The Escapists 2: All Prisons (DLC Included)

In this guide you’ll find all the unique ways to escape from all the prisons in The Escapists 2 (even the DLC).


Center Perks 2.0

Meet the Crew
  • Get to the spot where the camera crew is set (The quarters are situated North on the 2nd floor, to the left of the Job Office).
  • At the Camera Crew Quarters, open the desk and acquire the Civilian Outfit and the Radio Receiver.
  • Acquire a Broom and Roll of Duct Tape. Both can be found in desks, and the Duct Tape can be purchased. Raise your Intellect to 50. Craft the Fake Audio Equipment.
  • Equip the Civilian Outfit and the Fake Audio Equipment. Head to the Northeastern part of the prison, where the Visitor Area is located. To the left of it is a corridor leading North. Enter the room at the end of the corridor. Escape through the door on the left side of the room.
Last Post
The Last Post is a multiplayer method. It’s not possible to do this alone! It is possible to get in the room by the vent in a singleplayer game, but even after the crate has been completed, you will not be able to escape.
  • Reach 50 Intellect.
  • Acquire 3 Timber, 2 Nails, a Hammer and a Bracket.
  • Craft Crate Base, Crate Casing and using the Crate Base craft the Crate Top.
  • Find Postal Address (this can be found in Inmates’ desks.)
  • Carry the three Crate parts and the Address and go to the Delivery Room (located on the East side of the prison. Bordered by a multiplayer-only door)
  • Construct the Crate using the four objects, in the middle of the room. You will escape once all three objects have been constructed!

Cougar Creek Railroad

My Little Phoney
This is a Singleplayer only escape, meaning that if you are playing in Multiplayer mode, you cannot escape this way.
  • Find the Green Coloured Pen, Orange Coloured Pen and Handkerchief to craft a Pretend Carrot.
  • Run to the cargo car one left of your cell car.
  • Use the Pretend Carrot on the nearby horse, where there is a large opening at the South of the car.
Hooked On You
This is a Singleplayer only escape, meaning that if you are playing in Multiplayer mode, you cannot escape this way.
  • Find x2 Crowbar and Roll of Duct Tape needed to craft a Grapple Head.
  • Find the Length of Rope. Use it with Grapple Head to craft a Grappling Hook.
  • Run to the 6th train car, right of your cell car (The one with the ladder in it).
  • Climb up the ladder and go to the far right of the roof.
  • Press E with the Grappling Hook in hand.
Loose Caboose
This is a Multiplayer only escape, meaning that if you are playing in Singleplayer mode, you cannot escape this way.
  • Find all three Crowbars in the desks on the train for one of them; one of which is in a desk behind the Multiplayer barricade. Open the door and access the desk in order to obtain the last Crowbar.
  • Run to the caboose.(the last car of the prison)
  • For each Crowbar, use it on the connector that is connecting the caboose to the rest of the train (make sure all players are in the caboose).
  • You do not have to beat up the guard in the caboose to escape. The ending will not be affected by his presence.
Do The Locomotive
This is a Multiplayer only escape, meaning that if you are playing in Singleplayer mode, you cannot escape this way.
  • Beat up all 3 Guards In the cabin of the train. Once all of them are down, Press E to escape.
  • You may take their Metal Baton, but usually the regular variant works just fine.

Rattlesnake Springs

Zip It Up
This is a Singleplayer escape only and will not work in Multiplayer.
  • Reach 70 Intellect.
  • Search and/or buy 2x Timber, 1x Bolts, 1x Piece of String, 2x Tube of Glue, 1x Dowel (The Dowel is hard to find and requires luck. The Woodwork job provides Timber and Tube of Glue if needed.)
  • Head to the Guard Quarters. Use the pathway with the Scanner, which is North of the cells (If you don’t have a contraband pouch, go through the building in the middle instead as there’s no contraband detector). Enter the Quarters and take the staircases up to the top floor.
  • With your Crossbow, interact with the noose-like object to escape!
Take Out The Trash
This is a Multiplayer escape only and will not work in Singleplayer.
  • Reach 60 Intellect.
  • Search and/or buy 2x Duct Tape, 1x Tubing, 1x Handkerchief, 1x Trash Bags for every person of your party.
  • Also you need x1 Circuit Board, x1 Wire, x1 Lighter, x1 Comb or Toothbrush.
  • Grab Wire and Circuit Board, find the guard who holds a Cyan Keycard, knock them out then craft Cyan Cyan Keycard Mould and put Cyan Keycard back in the guard’s inventory.
  • Craft Molten Plastic and then combine it with the Cyan Keycard Mould to make a Fake Cyan Keycard.
  • Craft Breathing Masks, and use them to craft the Breathable Trash Bag for every member of your party.
  • Use your Fake Cyan Keycard on the keycard button next to the Waste Disposal job area to unlock the door. When one person is through, they use the button in the room to open the Keycard Door for the others.
  • All players interact with the large bin in the middle of the room, holding the Breathable Trash Bag at hand.
  • You have escaped!

K.A.P.O.W. Camp

Speed McQueen
This escape is a singleplayer only escape.
  • Get 40 Intellect.
  • Search or buy 1x Makeshift Ladder. (Many inmates Carry Paint. beat them up to get Paint.)
  • Search or buy 1x Screwdriver, 1x Can of Soda, 1x Sugar Mint (commonly found on guards).
  • Craft 1x Makeshift Rocket Thruster.
  • Locate the room with the motorcycle in the South-West side of the prison.
  • If you forgot a component, there is no need to panic. Take the desk and put it under the vent and you can get out. Guards do not seem to patrol the room, so it should be safe so long as you do not lure a guard in.
  • Take the Makeshift Rocket Thruster, the Screwdriver, and the Makeshift Ladder to the room north of the motorcycle and west of the Job office.
  • Place the Makeshift Ladder below the vent.
  • Climb up your ladder (like you do when you climb a desk) and unscrew the vent.
  • Enter the vent and unscrew the second vent cover that leads to the room south of the Makeshift ladder.
  • Equip the Makeshift Rocket Thruster on the motorcycle.
  • Escape!
Glide to Victory
This escape is a multiplayer only escape.
  • Get 60 IIntellect.
  • Steal 2x Bed Sheets.
  • Search or buy 1x Length of Rope, 4x Dowel (this is best bought from inmates), 3x Roll of Duct Tape, x1 Circuit Board, x1 Wire, x1 Lighter and x1 Comb or Toothbrush.
  • Craft 1x Molten Plastic.
  • Craft 1x Glider Skin, 2x Half Frame of Glider.
  • Craft 2x Sturdy Pickaxe (at least the sturdy version of them).
  • Take Circuit Board and Wire and locate the guard with the Cyan Keycard. He is the one that usually stands in the place just outside the solitary confinement when not on patrol.
  • Knock out the guard and craft Cyan Keycard Mould. Don’t forget to put original Cyan Keycard back to guard’s inventory or flush it down the toilet.
  • Craft the Fake Cyan Keycard.
  • Optional: Search and grab some energy drinks or food to replenish your energy when breaking down a long wall. Adrenaline Shot is recommended, as there are a lot of tiles to destroy.
  • Take all of your items.
  • Run to the library next to the kitchen and head up the stairs.
  • Use your Fake Cyan Keycard.png Fake Cyan Keycard on the cyan keycard lock which is located on the wall from the right and let the second player come in.
  • Head up the stairs again and make your way to the south east part of the roof where you have the wooden platform.
  • Equip all of your glider parts one by one and put them on the platform.
  • Use your Sturdy Pickaxes on the eastern wall and break all the damaged pieces.
    Be careful not to hit the second player off as it will initiate lockdown!
  • Escape!

H.M.S. Ocra

Scuba Doo
Only singleplayer.
  • Locate Tubing, Roll of Duct Tape, and Tank of Oxygen
  • Craft Makeshift Breathing Apparatus
  • Find and make your way to the gap in the railing south of Floor 3
  • Escape by interacting with the Breathing Apparatus in hand.
Wave Goodbye!
Only singleplayer.
  • Locate Tubing and Bolts
  • Find and make your way to the jet-ski on the east side of Floor 1
  • Use the items on the jet-ski to repair it
  • Escape!
Masters of Illusion
Only multiplayer.
  • Locate Wax, Soap, Jar of Ink, Lighter, and Food Tray.
  • Craft a Gun Making Kit
  • Craft a Moulded Gun
  • Craft a Fake Gun
  • Find and make your way to the Helicopter located East on Floor 3
  • Escape by interacting with the fake gun in hand.
Taking Back Control
Only multiplayer.
  • Find and make your way to the bridge of the ship, located West on Floor 3
  • Knock out the three guards (two are captains, one is a regular guard)
  • Escape by interacting with the controls.

H.M.P. Offshore

Bad Intentions
Only multiplayer.
Originally posted by Afterscroll:

This way of escaping is done the same way as Perimeter Breakout, but is better to do if you prefer to use multiplayer.

  • Turn off the generator in the west wing to deactivate the detectors. (If you want to have more time to get to the fence and cut it, then one player can turn off the generators once the other player has reached the fence and is ready to cut). Then follow the staircases on the east wing to the bottom level, and then head north through the double doors (instead of south to get to the boat) to lead you to a submarine.
  • Cut the fence. Go to the submarine and escape.
Swimming With Dolphins
Only singleplayer.
  • Reach 70 intelligence.
  • Get a Piece of String by finding a favor to craft a Makeshift Double Bass, looting it off a knocked-out inmate (don’t get seen by guards), or a favor that directly gives you string. This item will not appear in desks (except sometimes in the medic desk, which is next to the infirmary on floor 8 and can be accessed with an Infirmary Outfit.
  • Craft a Fishing Rod (Timber + Piece of String + Paper Clip), then you will craft a Readied Fishing Rod (you will need a Juicy Worm, which can be found on guards and in Inmate Desks).
  • Find the guard with the Red Key (best way of doing this is beating up the guard that speaks at Roll Call as they usually have the red key). Grab some Wad of Putty and beat them up for their key. (Don’t forget to mold it and return the key) This can also help you find a worm for your rod. Then make a Plastic Red Key with Molten Plastic and the mold. One plastic key should be exactly enough for you to escape – it will break on the last door you open. Given the large amount of locked doors you will have to pass through, it is recommended you make a second plastic key if you want to go have a look at the destination first.
  • Using the stairwell to the west of the main floor, go down to the floor with the large open square (it should be the second floor [verify], it is also where Perimeter Breakouts are performed). You will need to navigate to the area where Snooty the Dolphin is chilling. This is a small jetty to the south side, with no barriers blocking access.
  • Next to that is a free space to water. Moving near it will give you the message “Start Fishing”. Interact there holding your Readied Fishing Rod to catch a Salmon, and gift it to Snooty like you would to an inmate.
  • After you do that, Snooty will give you a favor in which you first need to find a How To Speak Dolphin Book that translates dolphin tongue so that the actual favor will be interpretable.
  • After you obtain it, the favor will switch into a quest for 3 things: Lump of Sugar, Bag of Flour, and Bottle of Milk. Once you find everything, craft it into a Cake and deliver it to Snooty.
Trash Talk
Only singleplayer.
  • Reach 60 intelligence.
  • Get the woodworking job.
  • Find the guard with the Red Key (best way of doing this is beating up the guard that speaks at Roll Call first as they usually have the Red Key. Do this inside so that they cannot shoot you). Craft the Molten Plastic and Wad of Putty, then make a Key Mold for the Plastic Red Key.
  • Obtain a Crowbar.
  • Craft a Breathable Trash Bag, just like in Rattlesnake Springs.
  • Take everything with you: the Plastic Red Key, the Crowbar and the Breathable Trash Bag.
  • From the 6th floor head west (to the left) to the stairwell, and head down until your reach last level (should be level 2)
  • Once you reach the bottom, you will find two doors. The bottom door will lead to Snooty the Dolphin and the top is where you must go. Head into the room by chipping through the wall with the crowbar, go to the yellow pedestal and use the breathable trash bag on the pedestal. (You can also go through the other stairwell on floor six to the east (right), because they both go down to floor two, but it is easier to go down the west stairs).

Fort Tundra

Rock-hammer Hard Place
Only singleplayer.
  • Raise your Intellect to 70. This escape involves a tedious set of 8 quests all given to you by the same inmate. If you do not get this in your first 4 quests, make a new save. On the off chance one of the guard related quests means you need to steal from or beat up a Riot Guard, this is not a glitch, it’s just a randomly generated target, a Makeshift Stungun is recommended. The quest is given by the ninth inmate on the first row of the renaming screen.
  • Once you have completed the quests you will need the following: a Guard Outfit, a Bed Dummy and some Lightweight Cutters.
  • Upon completing the quests you will get a Rock Hammer.
  • During evening rollcall (at 23:00-0:00) place the Bed Dummy, equip the Guard Outfit and make your way to the hatch next to the statue south of the exercise area.
  • After the snipers have left for the day (about 1:00, after the “Return to Cell” bar disappears) destroy the tunnel opening with the Rock Hammer enter the sewers and use the cutters to get through the first fence. Then as soon as you can turn left and you will be greeted with another fence, cut this head to the ladder and you’ve escaped the most tedious prison in the game!
Fun With Jeeps
Only multiplayer.
  • Complete 160 Coins worth of favours.
  • Buy 2x Crowbars.
  • Raise your intellect to 60.
  • Complete 80 Coins worth of favours.
  • Buy a crowbar.
  • Get 2x plastic red key.
  • Chip through the wall in the visitors room (South of Library). On the way there’ll be a Scanner so you’ll need a Contraband Pouch or shut off the Generator as to not cause too many complications. Be sure not to get caught by the Camera – bring a Roll of Duct Tape to jam it if you want to be sure.
  • Replace the wall block.
  • Run to the rooms to the east of the visitor area. They look like Solitary, but with green beds and no potatoes.
  • Enter the Multiplayer Door and chip through the wall of one of the rooms. Run to the jeep and interact with it.
  • You Escaped!

Area 17

I’m Only Human
Only singleplayer.
  • First of all, you will need to level up your intellect to 60.
  • Obtain Wad of Putty x2 and Molten Plastic x2.
  • Next, you will need to beat up enough guards to find out who are the owners of Cyan Key and Red Key. When you do, make a Key Mold of each key and then make Plastic Keys from them. While you’re at it, take Blank Security Pass from the guards.
  • When you get the Blank Security Pass, you will need to combine it with a Jar of Ink and a Feather to create a Security Pass.
  • Make your way to the surface-level (floor 1) maintenance room. Inside will be a desk in which you will be able to find Civilian Clothes. Change into them.
  • Finally, with your Security Pass in hand, go to the south-west corner of the map (also on floor 1), and enter the security room with a ton of locked doors and a camera.
  • Go up to the counter and interact, holding your Pass.
Alien Technology
Only multiplayer.
  • First, at least one of you will need to get their intellect to 60.
  • Search and/or buy 2x Circuit Board, 2x Wire, 2x Battery, 4x File, 3x Roll of Duct Tape, 1x Lighter, 1x Comb OR Toothbrush.
  • Next, you will need to locate the Red Keycard from a guard.
  • Take Circuit Board and Wire. Knock out the guard who has Red Keycard. Craft Fake Red Keycard.
  • With the Fake Red Keycard in hand, go to the moon lander area, and using the card, go inside. Inspecting the moon lander you will be able to find an Empty Cannister necessary for this escape. Keep this safe.
  • Craft/prepare following items: a Circuit Board, a Radio Receiver, an Energy Module and Sturdy Cutters.
  • Finally, during evening roll call, the second player goes to the generator room and wait for lights out. When it occurs, he turns off the power and the first player cuts through the fence surrounding the UFO. Then second player should go to the UFO.
  • After you gain access to the ship, put in the 4 items (Circuit Board, Radio Receiver, Empty Cannister and Energy Module) one by one.
  • Finally, interact with the ship to escape!

Air Force Con

Regain Control
Only multiplayer.
  • Gather multiple weapons.
  • Beat up all 3 guards in the cockpit of the plane.
  • Beat up a guard per each player.
  • Steal a Guard Outfit from each guard, then equip it.
  • Wait for heat to go down.
  • Go to the controls and interact with them.
Plane Sailing
Only multiplayer.
  • Look around the plane for 3 Tanks of Oxygen. (Keep in mind to search for them in the multiplayer only areas as well)
  • Once found, go to the bottom of the plane together and locate the deflated raft.
  • When everyone has pumped it up (by interacting while holding an oxygen tank), just interact once more. (Everyone has to be next to the raft)
Plane Crazy
Only singleplayer.
  • First, take the Bed Sheet from your bed.
  • Next, look around the plane for 3 Lengths of Rope.
  • Once found, craft a Makeshift Harness out of the three pieces of rope, and a Parachute using the harness and bed sheet.
  • When you get the Parachute, go to the cells, and locate the doors on the right.
  • Interact with the doors to escape!
Passport to Freedom
Only singleplayer.
  • In order to escape, you will need 3 items: a Circuit Board, an Energy Module, and a Screwdriver. The Energy Module is crafted from materials, not found directly.
  • After all is found, make your way to the very north of the second floor. Inside the room will be an Autopilot Console.
  • Finally, plug in the 3 items in the prescribed order, and escape!

U.S.S. Anomaly

Race From Space
Only singleplayer.
  • Increase your intellect to 60 (70 to upgrade the contraband pouch. Useful, but not necessary).
  • You’ll need to get the following:
  • Screwdriver or Crowbar
  • A Contraband Pouch
  • A Plastic Red Key
  • Obtain a Jet Pack. You can obtain a Jetpack by doing the following:
  • Control Room: Find a screwdriver or crowbar and head to the unlocked room between the Control Room and eastern maintenance room. Place a desk underneath the vent in that room and unscrew the vent. Go east, remove the second vent and go down to get the Jetpack from the Desk, then leave.
  • Force Field: Go to the corner near the front of the Control Room but go north. Slip past the contraband detector and go upstairs where there is a desk guarded by a force field (which somehow cannot be deactivated with a shutdown of the generator). You have to head to the computer by the top right and disable it with the 2 Energy Modules. Then get the Jetpack.
  • Head all the way to the west, to an area where several dogs reside, protected by red doors and Scanners. Go through the halls and into the room with the Warden in it (a large black box with a red light). Go to the upper left corner of the room, and holding the Jet Pack, interact with the button.
  • Escape!
Peas In A Pod
Only multiplayer.
  • Acquire 2x Battery, 1x Wire, 1x Medical Mesh, and 1x Tank of Oxygen. (Medical Mesh can be found in medical desks, for this you will need an Inmate Outfit OR a Guard Outfit and a Tub of Bleach to craft an Infirmary Outfit. You can find Battery on guards.)
  • Craft an Energy Module.
  • With all of these items in your inventory, head to the double doors just above the cafeteria. Go up the staircase and then through either of the Multiplayer doors.
  • Insert your items into the second (starting from the top) escape pod on the right.
  • Escape!

[DLC] The Glorious Regime

Cold Case
Only singleplayer.
  • Craft a Heart Rate Slower from two Ice Pack and a single Roll of Duct Tape. Beat up an inmate or search desks to get a Tub of Bleach to craft an Infirmary Outfit, because one of the ice packs is in the Medic Desk in the infirmary. Go to the Infirmary with the Heart Rate Slower, ignore the Scanner (you can easily escape before you’re busted) then go to the white bed and press escape.
Get to da’ chopper!
Only multiplayer.
  • You need:
    1x Soap
    1x Lighter
    1x Wax
    1x Tool Handle (or craft with 1x Timber and 1x File)
    1x + 2 per player Crowbar
    3x + 1 per player Roll of Duct Tape
    1 per player Length of Rope
    2x Timber
  • Next, craft the following items
  • Soap and Wax to make Gun Making Kit.
  • Gun Making Kit, Lighter, and Dinner Tray to make Moulded Gun,
  • Moulded Gun and Jar of Ink to make Fake Gun.
  • Tool Handle, Crowbar, and Duct Tape to make Flimsy Pickaxe, then Lightweight Pickaxe, and finally a Sturdy Pickaxe.
  • (The Dinner Tray can usually be found in guard quarters behind red doors, or the northwest multiplayer room. The Dinner Tray is blocked off by boxes, so you will need to use the Sturdy Pickaxe to dig under.)
  • This escape can be performed at any time.
  • Buy or make a Contraband Pouch for each member of your party.
  • Take or make an Infirmary Outfit or Guard Outfit.
  • Get a Red Key for everyone in your party. You can get them from quests, eliminating the need to make one.
  • First, put on the Infirmary or Guard Outfit, grab the Red Keys and Contraband Pouches. You will also need the Fake Gun.
  • Next, go in the room right of the Control Room. Go through the Contraband Detector, and up the stairs. Go through the red door on your left and up the stairs. Go up the last set of stairs.
  • Finally, press/click escape and you’re free!

[DLC] Wicked Ward

A Grave Affair
Only singleplayer.
  • Find the inmate named Evan with a quest named “My Zombie”. The inmate who has the favor is usually the first one when you start the game.
  • It’s an 8 parts quest, do everything in order to win the special key.
  • You need 60+ intelligence
  • You also need a Plastic Red Key.
  • Go to the building in the North-West, there is a coffin, equip your key and click on it.
Monster Mash
Only multiplayer.
  • Rummage through desks to find one Bolt.
  • Go to the north-east area of the second floor, next to the job center. Go through to the multiplayer door, search the desk, and grab the Monster Leg.
  • Go to the south-west area of the first floor into the Infirmary. Go through the medical staff hallway using your Infirmary Outfits and go to the cyan door, use your keycard, and have your partner grab the Monster Arm out of the desk.
  • Grab the Monster Leg, Arm, and Bolt and head to the Professor’s lab. Have someone open the door and another go inside to place all the objects on the monster-shaped table.
  • Head to the area above the Professor’s lab and use your fake red keycard on the door. Have a partner with the lightning conductor go through the door, go upstairs, and place it on the slot in the upper left hand corner of the outside room.
  • Grab everyone and go back to the Professor’s lab. Click “Escape” on the monster.

[DLC] Santa’s Shakedown

Top of the Naughty List
Only singleplayer.
  • Acquire the following items:
    Mince Pie
  • Components: Pastry Case, Jar of Mince
    Bottle of Milk
    Pretend Carrot
  • Components: Orange Coloured Pen, Green Coloured Pen, Handkerchief
    Letter to Santa
  • Components: Letter, Christmas List
  • Raise your intellect to 40.
  • Take all your items and head to the southeast part of the second floor of the prison. Enter the warden’s office to find a large table that says “Place Treats for Santa”. Place your items on the table in the order it tells you to (Mince Pie, Bottle of Milk, Pretend Carrot).
  • Finally, take the Letter to Santa and place it in the fireplace.
It’s Behind You!
Only multiplayer.
  • Raise your Intellect to 70.
  • Gather the following items: 3x Fabric, 2x Jar of Ink, 1x Piece of String, 1x Circuit Board, 1x Wire, 1x Lighter, and 1x Toothbrush OR Comb
  • With 2x Fabric and 1x Jar of Ink, make the Pantomime Horse (front). Then, have your buddy take 1x Fabric, 1x Jar of Ink, and 1x Piece of String to craft the Pantomime Horse (rear). Finally, take the plastic item and 1x Lighter to craft Molten Plastic.
  • Get the Molten Plastic, the Circuit Board, and the Wire, then find a guard with the Cyan Keycard. Knock him out, then clone the Keycard using the Circuit Board, the Wire, and the Cyan Keycard, to make the Cyan Keycard Mould. Put the keycard back in the guard’s pocket, then use the Molten Plastic and the mould to craft a Fake Cyan Keycard.
  • Go to the south of floor 2. Look for the door that leads into a room with a Cyan Keycard door. The North wall should have a keycard slot; put the Fake Cyan Keycard in the slot and the door should open up. Have your fellow inmate go into the room because if you leave, the door will close. Look in the desk and there should be the Pantomime Script.
  • Final Step: Go to the North of floor 1, and there should be a Multiplayer Door. Get in and let the other player in using the button on the North wall. Finally, place the Pantomime Script on the table, then place the Pantomime Horse (front) and (rear).
  • Interact by pressing “Escape”, and you’re out!

[DLC] Snow Way Out

It’s not a toy, it’s a collectable
Only singleplayer.
  • Get your intellect up to 60
  • Get a Red Key
  • Craft a cardboard box (2 pieces of cardboard plus duct tape, 50+ Intelligence), then acquire the blue paint, yellow paint, and red paint. Place them on the pedestal in the toy factory (in that order). Upon placing the final item you will be told to access the computer.
  • The Computer is above the cell block just outside the roll call block and can be easily identified by a large red lock symbol. This computer is locked and the password to it must be obtained to access it.
  • To do so, go to the warden’s office and access the desk which is behind the red door in the building. From this desk, you will obtain the ‘laptop password’ item. Use this item on the computer and run back to the previously assembled box to escape!
Batteries not included
Only multiplayer.
  • You will need two Fake Keycards for this escape – the red and cyan ones. You also need 70 intellect, and 3 items: Energy Module, Sleigh Chipset and USB Stick.
  • You can get the Sleigh Chipset via crafting. You will need a Circuit Board, Glue and AI Module. The AI Module is in the desk in the upstairs room near the cells closest to Roll Call. You need the Fake Red Keycard to unlock the door, or you can chip through the wall and cover it with a Poster or Fake Wall Block. There is an electric fence inside, so you need to use the vent in the floor to bypass it. Break through the vent (either with a Screwdriver, which is recommended, or Sturdy Cutters at minimum [verify]), then enter it and cut the fence inside (If you used the Screwdriver to access the vent, 2 Files will get you through the fence). After that, exit the vent by removing the other cover, and access the desk there. You will find the AI Module in that desk. Use it to craft the Sleigh Chipset. You will need 70+ intellect to do this. After that, you must go to the factory’s 2nd floor. You will then find a room with a Cyan Keycard door. Using your Fake Cyan Keycard, enter the room and open the desk. You will find a USB stick. Take it, then bring the three items mentioned at top (Energy Module, Sleigh Chipset and USB Stick) to the sleigh. Use the items on the sleigh, in order, and then access the sleigh to escape.

[DLC] Big Top Breakout

It’s A Long Shot
Only singleplayer.
  • Locate 1x Crowbar, 1x Timber, 2x Spring, 1x Duct Tape, 1x Hammer, 1x Coconut. Raise intellect to at least 60. Use materials to craft a Makeshift Launcher and a Makeshift Helmet.
  • For finding the items, coconuts will be found in desks(the desk on the roof of the theatre usually has one) , and so will springs. In the main warden’s table, there is a guaranteed spring.
  • Use the crowbar to fix the Human Cannon (east of the Big Tent in the middle of the map), place the Makeshift Launcher, then use the Makeshift Helmet to interact with the cannon to finish the escape.
Wind Up Merchant
Only multiplayer.
  • Get a Circuit board, Wire, Lighter, comb or Toothbrush for each player. Find the Enclosure Keys (they are located at a desk behind a multiplayer door south of the kennels), piece of string, and a handkerchief. Then raise your intellect up to 70. Make Fake Red and Cyan Keycards. Take the Fake Red Keycard onto the roof using the ladder between the mess hall and show tent, then enter the room with the red keycard and get the Teeth from the desk within.
  • Use the Teeth, String, and Handkerchief to craft a Wind-Up Mouse, then grab the mouse, Enclosure Key, and your Cyan Keycard and head for the elephant lockup. Open the front gates with the key, then get behind the elephant cage with the Cyan keycard and release the mouse into the elephant cage to escape!

[DLC] Dungeons and Duct Tape

Tis But a Scratch
Only singleplayer.
  • To obtain these items, you will need the following components:
  • It is necessary to craft a Grappling Hook to obtain some of these items. If you are struggling to get molten metal or can’t get the making horseshoes job, you can do the “it belongs to a museum” Favour and cancel after stealing the molten metal. Another way to obtain it is by making a plastic green key and going to the horseshoe making job building at job time. To get a pair of shoes, you need to use the grappling hook to reach the desk located in the walls between the meal hall and cell block.
  • Once you have crafted the escape items, you must raise your strength to 90 and then place the items on a plinth on the 5th floor. After all of that, you can escape.
Siege the Day
Only multiplayer.
  • You will need to assemble a catapult for this escape. You will need:
  • Craft the following:
  • Grappling Hook (Grapple Head + Length of Rope)
  • Catapult Beam (2x Timber + Wooden Peg)
  • 2x Half Catapult Frame (Timber + Bracket + Wooden Peg)
  • Catapult Bucket (2x Iron Bar + Leather Strap)
  • You may want to use the rooftops of the workrooms as Contraband Storage. You will need a Grappling Hook to access the rooftops.
  • Knock out the guard who has Red Keycard. Use the Circuit Board and Wire to craft the Red Keycard Mould, and craft it together with the Molten Plastic (Lighter + Toothbrush/Comb) to create the Fake Red Keycard.
  • Go to the Red Keycard Door, southeast of the main block on the 4th Floor. Open the door and go inside. Use the Grappling Hook to ascend 2 Floors and open the desk. Inside you will find the Catapult Counterweight.
  • Take all the Items to the multiplayer door located on the 3rd Floor in southwest of the main block and open the multiplayer door.
  • Insert all the items (2x Half Catapult Frame, Catapult Bucket, Catapult Beam, Catapult Counterweight) to build the Catapult and Escape!

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