The Inner World Walkthrough & Achievement 100%

Here is a written walk-through, just in case you don’t want to use the in game hints. this will help you to get the Mr wise guy achievement if it doesn’t give it to you anyway like it did for me.



throughout this walk through i have included the missable achievements and how to get them before it becomes impossible to go back and get them.

casual gamer achievement
open a couple of the in-game hints to unlock this one

Mr wise guy achievement
play through the game without using any of the in-game hints

blabbermouth achievement
talk to every character in the game, i think this includes trying to talk to everyone in the bar, the sleeping guy in the mechanter hall , and the strange guy in the laboratory.

chapter one – the silver Fosfos

catching the pigeon

-As soon as you fall out of the pipe you fall into the alleyway, pick up the green bottle on the floor next to the pipe to get corked bottle of Nodtarine juice.

Use the bottle of Nodtarine on the garbage dealer to get the schnapps-dealer achievement.

-Interact with the corked bottle in your inventory to separate the bottle and the cork.
-Talk to the garbage dealer about garbage and he will show you his collection, talk to him about the bird feed he is selling and he will ask about asporororo. keep talking to the dealer about the strange currency and he will give you the bird feed and the Conroy puppet.
-interact with the bird feed in your inventory to get string.
-pick up the wind sock hanging on the wall
-pick up the crutch on the wall to get a broken crutch
– use the Nodtarine juice on the worm in the hole on the floor, and pick up the drunken worm
-combine the drunken worm and the broken crutch in your inventory to make a slingshot. then combine the cork and the slingshot to get a loaded slingshot.
-use the loaded slingshot on the old fish on the windowsill to knock it down.

use the windsock to try and catch the bird before tying it with string to get the achievement pigeon tunnel

-combine the string with the windsock to make a net to use on the bird and catch it.
-after meeting Laura pick the windsock back up off the floor and go to the street with bars.

onesie for the baby

– once you go to the street with bars you will automatically talk to an asposian, talk to her and she will ask that you make a onesie for her baby out of strawbear yarn in return for knowledge about Laura’s location.
-go into the bar and talk to the barmaid, she will give you a lava streamer.
-talk to the little boy outside the bar and learn that his name is Detze and is trying to find the Basilyans treasure
-go to the fountain square and talk to the arms hanging out the bars. you learn that they are a tailor and ask them about making the baby’s onsie for you. they agree but you need to get yarn, needles and a knitting pattern for them.

Getting the knitting pattern
– talk to the sin o mat about doing no sin, a drawer with a mint will open. end the conversation to keep the drawer open and take the mint.
-talk to the guard, and try take his lunch box but he wont let you
-use the Conroy puppet on the guard to make him stand up, take the lunchbox.
-go back to the bar and use the mint on the bubblegum machine to get marbles
-combine the marbles and lunchbox to get the a lunchbox with marbles
-go outside and give the lunchbox with marbles to Detze
-he will then give you the knitting pattern he’s been using as a treasure map

Getting the knitting needles
-take the walking stick from the petrified asposian behind Detze
-go back to the sin o mat and talk to it about minor sins
-then go back to the bar and talk to the barmaid about the sin o mat and then sins

by going through all the sins chat options with the barmaid you unlock the king of sins achievement

-after talking to the barmaid about sins talk to the sin o matt again, talk to it about the barmaids sin and it breaks
-take the needle that fell on the floor to get the second needle

take another mint from the output compartment of the broken sin o mat and interact with it in your inventory to eat it. this gives you the fresh breath achievement

Getting the strawbear yarn
– in the wind fountain square go into the entrance to the tower on the left
-take a flyer from the Conroy head before it flies off
-go back to the backstreet and use the flyer on the old fish to pick it up
-go into the bar and use the fish on the swivel chair the wind monk is sitting on
-now pull the loose thread of the wind monk’s cloak to get the thread

-give the needles yarn and knitting pattern to the tailor and get the onesie for the baby
-give the onesie to the asposian and she tells you where Laura can be found.

the Mechater hall

-go to the stage and you automatically pick up a feather, you see a feather trace and a trap door that you need to open.
-go back to the hall and interact with the control panel to operate the stage dolls

to get the trial and error achievement you need to get the dolls in the right place without finding the solution,

to find the solution
– interact with the little door beneath the control panel to open it
-look at the drawing on the door, the number above each icons head represents page numbers in the screen play above the control panel
-the correct position for the background is
-the correct position of the family is
-the correct position of Conroy is
-the correct position of the basylian is

The secret passage
-to open the trap door interact with the thumbs up on the Conroy doll
-enter the secret passage
– in the secret passage inspect the burst sack to learn that it is super glue powder
-use the lava streamer on the bag of super glue powder
-combine the cork with the lava streamer &glue powder
-interact with the corked lava streamer and glue powder in your inventory to get the cork and glue
-interact with the control desk once and go back out to the stage
-use the net on the Conroy doll hand
– then use the glue on the hand with the net
-go back into the secret passage and interact with the control panel again

chapter 2 – root forest

After the crash

getting past the traps

-pick up the helmet next to the debris on the right

interact with the helmet to put it on, then interact with the tree to knock one of the fruits down, this unlocks the brainteaser achievement

-use the pigeon feather on the strange animal to make it spit out the Conroy puppet
-pick up the Conroy puppet and talk to the animal, you learn it has sharp claws
-use the Conroy puppet on the thorn bush to get a thorny branch
-use the thorny branch on the hollow in the tree to trap the mouse
-move away from the tree and it will get stuck in the trap, pick up the tumble mouse
-combine the tumble mouse with the helmet to get a padded helmet
-interact with the helmet to put it on, then interact with the tree to get a fruit

use the tree fruit on the traps before asking gorf to cut it, to get the windfall achievement

-use the tree fruit on Gorf’s claws to get him to cut it
-use the tree fruit with holes on the traps

Freeing Robert

playing as Laura now

-try and talk to Robert a couple of times til a hook falls from the tree
-go down into the forest and pick up the hook
-take one of the reeds to the left of the tree house entrance
-talk to gorf

use the reed on the spot in the swamp to get the master of stirring achievement

use the hook on the dry spot on Gorf’s head to get the achievement Gorf scratcher

-combine the hook with the reed to get a reed with a hook
-use the reed with a hook with the spot in the swamp to get the glasses

go back up to the tree house and use the glasses on the crazy monk to get the suicide achievement.

fixing the machine

-go to the right of the forest and talk to the mysterious guys, learn how to make fuel for the machine
-use the glasses on the screaming spot
-use the small box on the scream ant to take it
-go back up to the tree house and use the scream ant on the scream ant nest
-climb up the arrows to the aerologists friend, take his hat
-interact with the moneybag to get a pointer
-go across the bridge and take the moss off the stone
-return to the aerologists and show them the head, they give you the globe

making the mud
-interact with the globe in the inventory to split it in half
-combine the globe and the moss to make sealed globe halves
-go back to the left of the forest and use the globe halves on the swamp to get a swamp filed half and an empty half
-use the reed with a hook on the skid mark from the crash to reveal a sand stream
-use the empty globe half on the sand stream
-combine the two halves of the globe to make the mud

-interact with the reed with a hook to separate the reed and the hook
-use the reed on the machines fuel can to suck out the honey
-use the mud with the tank to fuel it up
-fire the machine

getting the results

stopping the monk shooting at the paper plane
-combine the reed with the pointer,and the hook
-use this to reach the tumble mouse that now sits on the tree
-go up to the tree house and use the tumble mouse on the ear trumpet
-go back to the machine and interact with it so that it points towards the monk
-fire the machine

stopping Gorf from eating the paper plane
-pick up the arrow in the floor near the swamp
-go back to the right of the forest and use the arrow on the pipe with honey in
-use the arrow with honey on Gorf to plop some on his head
-go up to the tree house and use the arrow with honey on the flies around the dead body
-then go back down to Gorf and use the arrow with flies on him
-interact with the machine till it points at Gorf
-fire the machine

freeing Robert
-after taking the wind map, take the saddle one of the aerologists were sitting on
-go up to the tree house and use the saddle on the clothes line to get closer to Robert

chapter 3 – the abandoned dynasty

opening the gate

-take the rope ladder from the branch
-take the stone arm on the ground
-talk to Gorfelina, you need to get her to change rocks
-use the stone arm on the large rock on the right, Robert can’t do it
-use the stone arm on Laura to ask her for help.
-place the ladder rungs in the spot under the rock
-remove the arm from the rock then push it to move the rock
-talk to Gorfelina again and ask her to move rocks
-choose the flirt dialogue twice to persuade her
-take the stone body on the floor
-use the stone body and stone arm on the remains

getting the golden tickets

-talk to Steve about Pete, Steve will throw a rolling pin on the ground.
-take the rolling pin off the ground, and the cookbook off the ground in the corner
-look at the drawing on the wall and take the pins
-take the tassel from the rope in front of the drawing
-in the inner courtyard take the broken jump-rope, golden rug, the mushrooms and nodtarines.

use the bouquet of nodtarines on Gorfelina to unlock the Casanova Casonostri achievement

-outside the gate use the rolling pin on the lowest loose brick to push it inside
-in the reception area you can now reach the middle brick, use the pin on the middle brick then the lowest brick to push them outside
-the highest brick can now be reached, use the pin to push the highest brick then the middle and then the lowest brick inside
-combine the guest passes with the tassel
-then add the pins and broken jump rope to your handicraft

climb to the top of the wall on the inside and use the handicraft with the fosfos and colour moths before you hang the golden rug to dye the tickets brown; show Steve the brown tickets to get the royal toilet achievement

-hang the golden rug on the branch outside,make sure the fosfos and moths are in the right position
-climb up to the wall on the inside of the reception and use the creation on the fosfos, dyeing the tickets gold

helping Pete remember the song

-ask Steve to give you a tour of the wind fountain
-talk to Laura about distracting Steve, give her the mushrooms when she denies
-go back to the reception area and take the grater off the wall
-go outside and use the grater on Gorfelina
-use the corrosive grater on the shield in the courtyard
-pick up the rust flakes that are now on the floor
-go back into the wind fountain, tell Laura to stop distracting and end the thour

-ask Steve to give you a tour of the courtyard
-talk to Pete about the song again
-pick up the rock powder that fell on the floor
-end the tour

-ask steve to give you a tour of the wind fountain again
-use the noctarines on the water basin to fill it up
-talk to Pete about the song again and he remembers it
-pick up the crystal dust that fell on the floor
-end the tour again

baking the spare key

-give Laura the mushrooms to distract Steve again
-go back to the reception and read the cookbook
-add the noctarines to the mixing bowl
-then add the rust flakes, rock powder and crystal dust into the mixing bowl
-use the crank to mix the ingredients then take the bowl
-use the mixing bowl on the key case, then put the key case with batter in the oven
-insult the beetles to heat up the oven
(if you missed the dialogue option where Steve tells you to insult the beetles you can look at the poster behind the oven and you will still be able to open that dialogue option)
-use the Conroy puppet to take out the key

-go back to the wind fountain and end the tour again
-in the courtyard use the baked key on the door
-in the wind fountain look at the circular drums at the top
-the symbols tell you what tune to play 

chapter 4 – the secret of the basylians

finding Laura

the marching guards
-talk to the guard about having the wrench and the clear varnish, you need to be a mechanic
-go through the passageway on the right and take the hammer from the bell
-talk to the parakeet about the guards
-go back to the first area and look at the row of pictures
-take the loose picture on the left
-use the poster on the guard to get the items and he asks you for an identification code
-go back to the row of pictures and look at the monuments below each picture to work out the code

to work out the code you 

-use the poster on the guard again and tell him the ID code for the mechanic
-take the clear varnish and wrench from the guard
-use the hammer on the guards broken leg, pick up the exclamation mark from the sign
-use the allen wrench on the wind up box to get the flag
-use the clear varnish on the coffee filter, and take the coffee pot of black varnish
-go back to the passageway and use the flag on the birds cage
-use your nose to move the guards
-combine the exclamation mark with the black varnish
-use the varnish on the broken bridge to change the tracks
-use your nose to move the guards again

the last guard
-give the guard Laura’s note
-use the guard poster on the wanted sign
-enter the laboratory

saving Reminepo

try to talk to Reminepo in the glass to get him electrocuted multiple times, this unlocks the chief BBQ achievement

getting rid of the strange man

-take the gloved hand on the left
-go back to the hangar then investigate upstairs
-look through the medicine cabinet

use the knockout drops on the Conroy puppet and give it to Fonk, this unlocks the hedgehog anaesthesia achievement

-sit on Conroy’s throne and take the spring
-pick up a hedgehog quill from the floor
-take the model basylian from the world model
-interact with the small statue on the left to break it
-use the basylian model on the powdered sugar, use it on the painting to dust it
-use the hedgehog quill on the notch in the painting

-go back to the laboratory and look through the grate on the floor
-then combine the fist with the spring, then add the knock out drops
-use the fist with a spring on the lift
-look through the grate again and use the fish oil on the button

getting the diamond

-go back upstairs and use the Conroy puppet on the powdered sugar
-give the puppet to Fonk, he breaks a light
-take the diamond off the light and give it to Reminepo

chapter 5 – the last hope

De-petrifying the asposians

-pick up the shield on the floor, use it on the flowerbed
-go to the wind tunnel, pick up peck, the old fish and sleeping fosfos
-go to the reception area, pick up the sleeping fosfos and gumballs
-outside the gate pick up the third sleeping fosfos
-use the three sleeping fosfos with the parachute of the crashed basylian
-play a tune on your nose to wake them up and lift the basylian head

-turn the shield til it faces the wind fountain, use the release button to fire; this makes a beam hole in the wall
-turn the shield again to face the basylian and fire again, take the basylian brain
-go outside and give the gum to Gorfelina to chew
-when she blows a bubble use the basylian brain on the bubble
-in the reception talk to Steve, then try and take the mirror
-talk to him again about the mirror and Pete till he breaks it
-use the sticky basylian brain on the glass shards
-in the wind fountain hang the glass ball on the hook

defeating Conroy

-try to leave the area three times whilst talking to him to make him go away
-go to the courtyard and make sure the shield is facing the wind fountain
-take the petrifying eyes out of Conroy’s basylian

fire the basylian at Conroy with the de-petrifying eyes before swapping them to get the achievement just a scratch

-swap the de-petrifying and petrifying eyes
-place the old fish on the fire button
-go back into the wind fountain to run into Conroy again
-interact with peck in the inventory to release him and petrify Conroy

awakening the dynasty

-pick up the fosfos pendant from the floor
-use it on the decoration to the right above the basylian beam hole
-go back to the courtyard and swap the basylian eyes back
-take peck and the fish off the release button
-fire the de-petrifying ray

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