THE FINALS: Advanced Tips for Each Class

DISCLAIMER- not a comprehensive guide, only contains important and/or lesser known tricks and tips for gameplay to enhance skill


General Tips

  • Always slide before jumping on a launch pad.
  • Jumping off ziplines early allow you to retain some momentum.
  • Always knock cashout over by throwing an arena carriable at the top of the cashout.
  • Stick together with your team; revive as much as possible and play numbers game.
  • Mantling is very gracious in this game, shoot for the stars

Light Tips

Cloaking Device – Standing still and becoming near fully invisible is stronger than you think, make sure to take your time with headshots (VERY CRUCIAL)
Evasive Dash – High skill cap specialization, 3 charges of quick mobility, great when used in tandem with hip fire guns and dashing past enemies so they cant trace you. Dash into and past your enemies while fighting. Strong with every weapon (in particular with melee), but needs good game sense, positioning, and aggro to reach the specializations fullest potential.
Grappling Hook – Think of it as a glorified single charge of an Evasive Dash. Larger range and distance, good for repositioning both offensively and defensively. Also possesses the utility of Bounce Pad and Zipline gadgets from Medium Class

M11 – A better XP-54 in close range battles (only difference is more falloff damage at range and more bullets in magazine)

Stun Gun – Cornerstone of Light Build, very strong and critical piece of utility. Best used in medium distance (ensure proximity for connection) then Evasive Dash far away and shoot the opposition. They will be unable to ADS and shoot accurately, nor take cover, including through the means of movement or specializations.
Gateway – Throw two anchors for portal, has limited range and duration, however; when only one anchor is placed, it can remain indefinitely until a second has been placed and a connection has been established. Good for escape plans and falling back to your team. All gadgets and throwables will go through portal, including rockets, grenades, and even cashboxes.

Medium Tips

Guardian Turret – Always shoot the ceiling before you affix your turret there to break decorations and guarantee its on a solid structure, otherwise it will fall. Additionally, remember you can rotate your turrets direction (its ~180 degree FOV). If you expect the cashout to be dropped a floor, put it on the ceiling, and likewise, if under cashout, put it on the ground.
Healing Beam – reduces your movement while healing, however you can slide while operating. Stay behind your teammate while healing and use them as your meat shield. Can pretty much match DPS of most guns, thus can keep someone alive much longer in midst of fighting.
Dematerializer – very strong when paired with good map knowledge. Offensive usage will catch enemies off guard. Good synergy with the Model 1887

CL-40 – try to hit opponents on body. splash range not very big. ideally, leave one shell in chamber at all times because it takes longer to reload if not. reload often when in fights using fast loading mechanic
Model 1887 – Do not reload in between shots, long first shell reload time, but becomes faster after first shell is loaded. Has quite some range.

Data Reshaper – Very underrated gadget. Can nullify all turrets (APS and Guardian), along with mines, and THROWN GRENADES/MINES (remember the fuse is burning for thrown grenades) which also includes Dome Shield gadget from Heavy Class. Strong synergy with CL-40.

Heavy Tips

Charge ‘N’ Slam – Very strong for breaking barricades and other such obstructions while entering into a room. Deals a heap of damage and can hit enemies multiple times. Can also be used in place of a stronger quick melee in active confrontations.
Mesh Shield – Fast cover for teammates and self, one way shield for your team. For maximum value, good teamplay is required. Can also be used in a solo manner, for guns that require a short cooldown in between shooting (i.e SA-1216, KS-23) or to maximize flamethrower damage with a quick burst then shield to stall out the burning enemy.
Goo Gun – Strong for mobility, fortification, and enemy stalling. Need I say more? Get creative with it. Also Goo and Sledge is cringe

KS-23 – Slug projectile shotgun. High environmental damage, can break cranes in one shot after a rocket launcher.

Barricades – Very strong utility, practically indestructible unless faced with explosives and other high environmental damage gadgets. Block entire doorways and secure room seamlessly. Can deploy a maximum of four at all times, has two charges in inventory. Can also be used as a step-stool to mantle up floors and our of reach locations.
RPG-7 – Secondary gun, which also happens to destroy structures too lol

Thanks to Luzefur󠁳󠁳 for their excellent guide; all credit belongs to their effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it here. Enjoy the game.

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