like vehicle and kill all the enemies that spawn while you’re in it. Once it stops, you’ll enter two more firefights with Blue Samurai and giant enemies in Shogun Armor wielding spears that are best covered in the Bestiary. Once you’re done with them, you’ll enter the room of this level’s boss.

The Lich: This boss is an absolute joke if you play your cards right. He’ll jump and throw his scythe at you three times which can easily be dodged by using Blood Mist. He’ll spawn a wave of spikes on the floor in front of him which also can be dodged using Blood Mist. He’ll also send you to another arena where you fight Zombies that you can easily slash through or rip apart using B. When you kill all the Zombies, you’ll return to where the Lich is and he’ll be stunned for at least 5 seconds. Keep countering his patterns until you’re able to kill him.

Level 6. Sunken Armory:

You’ll go through four different fights, two of which you can skip if you so choose. When you’re done with those, you’ll have one more wave to fight but this time, you’ll have an ally, the Chef. Deal with the enemies and collect the keycard before heading to this level’s boss.

Skeletank: Not too bad of a boss. It fires missiles and occasionally breaths fire, but if you stay behind it, neither will hit you. If you stay behind it for too long, it’ll move to the other side of the room. this can easily be countered by simply moving with it and getting behind it. Don’t worry about the flying enemies. They’re barely a threat. Keep repeating this and you’ll kill it with ease.

Level 7. Hell’s Chambers:

This level is LOOONG, especially on Samurai since there are so many fights to deal with. After dealing with every fight, You’ll earn a fight with this level’s Boss.

The Creeper (Yuki): The Creeper can be tricky. He’ll load a shotgun and throw it at you after firing twice. He’ll slash at you twice with a saw before throwing that too. He’ll jump and slash across the air with double hooks before diving with them if he’s close enough to you. On top of this, He will block your attacks, CONSTANTLY. Get behind him and smack him until He starts blocking, using the grab attack whenever it allows you. Repeat this while dodging his attacks and EVENTUALLY you’ll kill him and the fight will end.
The Creeper (Dishwasher): The Creeper has the exact same pattern as with Yuki, but there’s one HUGE difference when fighting him as the Dishwasher, He will have Yuki as an ally. Yuki has two attacks, stabbing with the knife in her hand and firing at you with her Machine Gun arm with subpar aim. MAKE SURE SHE DOES NOT STAB YOU. Yuki’s Stab attacks hurt a LOT on Samurai and can take a third of your health. You fight Yuki first until you knock her back using the grab attack three times and eventually the Creeper will spawn. You have to deal with him using the same strategy just with Yuki, in addition to dodging Yuki’s stabbing attacks. Don’t think she can’t stab you from behind the Creeper either. She can, and she WILL. Make sure the Screen is completely faded to black after the fight before you stop moving. Yuki will still stab you after the fight before the cutscene plays. I had to learn this the hard way.

Level 8. Grim Tower: Not many fights this time, only about three or four before you reach the Boss.

The Murderfly: Probably the most straightforward boss in the game. It carries a Cloud Sword and swoops left or right before slamming down to the ground. it’ll occasionally swoop lower to the ground to try to hit you but Blood Mist in the opposite direction and you’ll be fine. There’s zombie enemies too, but they’re the weakest kind and won’t ruin your run. Slash at the Murderfly when it hits the ground and repeat until it dies. Two rooms ahead is Fernand Diaboli. Kill him with Yuki to end the level and with Dishwasher, just simply enter the room to end the level.

Level 9. Landcruiser Stadium:

The entire level is in another tank-like vehicle but MUCH larger. Only three enemy fights this time. Once you get the keycard, open the locked door and fight the Boss.

The Goalie: A VERY tricky boss on Samurai. He will swing explosives at you, charge at you, and attempt to smack you with his giant hockey stick. Try to stay behind him while avoiding the missiles the flying enemies will occasionally fire at you. If you run low on health, you can either use Spirit Dish Magic, Items or slam some of the flying enemies to the ground to get hearts. Once you kill the Goalie, the flying enemies will fall out of the sky and die after a few seconds.

The Playthrough: Levels and their Bosses Part 3

Level 10. Fordstat Lobby:

This will EASILY be the most frustrating level in the game, especially if you approach it unprepared. If you don’t have all five skulls, replenish them with Squid Chips. Trust me, you’ll need them. You’ll encounter two fights consisting of two Creeper enemies and two Shoguns respectively. Try to kill them both WITHOUT using and skulls or items. It’s frustrating, but worth it. If you use any skulls or items, replenish them in the shop before proceeding. Once you’re prepared, step onto the elevator. This elevator is easily the most frustrating series of fights in the entire game. Bar none. It’s six waves of enemies in a very enclosed space with the most range capable enemies in the game, from Creeper enemies, to Blue Samurai, to Shogun, to the Pyros. On top of this, a robot dragon will burst into the elevator and breath fire until you knock it away. My best possible advice is to fight the enemies as best you can. Whenever the dragon shows up, Blood Mist as far up as the map will let you and the Dragon will continue to breath fire on the enemies anyway until the enemies kick it out by damaging it. When it leaves either by the enemies attacking it or you attacking it, finish off the enemies. If you ever run low on health, use Spirit Dish Magic or Items. I recommend doing both so you can keep your skulls stocked if you have enough Squid Chips. If you made it through all six waves and you’re at the top, take a breather, you’ve earned it. Once you’re fully calm, proceed two rooms over to face this level’s Boss.

The Invalid: I’d say this was the hardest boss in the game, but it’d be an absolute lie. To be honest, I’ve never lost to this boss, not even on my first playthrough. I’m not even sure if you can even DIE to this boss. You’ll be put in a Gameboy looking level where enemies attack from left and right. Kill them by simply slashing at them. Once Done, you’ll end up in a prompt with multiple choices. Just hit Dodge, Attack and Grab to win. After that, you’ll enter one more Gameboy arena with different enemies. Kill them just like before. don’t worry about getting hit either, it honestly doesn’t matter. Once you kill all the enemies in the arena, you’ll kill the Invalid by default and the level will end.

Level 11. Aqua Marina:

This Level is a little stressful since Zombie Shark robots that represent the Ubertank 50XX in pattern will show up more often, but is debatably more relaxing than the Fordstat elevator section. When you reach the 2nd locked door, You’ll encounter the hardest boss to date.

Squidface: This Boss does not mess around. Don’t show it any weakness. You will regret it. It will slash in one direction six times, It’ll jump and slash down in the air, and if it’s close enough to you, it’ll slash at you with enough force to knock you back. It’ll also block your attacks like the Creeper if you attack it too long. You also have to juggle it and enemies that spawn during the fight, the most dangerous of which being Zombie Sharks that like the Ubertank 50XX, can fire homing missiles at you. If they spawn, deal with them first, then return to Squidface. Damage Squidface by slashing behind it until it blocks much like the Creeper except much faster. Once you kill Squidface, all enemies will die and the level will end.

Level 12. Justice Summit:

This Level is mostly boss fights, in fact, there’s six of them in total. There’s three regular enemy fights, but you can skip two of them. I’ll go through the bosses step by step. First Boss room has four bosses that you fight in waves of two. First up to bat is The Cretin and the Ubertank 50XX. These two bosses have the exact same pattern as their past counterparts but they’re harder since you have to fight both of them at once. To make this fight easier, prioritize the Ubertank and always try to attack the back of its head. If it fires missiles, Blood Mist away. Don’t worry about the Cretin interrupting your fight, it’ll just charge punch in your direction and if you’re as high as the Ubertank’s head, it won’t hit you, it’ll also damage the Ubertank with each charge. Once the Ubertank is dead, you can focus on the Cretin. Kill the Cretin just like before and the 2nd Boss wave will begin. The 2nd Wave is two Murderflies. No Zombies this time, but you do have two Murderflies swooping their Cloud Sword at you at the same time. Juggle the Murderflies following their patterns and heal when necessary until you kill both of them. You get a breather before the final two bosses by having a giant firefight before the fifth boss with four waves of the hardest enemy combinations in the game. No advice I could give could make this fight easier. Just deal with the enemies and heal when you need to. Once the enemies are all dead, go back to the shop and replenish your skulls and restock items if you can, this will be your FINAL chance to do so before the end of the game. Once you’re ready, head to the Boss Room to fight the fifth boss.

The Scourge: This is the Giant Dragon from the Fordstat Lobby elevator. It’s also a very tricky boss. It flies left and right while breathing fire, fires missiles when it lands, and will breathe fire on the ground if you are in front of it. When it flies, follow its pattern using Blood Mist, the Flames won’t hit you if you’re right behind them. Blood Mist away from the missiles so they miss, and stay behind the Scourge as much as you can when it’s on the ground, especially since it’s tail is one giant hitbox. When it’s stunned, Grab it with B. When it’s practically dead, finish it off. If you need to restock, go back to the shop and buy items. If you don’t have enough money or have everything you need, proceed to the next room to fight the sixth and final Boss of the level.

The Fallen Engineer (1st Phase): If you’re playing as the Dishwasher, you get an ally in the form of Yuki, but if you’re fighting this boss as Yuki, you’re on your own as the Creeper forced you to kill the Dishwasher in Yuki’s campaign. The Fallen Engineer is no slouch. He’s fast and he hits just as hard. He teleports just like the Blue Samurai, Slashes downward toward the ground from the top of the arena, makes a quick slash in your direction if you’re in range, Slashes at you 5 times before jumping and slashing downward, and flipping the blade in his hand to give his slash some wind up before giving a brute force slash at you. He also switches between these moves super quickly. The best way to fight the Engineer is to fight as fast as he is. Slash his front or his back and Blood Mist away if he either teleports or is about to attack. Heal when necessary and grab him when prompted for extra damage. Finish him off for a cutscene that ends the level. If you have Yuki as an ally, it makes this fight slightly easier. not by much, but any advantage is still an advantage.

Level 13. The Stagnant Nightmare:

The final level of the game is upon us. There are two fights with enemies before you reach the boss room. This level TECHNICALLY has two bosses but it’s the same character. You’ll encounter a puppet on a horse. It won’t attack you. Just kill it to start a cutscene. After the Cutscene, the Fallen Engineer will send puppets to attack you. This is the final regular enemy fight in the game. after killing about 20-25 of them, the first boss will enter the arena.

The Fallen Engineer (2nd Phase): This Boss is TECHNICALLY the easiest Fallen Engineer fight as He only has two attacks, unleashing a wave of energy, and a punching attack. He teleports into the ground to change location. His pattern is just as fast as his first phase so be on your guard. Blood Mist Behind him and if he tries to attack you, just Blood Mist to dodge the attack. Grab him when prompted and when you finish him off, he’ll disappear into the floor, you’ll be teleported to another boss arena and the final boss of the level and the game will begin.

The Playthrough: Levels and their Bosses Finale

The Fallen Engineer (Final Phase): This is the HARDEST boss to tackle on Samurai. I give this boss little justice when I say that it is the perfect final test to end your journey. He’s fast, he has brand new attacks, and he hits like a truck. He has all of his attacks from the first phase along with some new moves. He will jump into the air, throwing three missiles at you before slashing down to the ground. He will slam his sword into the ground and cause white lightning to shoot up. MAKE SURE THIS WHITE LIGHTNING DOES NOT HIT YOU. It does so much damage on Samurai that it will one shot you more often than it won’t it’s very rare that the white lightning doesn’t kill you. He can also summon the White Lightning after slashing downward from the sky. He can flip his sword and send a giant ball of purple energy at you, which can be dodged by Blood Misting upward or behind the Fallen Engineer if he’s close enough to you. He switches between all of the moves in his arsenal so fast that it’s almost impossible to predict the fight. Time your attacks carefully, grab him when prompted, Heal when you need to and dodge whenever he attacks. When his health is all the way down, if you grab him and you pull out a heavy weapon instead of the one you were using, you can take a breather, you just beat The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile on Samurai Difficulty. Congratulations.

The Bestiary

At Last, the Bestiary section of the guide. Here I will wrap up this guide by listing off the different normal enemies in the game and the best way to counter their patterns. One quick disclaimer: These enemies don’t have official names unlike the Bosses so I’ll be improvising when naming them. I can only hope that you’ll know which enemies I’m describing. If these enemies do by chance have official names, I apologize in advance. With that said, Let’s get started.

Sergeants: One of the easiest enemies to deal with in the game, They’ll Jump Kick at you and try to whack at you with their Batons, both attacks can easily be dodged even without Blood Mist.

Red Visor Ninja: Very straightforward enemy. They’ll slash at you with their sword, Jump and then slash and finally jump and throw knives. They’re also very slow when attacking. Definitely best to take these enemies out first in a fight.

Major: Green Visor-ed Soldiers. They’ll shoot at you, grapple up before shooting, and occasionally Grapple up before dropping a bomb. Don’t be on the ground when the bomb drops and you can deal with them just fine.

Heavy Mech: White armored Robots with Cloud Swords for a right arm. They’ll swing it at you and jump before slamming the blade down. Easy to deal with by themselves, but can be difficult to manage in crowds. Try to avoid their slashes and deal with them when you can.

Heavy Robot Mech: VERY similar in design to the Heavy Mech with a similar pattern except they’ll launch Flying Computer Mechs that fire missles. there’s no limit to how many times they can do this in a battle. The Flying Computer Mechs can be killed by pressing B to slam them into the ground and killing the Heavy Robot Mech will stop the Flying Computer Mechs from spawning. Deal with them like you would a Heavy Mech.

Pyro-Mech: Black Colored robots with a flamethrower as a weapon. They can either launch fire directly in front of them, or jump and launch fire in a diagonal direction to launch upwards. Either way, the fire has ridiculous range and deals massive damage on Samurai. They’re very durable regardless of difficulty but Steel Dish Magic cuts through their health like butter if not completely kill them.

Jack-O-Slash: White Colored Mechs with Chainsaws on their right arm and Jack O Lanterns for heads. They’re similar to Heavy Mechs but twice as fast and twice as aggressive. Their Chainsaw attacks hurt a lot on Samurai and much like the Pyro-Mechs, they’re very durable, best to use Steel Dish Magic if you don’t feel like cutting down their health or trying to start a chainsaw duel.

Mecha-Shogun: Giant warriors in Shogun Armor wielding spears with massive range and rocket launchers in their other hand. They’ll slash at you from the ground, fire missiles with their rocket launcher and jump before slashing, causing splash damage from a limited range when they land. Stay behind them as much as possible and Blood Mist when they swing their spear. Using Steel Dish Magic Helps but won’t potentially one shot them like the Heavy Mechs or Jack-O-Slashes. Conserve your magic and take these enemies out as soon as you can in a fight. It’d heavily reduce the Chaos.

Green Visor Samurai: Has a similar pattern to the Red Visor Ninjas but they don’t throw knives. They don’t pose an immediate threat on their own if they’re not in range.

Blue Visor Samurai: They wield two swords and teleport constantly. They slash from above, backflip before slashing forward and alternate. They are very annoying in large groups. Dealing with them as soon as possible is recommended.

Creeper Mimic: Creeper-like enemies with bags over their heads. They share the exact attack pattern as the Creeper Boss. Deal with them first if they spawn.

Zombie Shark Mech: Shark Robots that act as the normal enemy version of the Ubertank 50XX with less health. Kill it if you don’t want to put up with Missiles.

Zombie: They just walk towards you and try to bite you, easy to kill.

Armored Zombie: They will try to attack you with their knife or try to blow you up with the grenade. If the grenade is out of range when it explodes, it will kill the Zombie by default since it is still in their hand.

Drone: Flying Robots that can’t really attack you unless they are the type with saws on their arms. both can be killed easily by slamming them into the ground with B.

Flying Computer Mech: Flying Mechs with Computers for faces that fire missiles. Can be killed by slamming into the ground with B.

Camo: Pretty much either the Red or Blue Visor enemies with an invisible camo on. Easily Spotted by their visors.

Agents: Black suited men with glasses. They Jump kick, Teleport, Pistol Whip and Fire at you. Not too hard to deal with, but can be tricky in groups.

Marauder: Pretty much the Normal Enemy variation of the Warden from Iffenhous Space Prison. They have the exact same patten as the Warden so fight them with caution, especially when fighting more than one.

Puppet: Puppet variations of Agents and Majors. They are almost completely defenseless against your attacks apart from a red tentacle that bursts from their chest to grab you for damage. Careful, make sure to dodge this as this attack can two shot you on Samurai.

Masked Assassin: Enemies that only appear in the final wave of the 2nd Puppet fight in the Stagnant Nightmare. They have the patterns of Blue Visor Samurai, Red Visor Ninja, and Armored Zombies. Just fight them like you would them and you’ll be fine.

Fallen Engineer Puppet: A Puppet that looks like how the Fallen Engineer did on his horse in The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai. Won’t make any attempt to attack and will die to a single combo.

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