The Henry Stickmin Collection: 100% Map Guide

Maps incomplete? This guide may give you some directions.



When you open the map for a particular level you’ll see the “progress” you’ve made in that particular level. For example, this is the map for the Escape the Prison (EtP) level:

The image shows a specific selected section, and how much of it you’ve completed. The smaller squares on the ends (3 in this case) are the ending scenarios where you gain a “rank”.

Understanding the Maps

If you see 1/1, 2/2, 3/3 etc in a specific section, then you’ve indeed completed that section and you can move on to completing other sections. A 0 basically means you haven’t encountered this area yet but can still access it, so I’d recommend avoiding it altogether so as to not spoil it for yourself.

The numbers are failure numbers

This is important – the numbers are NOT choice numbers, but failure numbers. So if you have 6 choices in a given section, the progress of that might NOT show 6/6, but say 4/4. Because two of those paths were actually success paths.

Always one short

I found that even if I had explored all paths, still I was stuck at one short, like 3/4. In such a case, check if you have waited till the timer expires. I’d picked all the bad choices, but I’d not let the timer run out in a critical situation. Deliberately doing so let me get the 4th failure. The watch icon by the progress number might help indicate this.

Other thoughts and conclusion

  • The map can be accessed from either a choice screen (but not always) or the main menu.
  • How many failures you’ve got is also indicated on the main menu screen. If you are missing any, it’ll tell you how many there are, but not where. The maps will show that information.
  • Maps don’t show which Bios you’re missing, but you can look at the Bios screen itself to see where the person might be. For example, if it’s a guy eating a sandwich, for example, then it’s in the Lawyered Up endgame last scene. If it’s a guy panicking and falling with a weird conical shape (remember, it’s grayscale when not unlocked) then it’s the guy attacked by the bird in the museum robot scene (the Epic ending).

I hope this guide contributed in some small way. Veterans obviously wouldn’t need it, but it addresses some of the things I couldn’t immediately figure out by myself when I first started exploring the game.

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